Sunday, December 24, 2017

Preppin' for An Evening with Friends Here at the House

Good morning!  Just poppin' in to say hello and Merry Christmas to all of you out there.  We have been to Mom's, have spent some time with her, and went out to eat with my sister and her family.  We went back to my sister's to have our gift swap.  That was Friday and Saturday morning.  We had breakfast with Mom.  I cooked the country ham and Mom made red eye gravy.  We came back around lunch time.

I spent the afternoon making an Italian Cream Cake - took way longer than I thought but I had fun making it.  Making a cake for me is always an adventure b/c I am not much of a baker.  I realized the reason now, why people that bake a lot prefer to have a stand mixer.  lol  One of the three layers of cake went all wacky and lopsided on me.  Got turned sideways a bit in the oven - trying to fit 3 pans in.  Oh well.  I sliced the layer through the middle and rearranged it and added more icing in the spots where needed it.  The cake is still a bit lopsided but hard to tell after I sprinkled the nuts on it.  I think it'll be good.  I have never made a cake that you made a meringue and then folded that into the cake batter.  Interesting.  I guess that makes it all fluffy?  Well now I know how to make a meringue too!  

So I had intended on getting the potatoes done yesterday but waited til today to peel and cook them and cream them.  At last minute I decided it would be very Christmasy to add rosemary to them and I used buttermilk instead of regular milk since I had it.  So, yeah, THEY IS GOOD!  I need to go caramelize some onions and cook the tomatoes into it and then I'll add that to the green beans to make them "Christmas Green Beans".  George has the prime rib cooked and is slicing it now.  I will go in here and few and make the sausage balls for tomorrow.  

The house is coming together too!  I was beginning to wonder.  I need to get out the Christmas plates here in a few.  We are using the Christmas china.  I have all the China that family gave us so we could use it when hosting family Christmases so I'm using it!  It's beautiful and I love Mom and Aunt Martha and my sister for giving me pieces here and there.  I treasure it.   

Our neighbor just came over with cake.  So sweet!  George gave a bottle of his eclipse wine.  

Our Christmases sure are different these days.  I'd love to do an entry about Christmases past. You sure do miss being with family that has already gone.  And well, with George's Mom - it's just really sad that she is just not able to come to us but we will go to her.  

But we are making it merry and bright for Katy and Cody and for our friends that can come over.  All WILL have good food and a good time, that gathers within.  I would love to have those words inscribed on something somewhere in my kitchen or den or living room!  It's so true.  

Well, better go and finish getting everything ready.  Was nice to take a break though!  

Merry Christmas!  My heart will be overflowing soon as everything will be ready by 4!  I'm really excited for tomorrow - but worried that George won't like his gift.  :-O  But he does like his furniture so we'll be good!  

Oh!  My sister gave us a Roku!  She showed us how hers worked.  I'm excited to play with it and get that going and we'll have some things to watch.  My sister said it is saving them on their cable bill as they have cut out their cable since so much now streams through wifi.  

  I have to laugh that I kept trying to have a "sit down" meal - buffet but everyone goes and sits and eat.  I was going to decorate the table as such.  But George has decided it is not going to be.  So - no arguments - well ok - a discussion!  It's best that all be on the same page when throwing a party.  We each had a different type of situation planned.  But less formal is good.  No argument there.  Whatever the King wants, lol.   But we ARE using the China - dang nab it!  And I am getting to have some hearty food - not just snacks!  So whether we stand around and eat or sit where we land - it's all good! The prime rib is small cut and will be on sister Schubert rolls so no knife required for cutting - and mashed taters and green beans are easily eaten - so it's all good.  Can't wait to cut that 3 layer Italian pie. 

Well, better get off of here and finish up with everything for tonight's gathering.  Then tomorrow we will have Christmas with Katy and Cody!  So the festivities continue. Pics later!  

Ya'll have fun with your own festivities!  Let me hear from you and tell me what you are enjoying this Christmas season!  


  1. Merry Christmas to you & George!
    Please share your sausage ball recipe.
    Peace, Monica

  2. Hi Sonya my friend, I am glad that all your ideas are coming to a happy end, bet everyone is just delighted to be seeing you....I have had a nice Christmas Eve. My niece Barbara organised lunch at the Inn she works in we had tables in a corner so was very nice. My great nephews have both grown beards this year. Great big thick ones the children have decorated the beards with Xmas baubles, ribbon, etc..they did make me certainly was different. I wonder what their Gran would have said about them off. It is 3years today since Margaret died so today hopes to make it an annual party....

  3. Merry Christmas, Sonya! Your Christmas Eve sounds wonderful! My sister and I will be going to Red Lobster with Dad and step-mom for our traditional Christmas Eve dinner, and then off to church afterwards. Looking forward to your pictures!

  4. Sounds like a very festive Christmas for you. Family and friends do make it so. Merry Merry Christmas!


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