Monday, December 11, 2017

Productive Weekend but a Sick Maisy

Despite our colds or flu or whatever this is, we've managed to get a lot done in the house and get ready for Christmas and get some rest for the most part.  George's cold seems to be better.  He has not been coughing as much.  And seems to not have quite as much sinusy stuff going on.   I have had sinus stuff going on - either stuffy or running away from me.  The last couple of nights, the dogs slept and we've slept.  And I had a two hour nap yesterday as well when I just couldn't go any longer.  Felt better when I got up.  I usually try to avoid naps for two reasons.  1) It takes time away from getting weekend stuff done 2) I usually feel groggy and bad afterward.  But when I am sick is usually when it happens.  

So aside from all that -  we've (for the most part) stayed in the house all weekend.  George DID go to the Christmas parade with Katy and he went to see his Mom and went to the store for a bit to get some stuff for chicken soup.  And I hear him in the back coughing now, so I guess I spoke too soon.  

So, I would have had a more productive weekend if I'd not been sick for sure - but b/w George and I we knocked out the wrapping for the birthdays and the Christmas gifts.  My guest bedroom bed looks a lot better.  

So now we focus on: 

  • The last final push of gifts which is mainly gift cards and easy stuff
  • Stocking Stuffers for George
  • Beer/Wine/Liquor gifts
  • CoWorker gifts - which I think for the most part is done for me since that was the purpose of Secret Santa.  But I'll give at least one person a gift on the sly.  
  • Focus on the food, the grocery list, crossing off time to cook on the calendar
  • Figuring out when the family in Columbia is doing Christmas, already parts of our family is having to go ahead and make their plans with other parts of the family so we are looking at probably not having everyone there.  I've kept two days open, but don't know for sure what day it is. I need to find out so I can plan the week, the cooking schedule, grocery schedule and so forth.
  • Plan Christmas Day meal and how that will work.  Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and so forth.  Will need to talk to Katy.  If they are here around brunch - perhaps we do that.  Or...if noonish we may do more of a Christmas lunch - snacks and fingerfoods.  It depends on what Cody's family is doing that day.  If there is not a big dinner that day we'll go more out to feed them well.  
  • Figure out when the heck we will have time to clean.  Actually the house not too bad - but I will need to make sure I can get some vacuum and scrubbing time in here and there.  
  • Pick up the freezer for the kids and deliver that in the van - that is their "big" gift.  
  • Get our sofa and chair on Friday and move the current one to the basement or the sun room.  We will look at getting it recovered and put the sun room furniture downstairs.  Or something like that.  Regardless there will be some type of furniture shuffle come Friday. Unless the devil thinks up some other reason to postpone it. 
  • Get the pet trims scheduled for January.  I've decided not to get them done before Christmas b/c we really don't have a good day to do it.  We have plans.  So they will be done either on the 30th or after the first of the year.  That means I'll need to schedule in some bath time for all of them that I'll do myself.  Ughhhh!  Wish someone would do a night time grooming business for our area for all the working folks.  Or at least do a drop off before work and pick up after.  
I think that is about enough to concentrate on.  

Here are a few pics from the weekend.  

Maisy has decided that she likes to pose for me.  She makes the natural photo.  This was not planned.  

Oh yeah, Here was the secret Santa reveal party at work with cookies and milk.  It was a fun week. 

Our neighbors brought over cookies.  

Maisy followed me around everywhere.  Bless her.  

You can see that Santa's Workshop is in full swing.  Notice dog on the right on the sofa - keeping a good view of what I am doing while wrapping.  

The far...

Gifts are wrapped and ready to mail!

A pic of the doggy treat center / welcome center for humans, lol.

George fixed us a brunch yesterday. It was like an egg souffle of sorts.  His had mushrooms.  Mine didn't.

Well, I'm pleased with our progress.  I even did some reading and got on Tropical Farmville and started that up and bought the "sky cliffs" finally.   lol  It was 240,000 (Farmville money).  
It helped me in my down time and helps me relax.  I find it's almost necessary to play some kind of game during the holidays, to wax off some stress.  

Well, my throat is sore again this morning.  Coffee helping.  At least this is not the worst cold I've had. 

My Maisy is under the weather and that is really bothering me.  I noticed yesterday that she was not as peppy as she normally is.  I just thought she was tired out b/c we have been home more and thought she just wasn't getting her sleep in.  But it became clear it was more than that after our nap.  Her tail hung low, her steps slow, no pep at all, sometimes not even following me at all, hardly any movement.  She was still eating and drinking water, but last night didn't want her vitamin treat which she loves. I was really worried.  Is something going to go wrong with this new dog that I love so much.  She slept peacefully last night and I woke up a few times and petted her.  For once, she snuggled with me.  

She did not get up with me when I got up this morning at 4.  Neither did Tugie.  So I sadly showered and then went to check.  Maisy was sitting up on the edge of the bed, wanting to jump but not feeling like it.  So I put her down.  Tugie wanted to sleep.  Maisy's tail went up and she had a little more pep.

Maisy went out and then I fed the cat and then we came in and I put fresh water in the bowl and she ate her breakfast, although reluctantly.   Whatever is wrong, she is not out of the woods yet.  She seems better this morning after a long rest.  So we'll hold out before going to the vet.  We'll see what tonight after work brings.  It's almost like she has our cold.  Although supposedly pets don't get humans colds but there is some recent studies that show they can get the flu virus.  Well, I'm wondering if they CAN get our colds and people have just been wrong.  Her eyes are running a bit.  But she has not been coughing or sneezing.  

Tonight I go to the doc for a follow up on my arm.  Have a 6:00 appointment.  And then we pick up the freezer and deliver to the kids -if the freezer is in.  

My stomach has been weird.  I have no idea what to have for breakfast and lunch today.  I think yogurt or smoothie for breakfast.  May get a salad out for lunch.  Or maybe go over to get something at Bob Evans.  Something hot - like veggies.  Or Cracker Barrel.  If it's Monday I may be able to get in.  

So I best be off and get ready and take my congested self and go in.  Busy week this week but at least all the wrapping done so far. 

The only thing that I wanted to get done that I didn't get done was: 
1.  Vacuum
2.  Scrub the tub/clorox the bathrooms
3.  Clean off my desk (which has a lot of stuff to DO on it - before it can be dealt with). 

But one by one - will get it all done. 

Pray for my Maisy.  We don't have time for ANY of us to be sick.  And when it's a beloved doggy that can't talk - you don't know what is going on.  I just hope she will be ok.  She is not throwing up (yet) or no diarreah.  In a way that is good but in a way not - b/c then it could be something more serious.  Makes me sick to think about it.  

There is always something.

Anyway, ya'll have a good day!   More tomorrow, Lord Willing.


  1. My grandmother always said that...The good Lord willing and the creek don't rise... You really did get a lot done. I have said a prayer for your Maisey. She really is a sweetie! Hope you have a wonderful week ahead and feel better !

  2. I'm so pleased that both you and George had a good weekend, it's just what you needed...sorry though that wee Masie is not quite well...we all worry about our wee pals. Masie has just found that special place in your heart , I'm praying that whatever is wrong will reveal itself or she brightens up and back to her own self quickly. Hope today went well at work....I'm glad you got a lot of your Christmas wrapping done. I spent today wrapping up lots of small things, knitted Santa's 36 of them to give out to wee children who are coming into the cafe Xmas party to sing carols from the school....also wrapped adult prizes for the raffle we are having 3/4 bigish presents then lots of small wrapped surprise gifts....I think I must have done 50 parcels altogether !! Perhaps tomorrow I can get my own tree up and start on our presents....not got many to post that's one good's so costly posting things these days.....night night. God bless. Xx

  3. My mother in law had a small dog who acted funny and wouldn't eat and it had tonsilitis. I had no idea dogs got sick like humans but they do. She had one that had a abcessed tooth and it cost over $300.00 to get a couple teeth pulled and antibotics and after care. I remember telling her my gosh that is more than what a human Dr charges. Maisy is as cute as can be. I hope she feels better and you and your hubby as well. Your body needs rest. I love Bob Evans potroast sandwich. And the breakfast is good as well. I think germs spread this time of year in the stores with people Christmas shopping. I take wipes to clean the grocery cart handle. And wash my hands and change clothes usually after shopping. I was waiting in line and there was this man just coughing up a lung right in front of me. I have low resistance in the winter months and am hoping I don't get sick. Take care and get plenty of sleep. It helps so much when we are sick.

  4. heres hoping you and maisy feel better soon.


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