Saturday, December 30, 2017

Saturday Morning Me Time!

Gotta love a Saturday morning!  I've been up since 4:30, took dogs out, fixed a pot of coffee, and decided to decorate the blog.  And here I sit nearly 3 hours later.  Most of the time was "picking" my selections, photos etc.  A little mad at myself for spending so much valuable weekend time at it, but I enjoyed myself and Christmas is over and a lot needed to change.   As of this date, the blog topper above, is showing my house in the Jan 2016 snow.  So that was nearly 2 years ago, as I took the pic on a snowy day from the woods looking at our house.  I decided I'd keep the wintry theme going until sometime in Feb when I'll probably switch to a brief pink theme for Valentines. 

We had a nice evening last night - drinks at the Patterson House in Nashville.  Then we went on to Hattie B's.  Why we wait in the cold in 20 degree weather in a line of people wanting Nashville Hot Chicken, is beyond me, but it wasn't too bad and the food was great! 

And sleep was good last night but I could not sleep past 4 a.m.  Just the way it goes.  It's ok.  Got to play on the blog!

Today we'll be leaving shortly to take doggies for trim, probably will get groceries, and then pick them up a little later.  Also we are going to the movies today - and have the 3D version.  George got tickets for the Star Wars movie.  I'm hoping we can use our Long Horn Card afterward.  Or one of our cards.  We'll see. 

Ya'll have a good day!  Enjoy the weekend.  It sure is cold here and not really supposed to get much above freezing for a while.  I've not studied the forecast but remember Alexa's version of it being pretty darn cold.  :-O 


  1. I do love love love yourself sitting at the computer on the are so very clever to be able to make such things...also like the topper of the snow scene outside the house...I love to read that you are happy and relaxed your feeling of relaxation comes through in your writing and makes me a bit relaxed as well....I don't do anything on New Year's Eve I'm just on my own now so it's a kind of sad time really when I sit here and remember all the wonderful fun days we had in Scotland in all my growing up years Then the new year celebrations went on not for one night but two or even three ! Lots of singing,dancing, joke telling with the odd tipple thrown in LOL...the village had..still has I think..a great brass band and every New Year morning it would march up and down the streets of the doubt having a tipple as they marched along getting more and more out of tune as they staggeringly went LOL....happy memories..the first time my English brother in law came for New Year he remembers our old neighbour Aunty Isa coming over with her bottle to give him his new year, he was still in bed, but she insisted he had to sit up and have his whiskey !! At nine in the morning they have all gone and I just sit here with the memories...may well get myself a wee dram before I hit the sack tomorrow night. Night night. God Bless and may you feel Gods presence with you throughout 2018. Xxx

  2. hope you get some sleep tonight. it's been a long day for you.

  3. Pretty cold here too and having round zero isn't any fun. Staying in from church today which is something I rarely do. It is snowy and cold and I like being in safe and cozy. Hope you enjoyed your dinner and a movie ! Two of my boys and their boys went to see Star Wars earlier in the week and I babysat with the girls... a 3 year old, 4 year old and 5 year old ...a girls night at grandma's .


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