Saturday, December 9, 2017

Saturday Morning Update amongst Sniffles

Well, I went to work yesterday.  I felt pretty good most of the day - just sinusy - had a slump or two but for the most part made it fine.  Drank caffeine to keep going.  

We had our santa swap at work.  It was really a fun week doing that.  Very nice.  I might have had a snicker doodle cookie and a small brownie bite.  However, for the most part I didn't really want anything sweet - which is odd for me. 

I was bad and went to McDonald's and got their chicken sandwich, fries, and unsweet ice tea.  I was hungry but didn't need that.  I didn't want to go in and sit anywhere and eat and I hadn't brought anything b/c I wasn't sure what all we were doing at work yesterday.  McDonald's food to me just isn't even good anymore.  It has no taste.  Breakfast food is good there, but I wanted lunch.  Fast food salads don't get it for me with their old lettuce on the bottom and fresh cut on the top to fool you past the drive thru.  It was suggested for me to call in an order somewhere and pick it up - but I wanted to do cheap and I didn't have much cash in my pocket.  For the first time ever I was accosted there at that McDonald's by someone wanting money and knocked on my car window scaring the bejeebies out of me.  I didn't have any to give her after I spent my cash on lunch.  It has occurred to me that perhaps we did not get blow money for December?  I have to ask George.  I don't remember getting any.  I figured George was trying to absorb it to try not to get into savings after all the Christmas shopping we've done.  It's fine but my cash reserves are running out.  lol  That is what I do my nails and eating out with.  Any who, it's not a normal thing for people to roam around that area.  This was an African American couple that was asking around and then got in their car and left to probably scout out other places.  I'm thinking - this woman could walk, talk, use her hands, get around just fine, and had transportation.  Is it not easier to just work?  I mean really?  The very McDonald's that she was bugging people for money at, had job openings. 

Anyway, we also have a plant full of openings for moving mattresses - work is plentiful but no one wants to work.  Everyone wants to sit on their butts and have it handed to them from this source or that.  Ok I'll get off the box!

So, we were excited to have our Katebug join us for dinner last night as Cody was working looking for the night poachers or whatever they call it.   And so she ate diiner with us and kept us company for a while.  George fixed Omaha steaks and rice.  We've eaten our Omaha dinners this week that arrived from Uncle Ken and Aunt Martha. 

So I did some chores (laundry and kitchen work) and finished up the Christmas cards with those that I had to get addresses for.  Everyone answered from Messenger on FB and I've captured all those in my handy dandy address book (which is quite my style) rather than pulling up and finding them on the PC.  I think if I had a bigger desk/situation it would be easier to use laptop but if I'm addressing cards by hand, I want my address book to flip through. 

So I guess I told you that our new furniture can't arrive today as scheduled b/c the Christmas parade was going on from 11 to 1 and they have the road blocked off from 10:45 to whenever.  So I've rescheduled for next Friday when I was going to go do the rest of the shopping for George.  
I can still go work around what I was going to do.  But disappointed at the coincidence that these two events were just spot on at the same time today.  It's like the devil just roams around looking for ways to screw my plans up!  I honestly think that he LIVES for it.  

I was able to talk to a dear friend of my last night.  Barbara!  Some of you may remember "Bee" that I used to go to LongHorn with on Wed and Friday's when we worked at the envelope plant. We ate out twice a week (at least).  She called yesterday and we chatted a while and caught up.  Since I've moved this blog she has had a hard time getting the blog.  I'm going to try to set up up with a subscription to the blog so she doesn't have to.  I told her she would need to confirm it when the email came through to her though.  I miss her.  God has always surrounded me with good friends and a wonderful support network.  

So last night until midnight was some pretty good sleep.  Then George came to bed and it woke me up.  It usually doesn't.  Then all throughout the night, and I can't remember the times for sure or what happened first or second, but around 1:30 George was coughing and couldn't stop and he got up and down 2 or 3 times in the next couple of hours.  I think he finally took a shot of whisky to stop the coughing.  Then Tugie began barking.  I think she went back to sleep.  Then Maisy wanted up at 3:30 and started licking me.  I got her to lay down and go back to sleep.  Then Tugie started barking and George got up to check on her and put her in bed with us but then wanted down so he put her down.  Then at 5 she started barking again as I was sleeping so good.  At 5 something I finally just got up. 

It was the most unrestful night. 

Also, my nose began really stuffing up last night before dinner and continued on in the night so when dogs, or coughing didn't wake me, my nose did.  I can't sleep when my nose is stopped up.  So I slept sitting up with the bed pillow against the headboard.  

George and I are both pretty groggy this morning and unrested.  Coffee tasted good.  And I'm making some hot tea now.  It's 10:10 and I've been very slow to get anything done this morning.   I have taken the flannel sheets off the bed and have them in the washer and once dry will just go put them back on.  It's very cold out, chances of flurries, and so we'll want the flannel tonight.  Also have planned our Christmas Eve dinner with friends.  I had wanted to have friends over.  But the only time we really have available is Christmas Eve.  So we are having friends over that are from the north and they don't have family here and they are not going anywhere for Christmas.   There are another couple coming as well that doesn't have family here and nothing going on.  So we think we have started a new tradition. lol For now anyway.  I have this for the menu. 

Prime Rib Sliders 
(on Ms. Schubert's Yeast Rolls and horseradish).  

Garlic Rosemary Mashed Potatoes 

Christmas Green Beans with Cherry Tomatoes

Italian Cream Cake (w/Pecan Star decor atop)

We'll be asking others to bring a side dish, salad, appetizer, or another dessert.  If we have any of those things it will be great.  If we don't have any of those things we still have plenty of food to fill our tummies.  George said he would probably set out an olive/cheese/cracker tray or something.  So for sure we'll have something while we get dinner out.  We plan to do a buffet style and then we'll sit around the decorated table.   This makes me happy!  

We have not really discussed a lot about Christmas Day itself.  Typically in recent years it's been more casual and more hor'deaurve like than a big meal so that we have time to do everything. I guess we'll work on that next!  Will have less time to pull that together and it will need to be quick things but good things.  Smoked salmon is on the list for sure.  

Well, need to get a bucket load of things accomplished - like wrapping!  

George has decided that given our current seasonal colds - that we need chicken soup for dinner so he has that in the makin's sounds good to me.  

You should check out my instagram story before it expires around lunch time.  lol

Well ya'll take care!  Santa's work shop is in full swing!  I think we are about tired of Christmas music though through Alexa.  Gonna have to find another station!  ha.


  1. when your cash reserves are low, makes eating out difficult, even if you are doing it on the cheap. hope you get your blow money replenished.

  2. It sounds like George gave you his cold. I hope you get better. Christmas eve party at my house this year. I am making a cake too. Italian cream or Red Velvet. I love both so haven't decided. I am baking a ham and fixing potato salad and green beans with a spicy ham hock. I might go to Sams and get a cheese tray and some shrimp. The best part of Christmas is spending it with those people we care about. And just enjoying good food and fellowship..Enjoy your soup, chicken does make one feel better when sick. Hot tea with lemon and honey soothes the throat. There is a cough syrup with whiskey and hard rock candy that might help George. It sounds like he may need to go to Dr or clinic if he is not better by tomorrow. Bronchitis is bad this time of year. I hate when I get that and cough all night and can't sleep. And that is what the body needs when sick sleep and rest. I hope you both feel better.

  3. Chicken soup is always good for colds. It's comfort food that does help clear the sinuses. You will both be glad when those colds leave for sure. Sounds like you have a good plan for Christmas eve with friends. Nice to start a new tradition. Hope today finds you much better !


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