Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Secret Santa, Fun Evening to Myself, Snoring, and Tugie's New Bed

Well, the Secret Santa thing was such a good idea for whoever decided it.  We had been doing the Ugly Santa gift, which was fun, but this gives everyone some daily cheer and mystery.  Well, not sure we really need the mystery part - there is enough of that in our lives, but look at mine.  I couldn't think of what to say when they asked what was my favorite snack - but Chex Mix just poured out of my mouth.  I try to stick to nuts or extremely dark chocolate to snack on b/c they are healthier so it's been such a treat to have some Chex Mix snacks.  They are waaaay too hard to quit eating them though.  But I'm enjoying them.  And I got a cinnamon candle.  I will enjoy that and will light it this weekend.  

I had two round pretzels left in my stack and decided "hey, I could make a face".  Was going to make an owl but the cat seemed easier and quicker.  After all, I'm a work and really can't spend the afternoon making food art with Chex Mix - but a small moment or break is good and needed.

Looked forward all day to my evening!  Took a shorter lunch so I could leave a little earlier at 4:30 so I could do dog duty.  Traffic was really light and I zoomed home.  

The doggies were glad to see me and it felt good knowing family was out shopping for me.  He He.  She and George enjoy their night out shopping and it's a tradition for them.  

I enjoyed my night too.  I was delighted to find we had an Omaha Steak delivery sent by my Aunt Martha and Uncle Ken.   I actually did an Instagram Live segment opening it.  My Mom and Aunt are going to have to get with the times and get on Instragram to get the Instagram Stories, where posts and live shots last only 24 hours.   I post quite a bit there.  Some of the posts are silly.  But mostly put there little snippets of things that make me happy during the day or just sharing little moments w/o cluttering up Facebook.  Everyone takes Facebook too seriously these days.  It's become so political .  And if you post anything at all - the vultures are just ready to swwwwooooop in and tell you how you are wrong or how they beg to differ.  lol  It's almost comical.  I posted something about an onion the other day - how it collects germs from the room and you shouldn't use it after it (an open onion) has set about.  You'd have thought that I had announced the world was flat and we'd all be falling off.   As hard as they tried to tell me it was snope and false and such, I still believe that things God put on this earth have special qualities to do special things.  And I do still believe that an onion can collect germs from the air much like a fly trap lol.  I don't have one out though.  Frankly I'm not home enough. And Lord have Mercy if I tried to put one in my office, the Corner Warden would send me packing - and  might yet anyway.  Mom does have one or two at her house.  She manages to ward off the germs.  I also think that Garlic helps ward off things too.  I mean if I were a germ, I'd want to float over to to the onion and garlic b/c it would be attracting my attention and a germ needs to be flocking with it's own kind so you have to admit that the stinch of an onion would have some appeal to a germ- it's like the skunk of veggiedom.  People just need to analyze these things more.  I mean come on - think like a germ! An onion is also wet and spongy, germs stick.  It's a total fly catcher!  Don't science yourself out of the possibilities!  Think inside the onion!!!! 

How'd I get off on that?  I  never know where this blog is going to go.  Sometimes it's like the germ floating and searching through the air for a place to land, an avenue to go down, and this was where it landed. 

I was trying to talk about by evening.  I had Alexa to play the News Briefing for me.  And she is starting to get her virtual wires crossed.  She started reading a book instead.  I'm going to have to go in and reset some of her skills I think.  I finally got her to do the news, but had to ask 3 times.  You can't get good virtual help these days, lol.

So, I fed the dogs, rebooted the laundry, had Alexa play Christmas music, and stuck the pizza in the oven.  A little Totino's pizza.  I love them for nights when I'm by myself which is not very often. 

So I got out the Christmas card stuff.  And began addressing them.  And I watched Out Daughtered - several episodes on On Demand.  

I felt like I had accomplished a good night.  I was a little late going to bed b/c I was determined to finish.  Then I had to take the dogs out, giving them their treat, and do the nightly routine of taking sugar meds, putting water by bedside on the nightstand, plugging up phone, brushing teeth, washing face.  As the dogs and I came back in from outside, George pulled in.  He told me I had a good night.  I said "yes I had a good night".  He said "No, YOU had a GOOD night."  He was telling me that I am getting some good gifts, I think from their shopping excursion.  I finally "got it" on the third try.  lol

So here's the bed situation.  Tugie has been laying some on a little dog bed that once was Maisy's that she is not fond of, so I had washed it.  Tugie likes it.  So we moved it to the bedroom last night.  I could sense that Tugie is not comfortable being in our bed.  Who would be if you were growled at and jumped on in the night.  George said he wasn't sure that it wasn't Tugie that started it the other night - but I think it was Maisy got to close and one of them started growling and it ended up being a big growl fest with Maisy lunging on top of Tugie.  Til the light popped on and everyone was busted.  So Tugie stayed in her little bed on the floor last night and was happy as a clam.  Had she wanted in bed with us, she could have joined us of course.  I just want her to be happy and comfy.  She did great and this will help me sleep b/c I won't be worried of her falling off or trying to jump off the bed.  It would hurt her if she did.  So she's already at ground level and can get up and go get water if she needs it.  So I think we have started a new trend.  It's both sad and good.  I really just want her to be comfortable and happy.  She's quite aloof alot anyway these days as she is just an older dog and needs her rest and quiet for her heart.  We give her lots of attention and she is still the Queen Bee.  

I forgot to mention that I bought some watermelon popcycles.  It's real fruit on a stick.  It hit the spot.  It was very good.  And Tugie got a bite b/c she is my special girl. 

Sleep was good last night.  Very good!  I think three has just been too much in the bed.  So as long as Tugie is good with the little bed of her own, and happy - then I'm happy.  It seems so odd though - and sad - but it works.  I think I need to add a little blankie down there for her.  Or a pillow or something she can curl up against for warmth.  

Well, I need to go check on George.  He's 20 minutes past getting up time.  He's getting better I think. He did not cough last night but oh my gosh the snores.  He was rippin a new one, sawing huge red oakwoods, and preaching sermons, leading the chorus,  motor boating, bear grunting, and donald ducking his way through the night.  My goodness I've never heard such unique snoring.  He was leading the festival at the snorefest convention.  I know that.  

Well ya'll have a great day! 


  1. So glad you got a good nights rest. It was sorely needed. Your Tugie is such a sweetie. Maybe she's been wanting her own bed and didn't know how to tell you. Sound like your secret santa was a great one. I love check mix and scented candles, maybe you could send her my way! Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday! Over the hump we go sliding right into the weekend!

  2. your secret santa sounds like fun. sad in a way about tugie wanting her own bed. but if it works for her, that's good.

  3. Sorry I missed commenting last night..What a caper you had with the dogs, you think your like a bear without sleep....well if I had had a night like you had...I would have run away bear like or not LOL......Tonight I'm pleased just having read this mornings blog that poor old Tugie has got her own wee bed, I hope she continues to like going there. You will all feel so much better I'm sure..poor George and his snoring...I used to say before I get married we have to live together cause if he snored that was it marriage was off off off,,,,,LOL My Father snored so hard it sounded like thunder I just laid there in the next room waiting for the Lightning !!!.....hope that today has gone nice and quickly and you will be home soon, if your not already home. It's 9.15 pm over here....just had a strong blast of wind with rain,sleet,and hail, no snow thank goodness but the forecast is for snow further north..let it stay there is what I say...night night, hope you have a peaceful one...God Bless. Xxxx


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