Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Sleepless in the Bedtime Battle

Well, it's not been a restful night and I'm sucking down a cup of coffee faster than you can say good morning to your Momma.  

At some point in the midnight hour, after I'd slept about 2.5 hours, George woke me up I think.  Or maybe it was a dog.  A bit later, Tugie and Maisy touched each other and bed and it went into a growling fest.  I turned on the light and found Maisy laying on top of Tugie.  She wasn't biting her - but they were both growling.  Tugie then went into a spell with her heart.  That is much more than her little heart can handle.  I petted her and calmed her and then we turned the lights out.  And then George's coughing started.  He had to get up two or three times.  Then about 1:30 Tugie wanted to get up and go pee.  So he took her out and brought her back to bed.  Maisy growled when Tugie joined the bed again, and she moved over to me.  I was crowded and readjusting my pillow in the small space I had and moved my arm at an odd angle and felt excruciating pain, re-injuring it.  Then Tugie started barking and wanting off the bed about 3:30 b/c she was hungry.  So I got up and fed her.  Then was able to sleep til the alarm went off at 4.  I changed the alarm to 4:30 and then changed it again to 5.  I got up and took my shower.  Maisy got up after I took off my clothes for the shower and wanted out so I took her out after I showered and got dressed, only to see that someone (probably her) had pee'd in the living room floor.  So I cleaned that up and have fed her and went ahead and fixed Roger's food for him so when George got up he could give that to Roger.  No I sit here at 6:10 a.m. completely exhausted and ready to go to bed again, but have to go to work instead.  

Yay to everyone that has to put up with me today.  ;-)  That's ok, I've had to put up with a lot on my end, so we're even.  Well maybe not quite - but....

After work yesterday I went to get my nails done.  Then grabbed something from a drive thru and headed home.  George had sent me an email that he was claiming the salad for dinner so I didn't want to cook so I just "drove thru".  

At home I tried to access my account where the transfers take place.  Had trouble getting in to the first one b/c they set up my social wrong.  Naturally it wouldn't let me in.  But the 2nd one took and I got in.  Nothing has transferred yet.  But it takes about a week.  The forms to do the transfer were signed and sent in on Friday.  They had created the account with the wrong social.  That freaked me out.  But they have corrected.  

Anyway, I did the laundry reboot and opened a package that we discovered had been delivered.  And that is about all I had time for.  Bed felt wonderful - for the first three hours anyway. 

I must say the dogs have gone absolutely bonkers over their raw hides - it's a game for them to steal them back and forth from one another.  Mainly Maisy and Roger but I did see Tugie get one and run off with it.  That has gone on for two days.  I had to wonder if that was what made Maisy so "growly" yesterday at Tugie.  Things had been going so well.  I have considered taking the darn things up from them. 

And Maisy has quit following me around too b/c she is protecting her raw hides.  She didn't want to come to bed last night b/c she was in her bed in the living room protecting her raw hides.  Well, she waited til I was in my bed and almost asleep and then wanted up on the bed.  The bed is too high for the dogs to jump so even before the night started I was being interrupted by dogs.  Some nights go so well - others do not.  I think the main thing is getting each dog in their proper spot - but last night somehow things got rearranged.  

Well, I'm running late since our schedule is off.  

One day down and 4 more to go, til we get down to doing what really needs to be done - the wrapping!  Tonight I need to do Christmas cards.  You know a woman ought to be off the month of December with all we have to do. It's hard to work and do all this too, but we do our best everywhere.  Some times the best is not good enough.  But you give what you can and hope for the best.  Sometimes people don't/won't realize what they had until they are gone.  

Anyway, off to the land of Enchantment.  lol  Wherever that is!



  1. Blame it on the full moon.
    My doggie has been weird for the past few nights. :0)

  2. Oh dear what a night you had ! Years ago I had two beagles who were the most loving gentlest dogs I'd ever had except when it came to raw hides. I did have to stop giving them to them. They were aways a cause for a fight and these two became enemies of the worse kind when they were around...so no on the raw hides for your own peace of mind. Hope your day is a quiet one, you need it.

  3. a shame to hear the dogs aren't getting along. that early in the morning it's disruptive for sure. shame on the one who peed on the floor too.

  4. I couldn't help but laugh at the dogs hiding their rawhides. Those three sounds like kids. I think I would sneak off to the guest room tonight if they start cutting up. It sounds like Maisey is jealous of Tugie. But Tugie is the oldest and she needs extra attention.
    Christmas is a busy time of year. I am getting ready to write out Christmas cards tonight. I have not wrapped one gift.
    I guess I will wait until Christmas eve and be wrapping. I hope you and your family has a very Merry Christmas.

  5. Sounds like a good plan. I would get her a nice soft baby blanket to put in her bed. She sounds like a special dog your Tugie.
    What a great present your secret santa got you. I love cinnamon. I put a little in my coffee or hot chocolate. They say it is good for you. I have read the same as you about the onion. I have never tried it but it makes sense to me. I am glad you have finally got some good sleep.


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