Friday, December 29, 2017

Today's Busy Day, Preview of the Weekend, and the New Year

Quick entry.  Tugie still doing fine.  All going well.  George and I had a nice evening again last night chillin'.  I read in several books and played a bit in my game too.  Went to bed and slept really good.  Our bedroom is the coldest in the house.  I guess it has less insulation and is North where the north wind comes thru.  It makes for some good sleeping though amidst the flannel sheets.  And it is hard to leave the warm bed to get up.  But today is a busy one both at work and home. 

A perfect storm of end of year, old assistant leaving, new assistant started, new computer with new software (yay finally) - I'm really running behind - but will do the best to get everyone taken care of and all in control.  The flight plan is ready to execute and we'll be flying soon, but right now we are grounded a bit while we patch some things in the engine and in the control panels - aka getting my PC set up and the new person trained. 

Then after work we are going to do Katy's birthday dinner out and get to cross something off the bucket list at the same time.

And the weekend is here.  That will mean dog trims, untrimming the tree, putting up decor, boxes and Christmas sacks, putting up Christmas gifts, doing laundry, ironing and all that stuff.  George wants to see Star Wars and I prompted that we go see it even though I have no idea what will be taking place.  I have come to enjoy all the space movies though for some reason - the adventure I guess - although never got into the Star Wars series.  We are going to try to get in 3D.  I told him that would make it more interesting to me.  lol

We have no plans for the 1st really.  We were invited out for NYE out in Nashville, but you know - I really just don't like to be out on NYE.  I really enjoy being home, resting, planning the new year. 

I always feel a tad bit of anxiety as midnight approaches and the New Year comes in.  It's a feeling of " time....time please....just quit moving forward".  Most people feel that for their birthdays.  I feel it more at the passing of one year to another.  The years they have gone so fast.  The last few seem like yesterday.

2006 when Dad died.
2008 when we moved here. 

Has it been that long really?

2012 when AECO/NEC (Envelope plant) closed down and my 15 years ended with the compay and I started my current position. 

Has it been that long?

Now my daughter is married and teaching!  When did that all happen, lol?

Now 2017 is slipping into 2018.  We are growing old and already planning for retirement - I mean seriously planning. 

When do I get my senior discount???????  lol

I will do my Year in Review on New Years Eve hopefully and it always surprises me what all we did in a year's time. 

But all in all a New Year is a new beginning, a start over.  And as a part of the reflection, you also look forward - in an attempt to make life better, be a better person, reach new goals, reach a little higher, get the life back on track and in line with where you have wanted your life to be.  That recognition of time passing is a jolt that makes you think, makes you plan, makes you want to move forward to reach the things you have been wanting to reach.  Whether it's reading that book on the shelf, or reaching a life time goal. 

How will you be celebrating the New Year?  I bet we have fondue! ha.  But maybe not - we have a ton of freezer food we need to eat.  A good problem to have.

The graphics today are Amish Winter themed, if you could not tell.  Enjoy your day.  Gotta get cranking here.


  1. At least things are moving on finally. A new computer and a new assistant will certainly be keeping you busy. But it is wonderful that it's Friday already ! Wow! What a fast week! Sounds like a wonderful weekend coming your way to me! I'm having what family of mine that lives local for New Years Dinner on New Year Day. That is about it for me! Have a fantastic Friday !

  2. enjoy the last jedi. you'll have to tell us if you like it. glad tugie is doing better.


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