Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Tugie's Better, A Day on My Own Agenda, and Christmas Gifts

This is the vet we go to.  Seems to be a favorite in the community.  They get a lot of business. They stay open til 7 p.m. also to cater to the 8 to 5 crowd (which these days is more like the 6 to 6 crowd due to traffic and salaried expectations, lol).   So I took Tugie yesterday.  She had infection showing in her urine.  So they gave her antibiotics for 10 days.  If not better we go in to see what else is wrong. But hopefully that will do the trick.  She is at least not doing what she did on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.  

Messing around while waiting for the vet.  We didn't have an appointment so you have to wait until everyone is seen that did have an appointment.  Even if you call in advance you can get in quicker.  But I was afraid if I called they would assign me to a spot later in the day and I wasn't doing that.  I told them it was more of an emergency b/c I knew she was uncomfortable and most likely hurting. They do accept walk ins but they always put you through the ringer and make you feel bad if you don't call.  

Anyway, we got through and I toyed with the idea of a burger or just trying to do with what we had a home.  I could gag at the thought of party food leftovers.  So I made the decision to just go get a burger - only I went to Burger King and they had the Original Chicken Sandwich.  Never as good as it used to be back in the day - but it was pretty good.  It was at least hot.  I waited to eat it, but I was bad and got french fries and Tugie and I ate them on the way home.  I tried to clean the salt off by rubbing them against a napkin.  lol  Neither Tugie nor I need the salt.  

So once home, I woofed down the chicken sandwich and of course all doggies got a bite.  Roger skeptical - what's this, he said with his eyes as he paused before taking it with his mouth.  He dropped it - like "ewww it has mayo on it".  I know my doggies well.  But he decided since it did have bread and chicken he'd tolerate the mayo.  lol 

I was so glad to then be home for the day.  And the day was mine.  No one's agenda but mine.  And I decided that my agenda was not going to be very long.  I really just wanted to sit in my chair and watch TV, play, or read.  

Well, not much was on.  I didn't want to plug in the Roku yet - waiting on George for that.  But I found Housewives of Beverly Hills and watched a show.  Then I got hooked and I guess watched just about an entire season, lol.  I also played Tropical Farmville, and read part of a chapter.  George came home just as I was reading.  I did manage to get in a couple of loads of laundry and some folding done.  

The house was already clean and the dishes were done already and so I thoroughly enjoyed my day of sitting and doing nothing.  A very much needed day.  One I had looked forward to all year. 

I guess I'll show a few pics a day of my Christmas gifts since it's what I do each year.  Understand that George and I go shopping for ourselves in sprees.  Usually it is on vacation and at Christmas when we are out shopping anyway.  I will buy little things here and there for me during the year - as I am out to see them, or on line if needed - like I had a bit of a shoe crises this year with our work no longer allowing flip flops - not even the cute fancy ones.  Since that is most of what is out there for summer wear I had to shop mid year.  So things like that I will buy for myself.  And I needed more pajamas for the summer.  But mostly we don't shop a whole lot so Christmas time is when we buy a few things for each other to wrap.  So much so that we really only get a few more surprises for each other and we can call it done.  So it may look like a lot but it's our annual clothes shopping trip!

Also some of these things are from Katy too!  And my sister in law.   So this is not clothes I know, lol....But George bought me a case of wine.  He makes wine, but we like to try different ones.  Some of these are Spanish and some French.  I really don't even know.  One is Port for after dinner sipping.

This is one we will both enjoy.  We'll usually save the better ones for special dinners we fix.   Or just if we want to treat ourselves. 

I got my Wild Mountain Blueberry k-cups, some nuts (for work), and some bath and body shower wash. 

Calendars - for home and work.  I decided to take the Porch one to work.  And leave the beach one for home.  The Porch one is really cute and I will be looking at it often at work.

  I got some essential oils.  

Got some Lula Roes.  ;-)

I had picked these boots out.  

And these, which means I can wear that black skirt now. 

An audio book.

Clinique, in a make up travel kit. 

Also got an Echo Dot, not pictured b/c I already hooked it up. 

Pringles, of many flavors.  I love Pringles.

Chalk Markers.  And stress relief soap.

Found some summer sandals on sale.  They fit and will work with navy and black as well!


Wine Lover's Twelve Days of Christmas Towel, lol. 

I also got three of those wrap type of sweaters - not ponchos but just long shawl types of sweaters.  Love them!

And that purse that I fell in love with!

I haven't broken into anything yet but the Pringles, the nuts, and the Echo Dot - but I like looking at the gifts for a few days.  So much energy put into the shopping, the wrapping and the festivities - that it is fun to look at it for a while before putting it up.  

I looked up the website from the website.  I like what I see.  George says "oh no".  lol  I have decided the next time I need sandals to order a good leather pair from there.  They would last a long while for $125 versus having to buy some every year or two.  Might be worth a try sometime.  Their other shoes, and boots look very nice as well.  About the price of a good cowboy boot - however - may be less b/c some of those are upward to $600 to $1,000 or more.  But most of their women's short boots were $200's in price.  You'd have it the rest of your life most likely. Only the styles change a bit which would be the problem I guess. 

Well, I better get off and get to work.  Only a 3 day week for me. And a busy one at that.  Next week busy too and much to do as far as reporting and things come January 1.  Not to mention the rebooting of files for the new year.  Exciting times for sure. 

Ya'll have a great week.  Are you off work?  What all you have going on this week?  Love to hear from you. 


  1. I'm glad Tugie is doing better. She is precious.
    I love your sweaters and boots. And that purse! All are just my style. Bedstu has a clutch that I have been eyeing for months. It would be strictly a luxury purchase. So...
    I know you enjoyed having a day like yesterday. They are rare and a gift as well. :)

  2. I love your boots and your purse too! And the sweaters! Looks like a really good Christmas to me. Nice to have a short work week. I'm looking forward to a new year. It's always exciting to look at a new calendar and fill in the blanks.

  3. Glad Tugie got to see the vet. Hoping the meds work. Love your new purse. I got one too.


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