Sunday, December 31, 2017

Year in Review and Happy New Year!

Well, it's been quite the hour and a half going through the blog to see what all we did last year.  I was tempted to blow it off.  It's time consuming and after all I have an agenda I'd like to do today.  But I'm so glad I did.  It made me appreciate family and friends a little bit more to realize that much of it was spent with people we love doing things we love.  We ate well, we found good cheer, and we traveled a lot.  I spent some of the year exploring myself and those around me in trying to understand why people do and say the things the do, and how my persona plays into that and I'll share below some of the things I've learned.  And being that I squawk about not having time ever - it's good to see where it all went.  

So here we go: 

  • We got an Alexa, which really has been a good thing and we have enjoyed it all year.
  • George's Mom's house was cleaned out and sold. 
  • I started a new blog with it's own domain.
  • We went to Amber's bridal shower at Lisa's who married our good friend Dillon
  • There were some family issues on my side of the family that really downplayed the year in a big way.
  • We saw The Temptations and went to eat at Chauhan's Ale and Masala House with George's sister and BIL. 
  • We went to an event at the Country Music Hall of fame.  Louis Scrugg's night to honor Traci Thomas. 
  • We did Valentine's at Fleming's Steakhouse
  • We met friends (Don and Lisa and family) at Black Abbey Brewing to celebrate a late Christmas together, went shopping at some Asian markets to buy cooking ingredients, and ate at Athens family Greek restaurant for dinner. 
  • We started watching the Sopranno's TV series
  • We went to Amber and Dillon's wedding and hung out with Don and Lisa afterward at their rented cabin in the woods nearby.  We made LOTS of pasta salad for the rehearsal dinner. 
  • I fixed Shepherd's pie - I count it as an event when I cook, lol!
  • We (Katy and Cody and George and I) went to the Factory in Franklin and shopped while George and Cody did the guitar show.
  • We went to a free on stage Jazz Event and ate out aftewards with Paul and Judy at the Diner where I had the leathery meatloaf - we still talk about it.  lol 
  • Our friend Richard's Mother passed away.  
  • I made Granny a spring wreath for her door. 
  • We went to Cheekwood with Katy and saw a lot of spring blooms - but went mainly b/c so many food trucks were there - this makes me laugh! 
  • We saw Baby Boss, b/c I wanted to see it.  
  • Tugie had a spell and went on heart meds
  • We went shopping at the Basement and got to try the Lobster food truck- you know why we went shopping at the Basement by now right?  Yep - the food truck. 
  • I traveled to Phoenix and Oklahoma for the benefit meetings. 
  • Katy met Ree Drummond
  • Katy and I went to the Southern Women's show and then met Susan (my SIL), Sarah (my niece), and Ellen (my nephews's wife) and we ate at the Diner afterward for lunch.  I did not get meatloaf.  lol
  • Took Mom to Mother's day at Famous Dave's
  • We explored Franklin on my Mother's Day celebration and ate at an Irish restaurant 
  • We enjoyed Derby Day with Don and Lisa and Don made Manhattan's.  I think that was my first one.
  • We saw Guardian's of the Galaxy
  • Katy had a sip and shop event and that introduced me to LulaRoe clothing which led to a series of LulaRoe purchases (but at least they were on sale) - my favorite is the Irma
  • We went to Tybee Island with our friends, Don and Lisa
  • Went to Amelia Island and Yulee FL to see Aunt Martha and Uncle Ken's new house
  • I worked a tropical puzzle that I have been wanting to work for SOME TIME now (years).  
  • Katy and I spent numerous Mother/Daughter pedi's and dinner's during the year.  Even though she lives 30-45 min away, she still works not too far away - so we could easily do that. 
  • We went to Roy's Backyard Bash with Ron and Naomi and to the Opry.  
  • We went to the Sound's Baseball game. 
  • We went to Yeast Nashville so George could get him some Texas Kolaches, then to Little Harpeth and Two Boots pizza for his Father's Day
  • Spent some time again with Don and Lisa at their pool
  • Traveled to Phoenix and Oklahoma City again for the Drug Program rollout. 
  • We took Mom out for her birthday at Homestead Manor
  • We went to a shower for Breezy (Katy's friend and SIL and Cody's brother's wife) - who we are quite fond of.  
  • I cracked a rib leaning over the steel arm of my chair at home to plug in the laptop.
  • We went to the Menonites farms for fresh veggies in Scottsville, KY
  • Katy and Cody went to Texas for a vacation visit and brought back Sterling the cat, and stirred their desires to go back to Texas some day.  And she shot a pig while hunting out there. 
  • I got a new and bigger iPad after having mine for 4 years and it fizzled out and got slow and wouldn't let me play my game and acted funny.  
  • We had an awesome July 4th meal here at the house with Katy and Cody.  
  • I enjoyed making meals all summer from the Mary Kay Andrews cookbook. 
  • Our offices moved
  • We got to experience the Total Eclipse - decked out with our fancy eclipse glasses.
  • George made some eclipse wine
  • Celebrated George's birthday with appetizers at Butchertown Hall, bought pasta at Lazzaroli's for later on in the week, and then went to Paul and Judy's cookout and pool time. 
  • Went to a grad party in Pleasantville - one of George's cousins and then after we went out to Bavarian Bierhaus with George's sister and her husband. 
  • Went to a baby shower for George's cousin
  • A tropical depression from a hurricane came through on a night we went to see another of George's cousin play in Big River
  • We took on a new dog and named her Maisy and she has become "my dog". ;-) 
  • Celebrated our 26th anniversary twice.  We had a Red Lobster card so we did that locally for our anniversary on the actual day.  Then on the weekend we went to Tansuo and enjoyed a pleasant meal, where I asked for new den furniture.  lol 
  • We went to a Titan's game and tailgated with Steve and Sheri
  • We began the Bucket Lists
  • I began doing Instagram Stories - at least watching them - and sometimes I post on them.
  • I made Irish Pork Stew - and it was yummy!
  • Katy and I went to Charleston for a girls trip and had a blast. 
  • I hurt my right arm - pulled a muscle or tear in the muscle - it's still not right but it is better
  • Went to Phoenix and Oklahoma again to roll out the Employee Handbook
  • Went through a lot of "stuff" that was unnecessary and had to "work through" that with myself. 
  • George and I had Thanksgiving at Mere Bulles and appetizers with the kids beforehand.  Our holidays have changed a bit. 
  • Cody got a deer and gave us some of the deer sausage. 
  • Went to dinner with Richard and Kathy and others to celebrate Richard's birthday.
  • Met with a retirement coach.  
  • We got our new den furniture. 
  • Katy got a deer and we bought them a freezer for Christmas so they had room!  They gave us some more meat too. 
  • Granny was moved to a special Alzheimer's Unit due to her wandering that began. 
  • Went to Paul and Judy's ornament party. 
  • Met with Aaron and Breezy, along with Katy and Cody and got to see their new baby. 
  • We had a big friend party for Christmas Eve and had a nice Christmas with family.
And across all the year, I was only able to read 6 books.  I'm shocked.  But now that I look back at what all we did, I can certainly see why.  I had very little time at home and what time I had - I was probably doing laundry.  We were not home much it seems.  And quite honestly some of these were audio books which I did during the commute.  Some of the books were read or finished on plane rides.

Here are the books I read: 

1.  The Motion of the Ocean by Janna Esarey
2.  Cruising Attitude by Heather Poole
3.  All Summer Long by Dorothea Benton Frank
4.  Porch Lights, by Dorothea Benton Frank
5.  Life at Sea Level, by Stephen Pavlidis
6.  Rod, the Autobiography

So I'd like to do a little better this year.  If it means we are less on the go, I'm good with that. 

What a year.  Spent those we love doing things we love, mostly related to eating, and enjoying a cold brew or a glass of wine.  

As for me, I think I have grown some as a person.   I consider myself a person fairly easy to get along with.  I try hard not to offend anyone.  In life I think I've learned in the past how to handle it when you hear people have talked about you or judged you.  Those are lessons we learned long ago.  But until this year, I've not really had quite so many people's "perceptions" cause me so many issues.  And I will say that those perceptions for the most part were mis-read on their part causing themselves and others and me, a lot of unfounded problems, time spent analyzing, and unproductive time.  This year I've just had repeated accounts of others getting mad at me for things they thought I was thinking, things they thought I did, or thinking I had agendas I didn't have, or omitting to be on someone else's agenda on purpose.  I've not seen anything quite like it.  I've been on this earth for almost 55 years now.  And have never seen people's perceptions cause so many issues repeatedly through the year.  I am used to people getting mad at me for things I didn't do b/c we are human and I NEVER get done all the things I'd want or like to and much less of what everyone else thinks I should do.  There's not enough hours in the day and I got used to that a long time ago.  

This year I've had to do Bible studies on disappointment (b/c of how it makes you feel when you have been treated bad, misjudged, etc.).  I've done studies on trying to be more compassionate, more serving, and more atune to what is going on around me.  I've done studies on how to lead when situations are in tough times.  And how to forgive when no one says their sorry, or make you try to feel bad for not carving out your day for their agenda.  

Having been a sensitive person - well I'm tough skinned but I have a sensitive side.  I ended up letting a couple of people really get to me that I shouldn't have.  People kept telling me to watch my back, and be careful.  I could see I had some Jekyl Hydes in my world.  But still I try to analyze, please, and have a desire to be liked, wanted, and want to enjoy the people around me so with my darned stubborn persona, would keep on keeping on and trying new methods to make it work.  

But it's all ok.  On the flip side of things - I think all of the above shook me so bad that I began questioning myself - was I a good person?  A bad person?  Am I that awful?  Are there things that others think is bad about me that I don't see?  Are people thinking odd things about me that are not true?  My world seemed to spin so much in the last quarter that I myself had my own perceptions of what was going wrong.  

Looking back - I see that much of it was not my issue at all.  It was the fact that I was not crossing off things to do on other's agendas and to do lists, therefore I was mush.  And to them perhaps I was. lol  I have had to learn that "it's ok to be mush to other people".  Just b/c they think you are mush doesn't mean you are!  

I've let go of a lot, and you know me - I worry, let go, worry, let go - but I REALLY was faced with that challenge in the last quarter.  God taught me that I have to lean on him.  I have to.  It seems when our world becomes too much and you DO trust in Him - you see you should have been doing it all along.  At some point you have to say "Jesus Take the Wheel". 

2017 was an awesome year overall.  So going into 2018 I go in with confidence.  Prayers have been answered.  Things are anew and aligned with the new year.  The year will bring many changes.  Some I'm aware of and some I am not.  And it will all be ok.  

Happy New Year to you!  And what does this New Year's Eve have you doing?  Any plans?  Any Resolutions?  I think this was mine last year.  I think I did most of them.  

Tonight we will be home.  I will be in my jammies.  I'm going to continue to take up the Christmas decor.  Started on it yesterday but we were gone the entire day.  

Took dogs for trim, went to Krogers grocery store, went to Aldi's to look for something, went home.  Did some laundry, went back to get dogs, went to see Granny Jan.  Came home and began putting up Christmas decor and cleaning up a few things and doing more laundry. I felt bad and took my temp and it was a 100 degree fever.  But I figured it was b/c I was tired (I do that).  Then out to go to the movies to see the Star Wars movie and then to LongHorn - a a 40 minute wait - but we had gift cards to use so we stayed.  Then home and to bed. My fever had subsided b/c my body considered the 2.5 hour movie, as "rest time" so it was normal when I got home.  Still my body was tired.  It was a ridiculously cold day and we were out in it all day.  Slept good last night and slept for a long time.  

I have to get in all my graphics: 

I hope you have a wonderful one.  And may your 2018 be the most awesome year yet!  


  1. I wish you much happiness and joy in the New Year. You did have a wonderful year looking back so count yourself very blessed indeed! Happy New Year !


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