Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Texas Pic, PictSweet Surprise, and another Busy Evening

A pretty scene from Texas.  Might be guilty of stealing it from Kate!  ;-)  See the deer stand shadow in the left corner?  At least I think that is what it is.  I have no idea.  

I think the meeting with the principals of both schools went well.  Word is there will be openings and she will be needed.  So it looks good at this point for employment for next year.  I wouldn't be surprised if they didn't ask her to come now. 

Katy sent pics of their house.  It's very nice and perfect for them and much much much improved over current situation.  Katy took pics and they will have their own big sun room and it has curtains.  
She got to pick the granite yesterday for the counters.  They are really taking care of them down there and it thrills me so.  I want to send them a note to say thank you for caring for our beloveds and making them so welcome - so they know it really calms the parents to know someone is there for them!  The ranch owners seem like such good people.  

I love this Pictsweet Spinach - it's not too creamy - just right.  But I was disappointed at just what a rip off it was.  No wonder it was only 60 calories.  

It did not have much inside it at all!  I will probably still buy it b/c it makes a nice add to a lean cuisine lunch - and adds a green - and holds me longer.  

I had celery for snack and also an apple yesterday in the afternoon. 

Trying.  I listened to nutrition podcasts yesterday.  It says that with dietary changes you can expect to see results in about 10 days - this is with weight and nutrition changes.  So we'll see.  They say don't give up.  I've always said I'm not dieting - just trying to make changes I can deal with ongoing.  I like the things I'm eating.  I'm discovering the organic tastes much better - like with celery and carrots.  So worth the extra $ when you are eating them as a snack. 

So last night we had salad and baked potato.  

George emptied Katy's car out (storage for our basement).  He brought the clothes racks up so I could get Katy's clothes on them and off the bed, so she has a place to lay down tonight, lol.  I also scrubbed the tub so it looks nice for her shower.  I need a maid!  
There is so much to do here. 

I put a lamp in the laundry room.  I had one that fit just right in there.  At night when I'm doing laundry I want soft light and not the overhead light.  It is more relaxing.  And the mood is better.  And you can see more in the pantry b/c the light shines over it. 

Maybe a pic later!  I'm sorry I'm promising all these pics and don't get them done. 

Findlay has been good.  Much easier than we thought.  However last night even with two of us taking dogs out we got in such a tangle with the leashes.  I was very cold and had hoped for a dash out and dash back in but we ended up with a dash out - a mummy tangle of leashes - trapped and no one could move til we figured out - in the dark how to untangle ourselves to be able to walk up the stairs.  Lines were wrapped around legs everywhere.  I said a bad word.  The wind was blowing, it was cold and the more George untangled - the more we seemed to BE tangled.  

We watched another show of The Resident last night.  We watched it last week too when it came on.  I liked it but thought it might be heavy for me after working all day and of course we have already had bad attitudes about health industry, insurance and so forth - b/c of the way the system keeps doctors from doing what they do best- I figure this show will only make me madder.  However, we watched it On Demand again and we have watched Emily Van Camp in three shows she has been in.  I am beginning to like the characters.  

So as you can imagine after working on EEOC data all day and getting that entered for our company's annual reports, and doing all this after work - I was ready for sleep and did so as my head hit the pillow.  

Maisy woke me up at 3:30 wanting something.   I took her out but that did not seem to be her issue.  I think she was mainly was just ready to get up.  I took her and Tugie out but then went back to bed and slept til 5.  And I'm blogging and shouldn't be but I'll have to rush now to get to work.  Life is just too much right now.  

I need to do mega loads of laundry, some on line orders, and want to be able to read again.  Considering a vacation day.  But won't do that.  

We will be picking Katy up at the airport tonight.  I'll give you the scoop tomorrow.  

Ya'll have a great day.  I can't believe it's Wednesday already!  

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Thred Up, Orgain's Powder, Texas Arrivals and a Packed Evening

Well, while at Katy's former house on Saturday (during the move out) she showed me her "Thred Up" bag.  She said there was a company that you ordered a bag from that was labeled for shipping already (no cost to ship).  You ship them your clothes and they will buy some (maybe/maybe not) for a really low price and will donate the rest.  They also will do consignment I believe she said.  They will also ship them back to you I think I read, if you want them --I think that is what I read.  But Katy is just sending them and all she has to do is drop by post office.  She may get money back, may not.  Anyway she was just glad to get rid of them with some hope of something back.  So I downloaded the Thred Up app and ordered my bag.  Since we've recently gone through things and had a yard sale not long ago, I don't have much to offer.  It may take me a while to fill it up, but I think I will do that.  The post office is closer than Good Will anyway.  I know Arc or some of these places will pick it up but you have to arrange that.  So this is great. 

Katy and Cody made it to the ranch.  I was so worried with them having that U-Haul behind them.  Just the thought of changing lanes and going around curves and such - so I'm relieved.  They left around 4 yesterday morning - and had a couple of stops to make for gas and food and stuff for the ride.  They arrived about sundown.  Here are some pics that Katy took as they arrived at the ranch.

They were having a crew stay over to unload for them.  So she has a full day today.  The ranch owner's wife is picking her up and taking her to the school(s) to meet folks and then to lunch.  I'm so excited for her.  

She has been pretty stressed with a lot going on with this move in such a short time.  Just all the details of things being stored and going into 3 or 4 places (some of their new home will be furnished) and dealing with the cat and dog and just all that goes with saying bye to friends (for Cody's sake mainly as Katy will be here for a while).  So they had outings or meals with family and all in the last days.  Then school had a lot of things due - keeping up with lesson plans, grades, and all that.  Getting an outfit or two ready for her "pre-interview" meeting and getting resumes in order and applying for teaching in the state of TX and researching all that.  She has been a bit stressed also about the plane ride back by herself - and had to arrange that.  

So by the time she gets back here - Wed nite - she has to settle in here.  There are many bags in the bedroom.  I was going to go through and set it up for her but I'll have to let her do it like she needs.  

So having said all that, my point is that she has been stressed and her immune system lowers when that happens and being in airports with all those germs.  I know her well, and I know that she is going to be sick once she finally slows down.  She will fly back Wed nite and then Thursday goes back to school.  We could get snow so I'm hoping secretly for a snow day for her - but not one for me.  I don't need another snow day.  lol  My snow days are not good experiences anymore.  lol

So while ordering the protein powder I had ordered something Called Orgain Organic Superfoods.  It has 50 superfoods in one scoop.  

So I'm trying to work in some of this whenever I can.  I really like the taste.  It has a "healthy good for you taste".  Yesterday I had some unsweetened tea and I put this in it.  It really made the tea much better.  I enjoyed sipping the tea yesterday at work.  However, it doesn't look very appetizing does it?  I bought this to give me a little more nutrition.  Since I only use 1 scoop - it has minimal nutritional value as compared to eating a meal - but it's one more way to add something to my daily intake that is actually good for me. 

I bought it to add to smoothies and depending what I need, I will either add this or a protein whey that I bought.  I bought the protein to add to smoothie so that it is more of a meal replacement and will hold me longer and also will help breakdown any sugar from fruit that is in the shake.  

I'm sorry this is really hard to read.  However, you may be able to make out that it's greatest value is fiber.  I'll take it!  It has 2% to 8% of your daily recommended intake of vitamins.  That is not much but considering it's just a scoop - perhaps that is not too bad for what it is.  So I'm trying to work this into my eating habits.  I really think I'll be adding it to the water bottles a lot and putting the top on to shake it.  But we didn't have any bottled water at work yesterday.  Usually they provide it.  I often take my own and just didn't yesterday but I did have that tea and it made the tea taste good!  

Well, let's talk about the new dog Findlay (Katy's dog)....She is fitting in much better to our routine than ever imagined.  She is quite disciplined.  She has energy but has calmed down from her puppydom!  
She responds pretty well to "no" and "get down" and such.  She is getting along with the other dogs.  Goes to her crate at bed time and doesn't whine and sleeps til morning, and gets up with George and Roger - which means I only have to take 2 dogs out instead of 3 when I get up.  And amazingly - no one pee'd in the house yesterday.  We had Findlay gated in the kitchen area and our dogs in the den.  And not a spot anywhere to be found by any of them.  So that is wonderful.  

George said taking 4 out is like going fishing with 4 rods and all of them biting.  lol  I dread having to do 4, myself.  But he does their main business walk in the mornings after I leave and then also when he gets home.  My work days are longer than his.  

Well, I think I've decided to hold off on the doc - mainly b/c I think it is an unhealthy risk to go to the doctor's office right now with the flu reports.  I looked at my meds and don't have to go until April.  I have enough meds to wait til hopefully all this flu stuff is over.  I'd hate to go to doctor just b/c I'm minorly feeling bad only to get the flu and all the complications that can go with that, including death (as it has for some).   So I think I'll just wait. 

Well, we've had kind of a coffee issue here at the house.  I opened a new package of coffee and we just didn't like it.  George said it was "ok" but not his favorite.  I can't stomach it at all.  I like mine black and this had some kind of spice blend in with it.  So I opened another bag today and it was really coffee that had become old enough that it didn't taste good.  Or it has fillers or something.  So tonight I will be grounding up some beans for coffee tomorrow.  The coffee should be much better.   

George and our friends have been filling up the calendar for February.  Oh well.  I have Roller Derby (watching only not participating, lol), a Magical Illusionist, and a Birthday party, and Rodizio all in my future.  Fun times but this old girl is needing some more home time.  I'm not quite sure I'm through with my hibernation period just yet.  And if it snows on any of these dates - forget it!

After work yesterday I went to get my nails done.  While arriving it began snowing pretty good.  What????????  Apparently a cold front moved in dropping the temps and bringing some surprise moisture with it.  I thought the highs was 40's.  Well it was.  But it dropped.  So it's good to really analyze the weather a bit more than just looking at the high temps.  Anyway, I wanted my nails done and it wasn't a major snow event, so I got the nails done and the red is off.  It was fun for a while but I was ready for normal - went with my french manicure.  

Then I went to Walmart.  I started to drive down to Kroger but Walmart was just right there.  I said if I could get a close parking spot near the door or in good lighting where lots of people coming in and out - I'd do Walmart.  I've become a bit scared of the Walmart parking lots - especially after dark.  But I did it.  I bought a lot of nutritional things and we were out of just about everything it seemed.  So I'm happy that we have food in the house again.  It was kind of fun to shop.  I also bought a new dog bed.  It seemed like we just needed one more - then we don't have to move a bed back and forth for Tugie as she uses one to sleep on at night.  I'm also down a bed being laundered right now plus another bed is wearing out.  Plus we have Findlay and Findlay's bed is worn out b/c she chewed it up, as a puppy.  

Anyway - when I got home last night - George helped get all the groceries up and he put most of them up for us while I got settled in.  I had to do some laundry reboots.  He had fixed some Mexican rice that I wanted with chicken.  It was great.  I'll share the recipe tomorrow if I think of it, lol. 

We watched a Soprano and then it was time for bed.  What a day.  Felt good to sleep and I slept all night through.  Knowing Katy and Cody was safe and we were fed and happy and restocked and had a big day - and Findlay had been good.  I thanked the Lord.  And slept.

Monday, January 29, 2018

They are Headed to Texas and We Have Findlay!

Here was the set up yesterday when we got to Katy and Cody's.  Cody had gone to Maury County to turn in his TWRA truck and all of his equipment.  The TWRA guy from there brought him back. So it took a longer time than he had anticipated.  Cody is very organized and had drawn a map.  George was reluctant to take over what he called "another man's set up" but when he saw Cody's map of where he had drawn it out to make sure it would fit - then he and Katy began moving things out.  After the trouble with my arm - I stayed clear of moving anything.   

I worried that one of them would throw a back out and for the rest of their lives would have to deal with this all because they refused to wait for Cody.  But they were determined.  Their stomachs - hungry for food as we were going out to eat later - really tempted them to move on I think.  By the time Cody got there, most of it was moved.  I was wishing we had more manpower - George didn't need to be moving all that and neither did Katy.  And I got in the way with my "be carefuls" and "lift with your legs - not your back" and "please wait til Cody gets back".  But of course, no one listens to me.  

So we went to eat at Granite City and then went back and they loaded a very heavy freezer and put ice and also dry ice in it.  It took 3 of them to load the freezer.  I had suggested to take everything out in bags and move the freezer itself which is not very heavy and then move the bags and load it again while on the truck and put the ice over it.  Nope.  They wanted it all moved in tact.  They got it done.  It's one of things you don't want to watch.  

We enjoyed our dinner together and then I came home with a load of things - such as things from the fridge (mainly condiments) that could be kept but they didn't want to take to Texas and was senseless to throw away.  There were a few more items that Katy wanted to store here.  She had some more in her car.  So I drove home and unloaded those items and then took care of OUR doggies.  And then George left about half hour after I did with Findlay, her cage and food and drove Katy's car back here.  

I got on the interstate going South instead of North.  I'm not used to driving home from there.  I knew immediately that even though using GPS, I got off one too early.  Usually the North and South exits are on opposite sides of the road - and that is really what threw me off.  But it took an extra 8 minutes or so to get off at the next exit and get righted, lol. 

We settled in for the night.  By the time I got upstairs after unloading the car and putting stuff in fridge, and got the dogs out - then George was home.  

Here is Miss Findlay!

So Findlay sleeps in her cage.  That really makes things easy.  It worked very well.  She is much calmer than she was as a puppy. And she and Maisy seemed to get along and have a respect for one another so that is good - so far.  

So far it has been easy.  If everyone gets sleep that is half the battle.  Now to rig them up separately will be the thing as we hate to leave them all by themselves.  But I think we'd be ok.  Findlay could hide if she needed to as she can fit in all kinds of places that the others don't.  

Well I must say that before we left the house yesterday we had a very pleasant morning at home.  I did some work but mainly I was very geeky.   I looked at nutritional websites and joined "Sparkpeople" website.  Downloaded a few apps related to nutrition and nutritional recipes.  
I'd really like to loose weight, get of the meds, and quit feeling a yo yo of ways.  

Well, I hope you all have a wonderful day.  And a good week.   

I wish I had today off, as I would have plenty to do.  We did not get to the grocery this weekend and are out of everything.  I'm going to get nails done tonight and then have to go to the grocery afterwards.  Then I'll have to come home and do laundry, and do some chopping and such.  
Well, ya'll have a superb day!  I'm running late as I could not get up this morning.  Just worn out before the week starts.  

Take care.  Pray for our kids on the interstate today headed to Texas pulling the Uhaul.

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Sunday Morning Update

It was nice to have a bit of home time yesterday morning.   It started out productive in a big way.  The mind was flowing as well as the coffee - looked up a few recipes, knocked out some laundry, changed the sheets - made some tuna salad, and homemade pimiento and cheese.  Looked in the cabinets and took inventory of what we were out of, put things on the grocery list, set some stuff out to make a soup with (don't have all the ingredients needed). 

But as I started ironing, my body said "no way sister".  I felt weak, shaky and my stomach seemed a little nauseated.  I thought "oh no I'm getting the flu".  So I texted George that I was feeling bad and was going to lay down and was unsure about our evening.  As I rested I began to feel better.  No fever or anything.  I was about to tell George we needed to cancel our evening plans with friends. 

Laying down helped.  I got up and ate some more - thinking food may help.  I texted George saying I thought it was a blood sugar thing.  Something is off for sure.  I felt better - not great- but better after the rest. 

I wanted to see our friends and have a fun evening - so knowing it was not a flu type thing - we went ahead. I did begin to feel better.  Eating seemed to help a bit to feel normal - even though it was dips and chips and chili and so forth.  Again I'm not sure what is going on but I'm guessing it's low blood sugar that was making me feel bad. 

I'll be calling the doc this week so I can go ahead and get in the physical and discuss with my doc the feeling.  I did not take either my BP meds or my sugar meds yesterday and feel so much better this morning, although I did go ahead and take BP today.  I can tell usually if I don't take the BP so I took it this morning.  I get all confused by this sugar med thing - when you are high and low.   I'm just kinda thinking low b/c we have cut a lot of sugar and starch out of the diet. 

Anyway I'll get it figured out.  I do feel more normal today and that is good.  However I've not moved around a lot yet like yesterday. 

We did go and had a great time with our friends.  We went to Cheryl and Joe's house.  We played a dice game called Left Right Center.  It was great fun.  I might have won a round. ;-)

I've been thinking about doing Isogenix after talking with someone about it - mainly for the nutrition part of it.  But after doing some research - I think it is just a more expensive way of controlling what you eat.  You can do much of the same - by just eating the right things and getting the right nutrients.  The thing about Isogenix is that it's all figured out for you.  But - I will need to make sure that we have more a balanced diet. 

Often the greens and the fruits get left behind.  But some weeks it might be dairy.  So just need to tweek some on that.  I think I'm going to have a dairy based, with whey protein, oatmeal, peanut butter, cinnamon, vanilla, smoothie this morning.  I will add a shot of frozen coffee,  The only thing missing is my banana.  We are out of everything.  But I can add some frozen fruit - if I do I'll leave off the peanut butter, cinnamon, and vanilla and coffee and just go with that and have my banana smoothie later. 

George went and helped the kids yesterday.  They got their bank account situated, by adding Cody and then removing George.  And he helped them move a few things.  Today we will be going over there to help them load small stuff and then will go out to eat afterward.

Yesterday while resting I had a chance to figure out our Roku. I really like it.  It's a whole new experience really.  Like it a lot.

Well, I've been woken up at 3 by Maisy, but told her to go to sleep.  I was woken up at 4 by Roger who very desperately had to go poopsie.   And the other dogs followed.  While out, I could hear coyotes and neighborhood dogs barking in the night.  It's all a bit too eerie for me.  I was very anxious to get all dogs back into the door.  They were a ways away but we all know that these canine creatures all have a way of sniffing out things.  Roger always dawdles.  I have to work at getting him in.  Was happy to get them all in and feed them and get the coffee flowing. 

I downloaded a new app called Curious.  It's a learning app.  I am doing the free version.  So today it had a crossword puzzle for me to work as a part of my learning.  I worked about half of it.  I am finding though, that I enjoy the online crossword.  The letter turns RED if it's wrong.  And that helps.  lol

Well, that is enough mind clutter writing this morning.  I need to get up and at it.  Katy and Cody may end up spending the night with us tonight before they take off in the morning.  Please pray for them as they head off out west hauling that U Haul trailer. 

Katy, while out there, has appointment ALREADY to meet the principals of two of the elementary schools out there - set up by the ranch owner's wife who is friends with both of them.  She will meet them Tuesday and then will fly back to us on Wednesday. What a deal!

I am going to get off and go do more laundry, ironing, and clean up! 

Finish what I started yesterday.  And then we'll get ready to head out to help Katy and Cody. 
Off to fix that smoothie.

Saturday, January 27, 2018

Saturday Morning Words over Some Really Good Hot Coffee

Sometimes Saturday mornings are the only time to be productive here at the house - stolen moments otherwise.  So either time to myself or getting things done as far as cleaning - generally have to happen on Saturday morning and I absolutely love it.  Time to do what I want!  Even if it's cleaning.  I like to clean if I'm in the mood and feel good.

So I'm really having a problem with my right arm.  It feels uncomfortable just having to type this on the laptop.  It's hard to hold it up while I type.  I have it in my lap and need the support of a desk.  I think that is really bad isn't it.  I guess I'll be calling the doctor this week. I'll just schedule a complete physical and we'll talk about all of it.  I notice that I'm also having issues holding up the ipad for periods of time and have to use my left hand.  But with typing on the laptop I need my right hand - so I guess I'll have to use the desk to support my arm in the future.  I'm dealing with it for now, but it's a strain. I have to stop and stretch it and rest it.  It was hurting me to cook yesterday too.  Had to stir often with my left hand. 

Well George is going with Katy and Cody to add Cody to Katy's bank account.  They have had separate accounts so far but are getting the joint account.  Surprisingly since George was on it b/c the account was Katy's and opened when she was a minor.  So George is coming off and Cody going on but they have to ALL be there.  I think I'm on it too but it's listed as George or Sonya so we think I don't have to be there.  They just told her George needed to be there.  I'm going to jump in the shower and get dressed though so in case they call and need me I can just jump in the car and head out there.  It'll take 30 min but we can get it done.  They have to do this today! 

Not really a lot to report that hasn't already been said.  I've stretched my arm and popped it some and it feels better. I think I need to exercise it more - perhaps with weights to make it stronger. 

We are picking out the TV stand soon.  George picked one out on line but we think it will be too big.  Since the TV will be in the corner - we don't want to get a stand so long that it comes way out in the room.  But it has to be big enough to hold the long TV, lol.  And there is a air vent that we cannot block on one side - so we need to get on that is about the same length as the TV or a few inches longer.  George has all the measurements.  I think we will be going to Ashley furniture to look at it.  But not sure when.

I've been talking to someone at work that says they just switched to Comcast and really like it and they have voice activated cable remote.  I have been getting mail to upgrade ours (we have Comcast too) but...we have been afraid it was a catch to get you to spend more money.  But with the TV and steaming - we will look to see what all we need and want, and will revise our cable situation accordingly.  I really want to stay with Comcast.  Overall I seem to hear that they do better than some of the others.  They all have complaints though.  So we will figure all that out.  My Mom and Sister with a different cable company have been able to lower their cable bills due to having smart TV's that stream though things like Roku.  So we are behind on all this stuff.  lol

Well, later today we are going to friends house to play some games.  I am a little scared.  I don't play games with others - just on the laptop but often I have enjoyed games with others if I'm not embarrassed.  Some times I am afraid I won't understand something and I will embarrass myself.  I seem to think so differently than some.  I look at things from a different angle sometimes and I process things differently - so it takes me longer to get something than most.  I don't want to embarrass myself.  But I'm going to put myself out there and try.  George says it will be easy.  If I feel uncomfortable I'll just say "I'm slow ya'll - it takes me a minute".  If all else fails, I'll watch.  But I do have some anxiety about today.  But I kinda feel like I will have fun if I just let myself.  So this is really a risk for me - of sorts. 

I also am going to take a risk and go to the gun range with George and Katy.  I don't know about my arm though.  Maybe it's not a good idea.  I just feel like I need to learn how to shoot a gun.  And I'm probably going to eventually have to get a gun carry permit as our world gets meaner.  I don't like the thought of this.  But as we may be traveling back and forth to Texas some via car at times - I think I'd like to have that availability especially on that lonely road b/c Dallas and Breckenridge.  Of course George has his carry permit so he'd be with me most of the time I guess.    Anyway, I'm just thinking ahead.  I need to have some experience around them if they are going to be in my house anyway. 

It was nice to sleep til 6:00 something this morning.  Although Maisy was waking me up at 4 and at 5 wanting to get up but she was nice to go back to sleep. 

Well, I need to go get in the shower in case they call and need me. 

Just going to work on the house some - have already started the laundry and have cleaned the kitchen.  Have unpacked some of Katy's clothes and hung them, but need her rolling rack she is bringing and we will store that in the other bedroom.  I'm not moving all of our clothing and closets around as it is a major deal.  She will have the hall closet and the rolling rack and we'll make that do for the short time she is here.  It is a major deal to move 3 closets around for just a short time, lol.  She understands. If you saw our closets you would too.   We will figure it out so it's easy for her to get ready and have what she needs.  We have cleared some drawers and bathroom space out.

I know that she is her own person and Sybil was worried we may clash.  We got through the teen and highschool and college years.  We have an understanding and respect each other as woman now. I think she understands for the most part that I love her and always will be her mother and worry about her so that when I say "be careful or do this or that", that I'm really only looking out for her and trying to console myself (lol) instead of being bossy.  She is very respectful.  We usually read the signs when the other needs some space or needs to take control of something.  Most of the time we have worked together in all we do.  We both get stressed.  But both are quick to say "do not treat me that way or talk to me that way" if we cross the line and then we are good the next day.  lol  So I think our biggest problems will be that I will end up having too much laundry, and we won't have enough fridge space - lol lol.  But I am looking forward to our time together and also some really good meals - b/c we all like to cook for one another.  And we have a great time together the three of us - out on the town - shopping, or eating.  She always introduces me to good shows, and good music.  So she broadens my horizons with her youthful tastes.  So I anticipate us enjoying our time. 

Well, better go get that shower.  Arm got through this and actually feeling better having exercised it.  I guess it was stiff from the night.

Ya'll have a good weekend. 

Friday, January 26, 2018

Tiredness, Blood Sugar, and Smart TV's

I have decided that yesterday's tiredness and exhaustion was a sugar thing.  Whenever I ate I felt better - for two to three hours anyway.  Since the symptoms for high blood sugar and low blood sugar are the same it's difficult to tell.  But I'm guessing low as we've been eating so much better with salads and veggies - less sugar and starch - so one would think it would be low.

It's hard to lose weight if this happens and to feel better you have to go eat sugar.  lol  Wow.

I'll be making an appointment with my doctor soon for the full physical.  We will discuss my arm, my tiredness and my inability to know if my blood sugar is high or low.  It seems like if they give you meds that can make you go low - they ought to give you the stick thing so you can test it.  I'm in a catch 22 with trying to do right and eat better b/c as I lose it makes me feel bad and you have to go eat sugar to feel better b/c the meds are trying to bring it down.  However, last night I didn't take the meds just to see if i feel better.  I don't really though.  I am still tired and sleepy but I don't know how long this lasts.  It's kind of a very sleepy, sluggish, mentally exhausted, physically exhausted, feels like you are slightly going into a cold sweat but not really.

Anyway I hope this passes soon, b/c I'd prefer feeling alert and normal.

So Katy came over last night to drop off her clothes and all the things she will need while here.  She has some more stuff to bring Saturday.  However, we may end up just bringing it back with us on Sunday.  She is really busy and stressed.  They have been doing the last of the packing, have been taking things to others to store for them - for a while.  Our basement was over capacity with furniture, so Cody's grandmother had some room.

She has school lesson plans and things to work on too that was due so she could not go out to eat with us.  I prayed for her b/c I know it's hard to work and be patient with people and their drama when you stay up late trying to get things done.  lol  That is why I will go to bed at 9 or 9:30 if I can - so I won't tell people what I think of them when they act ridiculous.  So I hope she is calm today and throughout this move.

We will see them Sunday (maybe Saturday) and they will head off into the Heart of TX Monday morning pulling a U-Haul.  I will be on pins and needles til I know they have arrived safely.  Katy will fly back next Wednesday.  She also wants to come Saturday and sortof set up her living here.  Right now everything is in the bedroom laying on the beds and in the floor.  We'll get it figured out.  She didn't have the rolling rack yet.  She's bringing it Saturday.  We'll need it for sure.

After she left, George and I went to Big Lots to look at TV stands to hold a 65 inch TV.  Theirs were just "ok".  Yeah we are going for that 65 inch size.  George said that he thought we'd like the big one too.  He actually measured for the sizing (really like 49 inches I think? I can't remember but I know it's not really 65 inches across - as that is measured diagonally.) But anyway he took a tyvek roll and drew and cut 3 TV sizes to scale and we held them up in front of our current TV to see how the size will do.  We both agreed that 65 is the way to go for us.  That also took us a step down in the type of TV we were getting.  I think he wanted OLED - I'm not sure what I'm talking about but there is one screen that you can see at any angle and is more expensive, but the others will be just fine as we will be looking straight on.  We don't have any side chairs that won't be viewing straight ahead so it's fine to get the regular screen for less money since we are going with a bigger size.

So we are looking at stands and then soon we'll go get the TV.  ;-)  He's looking at them on line now.  And there is talk of adding an X Box for George and he has offered for me to get a huge iTune card - and a sound system - no - more of a speaker system I think.  Best Buy has 24 mos same as cash on TV's.  George has a cell phone now that he carries all the time and has reactivated his account after tearing up his best buy card when we tried to buy a computer last year on 12 mos same as cash and they said - not w/o a cell phone.  He didn't have a cell phone with him and they wouldn't use mine and it made him mad.  I told him look - if Best Buy has the best TV we want and the Best Deal - think of it like you are USING THEM - lol.  B/C you really are - it's to our advantage to have that deal!  Then we don't get into savings and can spread out the purchase.  He agreed and has re-established his account and complained about what happened to an agent.  I told him when I said I wanted an iTune card - I just really meant about $15 to $25.  I have Christmas money left and I'm going to use some of it for that.  I think he feels a bit guilty about the X Box.  lol  I am good if I can spend $15 to $20 on adding some music.  I collect about three times as much in songs I want to download but I don't listen to mine as much as he does so I'm not spending a lot on that.  I will enjoy the picking from my collection to download. I like rating them and then figuring out which ones get to be downloaded. We are so geeky.  Anyway, with the TV and a gaming system for G - we'll be setting ourselves up for some fun home times.  So...I think we'll be getting this soon.  Perhaps not this weekend but maybe the next.  I bet he'd love to watch the superbowl on it.  ha. I'm just being patient and not getting my hopes up, but I think once we get the stand - we are good to go! We just need the stand - and some time!

But having said that we'll be spending more time at home..Katy is coming and she likes to get out and has a lot of things in mind for us to do before she leaves.  So while she is here we'll be doing some fun things.

OH we did go to Bellacino's after shopping and we got a free pepperoni pizza with thin crust b/c it was something we won at a silent auction at Katy's school.

I ordered a cook book holder from Amazon.  I'll take a pic of it this weekend.  We both love it.  I wanted one for Christmas but was too late mentioning it, lol.  So I ordered one and offered George the money for it with my Christmas money but he said not to worry about it.  So that's good.  He liked it too when it came in and it will be useful for other things as well - like holding music, ipads, etc.

Well, I'm getting off of here to go in.

I'm so glad it's Friday.  I don't feel the greatest.  I really am needing a break from work.  And I'm not sure what the eating scene will be for me today.

I'm looking forward to tomorrow morning as we have some free time! Yay!  We have a friend party tomorrow in which we will be doing some gaming - something called left - right - center!  We are getting dessert and I think we'll pick up a Key Lime Pie from Publix.  It's that time a year you need some citrus!  George laughed when I told him that, but it's true.  Apparently I need more sugar too to be healthy and feeling good.  Yes I know that is not right, but....At least that is what the meds (Rx) say.

Ya'll take care.

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Someone Asked if I Possibly Could Have MS

Well, it has been hard to wake up this week.  I'm not quite sure what it is except that body and mind probably needs more sleep and down time.  My mind and body is very weary this morning.  I need more rest.  I know that I have been glue keeping the HR needs of 3 plants, a transport company, and a corporate office taken care of by myself.  Then have been training the new assistant this week and have talked non-stop for 3 days explaining, showing, and so I'm mentally and physically just spent having done that on top of everything else. 

We've thrown a dinner party, reorg'd a bunch of things in our house, taken care of 3 doggies, kept up with some household chores (laundry) and tried to hurry up and have fun at home to knock the stress off. 

But it's all catching up with me right now. 

It seems like it should be Friday.  It feels like Friday.  How can it only be Thursday? 

I'm ok and I'll make it.'s really hard this morning.  The coffee is good but the muscles are wanting to go to bed and so the mind just says "unh unh, I'm done". 

I know it's that dull season (acheeeewwww) - scuse me)  in which we get the doldrums before spring.  I'm not depressed though.  I'm just tired. 

Someone asked if I had been tested for MS.  No - but my doctor and I have discussed it.  We decided to hold off testing (I think they do MRI's) as the symptoms come and go but I've been able to maintain things with Vitamin D and nutrition and exercise - so we are thinking - no to that.  The arm thing comes and goes as well.  But something is not right so I imagine that will have to be addressed at some point.  Right now it only bothers me some days.  Not enough to want to have any kind of surgery or shots or anything - so we'll see.  You know me, when it becomes unbearable is when I'll do anything about it. 

I looked up the symptoms again and here they are.   My comments are in red underneath.

People may experience:
Pain areas: in the back or eyes
I have had pain a few times but not often.
Pain circumstances: can occur in the back due to head nod or with eye movement
No can't say I've experienced this.
Tremor: can occur during precise movements, in the hands, or limbs
I do have tremors in my thumbs extending into my wrist and then also in my eyes and eye lids when tired.  
Muscular: cramping, difficulty walking, inability to rapidly change motions, involuntary movements, muscle paralysis, muscle rigidity, muscle weakness, problems with coordination, stiff muscles, clumsiness, muscle spasms, or overactive reflexes
Cramping has started in recent months in my legs (calves), difficulty walking - sometimes if something is hurting, I never change any motion too quick anymore due to balance issues, Involuntary movements is not a problem, mucle paralysis is not a problem except that my arm seems to want to be by my side instead of moving, muscle rigidity - yes in my legs, muscle weakness - yes all over - I have problems opening even the simplest of packages, have a hard time carrying groceries, hard time on stairs - need to be careful - knees are also weak on stairs.  Coordination - I'm highly uncoordinated lol.  Stiff muscles - yes, clumsiness - oh hell yes, muscle spasms - yes for years, overactive reflexes - don't think so. 
Whole body: fatigue, dizziness, heat intolerance, poor balance, vertigo, or weakness
Fatigue - yes -my stamina has not been good since my late 20's.  I cannot do heat at all.  I do have a poor balance that comes and goes.  Vertigo and middle ear issues started in my 20's.  Weakness (muscles not performing as well has become noticeable in the last 10 years - to me, but I'm sure everyone around me thinks I'm just being lazy and don't want to carry things.)
Sensory: pins and needles, abnormality of taste, reduced sensation of touch, or uncomfortable tingling and burning
I have had the pins and needles but it's not a common thing so I would say no to that.  However my limbs are quick to go to sleep on me at night now if they have the slightest pressure on them especially my arms.  Abnormality of taste - only recently have some things tasted like metal but for the most part that is normal. Sensation of touch I think is the same - not much uncomfortable tingling unless it's at night and I lay on an arm.  Burning - not often - but I did have that sensation last night in my lower back and hip area - along with some pain there.  
Urinary: excessive urination at night, leaking of urine, persistent urge to urinate, or urinary retention
 (TMI)   That is common in women my age.  
Visual: blurred vision, double vision, or vision loss
I have had vision problems some - esp in the mornings - but nothing uncommon shows up at the eye doc.  I've been unable to explain it and gave up.  Most of the time I can see what I'm doing so I don't worry about it.  But sometimes the eyes jump slightly and sometimes I blink a few times and it's ok.
Sexual: erectile dysfunction or sexual dysfunction
(TMI) But No problem stemming from this.
Mood: anxiety or mood swings
I wonder if George would want to answer that one. lol
Speech: slurred speech or impaired voice
Yes, at times it seems like my mouth is thick and won't say words like they are supposed to be said.  Rare but with coffee or a coke - I can shake that off.
Also common: constipation, depression, difficulty swallowing, difficulty thinking and understanding, flare, headache, heavy legs, numbness of face, rapid involuntary eye movement, sleep deprivation, tongue numbness, or difficulty raising the foot
(TMI) Constipation - yes - gotta keep that fiber going or diverticulitis will move in quickly, depression - not so much b/c we have a great life and I have good support and love and blogs and books and doggies, difficulty swallowing - I have had a few episodes of that and it's scary - only two episodes I think.  Difficulty thinking - oh yes but eating fish and caffiene help.  Difficulty understanding - oh yes - i have to focus a little more and have noticed that others understand things more quickly than I do now.  I'm much slower mentally than I used to be but I'm older. I don't know what they mean by flare.  Headaches - having head pain more frequently - in my right temple - sometimes the left.  Rapid involuntary eye movement - yes.  Sleep deprivation - yes but I don't attribute that to anything but me wanting to have some time to myself.  Tongue numbness - no.  Difficulty raising the foot - no.   
So - as you can see - some of the symptoms are there but not overwhelmingly so and some of those same symptoms go along with getting older anyway, or with other conditions.  But it does make you wonder sometime. 

But there ya have it.  So I don't know.  I think I'm just very tired and getting old.  lol  But I know that right now I need rest and I'm moving pretty slow! 

Well, I'm gone for now - over and out. 

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Snuggly Dogs and Overslept!

Roger looked so comfy last night.  And so did Tugie.  We watched our show "Better Late than Never".  Love it!  Love to laugh and they make me laugh before it ever gets started.  

Maisy happy and comfy too.  

We told her that Findlay was going to come and join our household last night for a while.  

Well, I overslept by an hour b/c I hit the off button instead of snooze on my phone.  Oh well.  I'm sure I needed it.  

Yesterday was a great day for the most part. 

I ran across this meme this morning and thought it was so funny.  I guess there have been times in my life through the years that I've had to deal with an adult acting like a child.  And if you can remain calm and think of these kinds of things that you would like to say but don't.  It really helps.  Then you can giggle when it is over and say "bless their heart".   

I will say that for the most part, I am lucky.  It is rare that I have to deal with childish behavior.  And that is a good thing!  Sadly some relatives act like children - I guess there are people every where that act that way from time to time.  Even myself.  Hey I like a good Happy Meal.  I do.  I love it when I'm rewarded for my childish behavior too, then I get another Happy Meal, eh?  ;-)

Ok enough sillyness - I gotta get going.  I overslept this morning and shouldn't be blogging but you know what?  I think there is more than one of us in the world that likes to get their way and I wanted to blog this morning - so I did!  Happy Meals for all! 

Ya'll have a grrrreat day! 

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Reading and Sister Wives

George put a lottery scratch off ticket in my stocking.  I won a free ticket.  Then with my free ticket I won $5.  But while looking at the lottery ticket in front of the cherub, I had to laugh noticing the little cherubs face.  Almost looks like an eye roll.  lol

I think the cherubs are cute for Valentine's decor.  And I never really thought of it til this year.

Well Monday went very quickly.  I think it was somewhat under control.  It was a rainy Monday.
I passed George on the interstate on the way home and honked, lol.  Since I was beating him, he went on to see Granny Jan and I took the dogs out and fed them, then worked on laundry a bit.

I never got the ironing done and prepped for this week's clothes, but that is how I had time to do so many other things this past weekend.  I did count and I had 3 days of pants to wear before having to iron.  I could probably dig back further and find another pair in there somewhere.  I'm missing a pair of pants too that I've not seen lately.  And those I don't have to iron - so if I can find those I'll make it through the week and then have an ironing fest on Saturday - lol.

It felt so good to be home last night - not that the day was bad or anything, I just had a really strong desire to be home.  I sat under a quilt and read in my books for a chunk of the night.  Then began watching sister wives and fell asleep in the last fifteen minutes or so.  I doubt I will go back and watch it - too much trouble to have to find the spot, lol.
It's not their fault. They are very interesting.  It's b/c I get up at the crack of the owl hoot at 4 a.m.  lol

I've tried to decide what makes me watch sister wives.  Well, at first I was just curious to see how such a thing could exist (polygamy) and to figure out how they were not being arrested.  Then I realized how they were doing it  - they were only legally married to one.   But then I was curious how the wives got along and how this possibly could work having so many women in a family.  As I've always said, I like to watch social interaction and analyze it. They are no longer under one roof which seems like that would make it easier as they each have their domain.  After watching them for a while I began to realize that I really have come to like the persona's of each of the wives.  So when they are not on, I actually miss hearing from them.  lol  They each are very different, but each inspiring in their own way.  No not b/c they are sister wives, just because they are people.  You want them to succeed, be happy, and have their dreams met.  You see how much they love their family and their extended family.  Anyway, they were on my mind this morning since I fell asleep.  Do you all watch the show?

Back to the books - I am nearing the end of one of the books and will be so glad to finish another off so the other 4 will go faster.  I just have been reading too many at once to make progress.  But my goal is to finish another two by end of March.  Some can read a book in a day or two - but my problem is that I have no time to read.  Get ready for work, pack for the work day, commute to work, actually work, commute home from work, do laundry so I have clean clothes for work, eat so I can have stamina to work, watch a show with George, fall asleep b/c I've been at work all day, sleep in bed so I can feel good for work, get up long before the sun's up so I can get ready for work again, blog trying to ignore work, and then it all starts over again until the weekend when I can get up and do laundry and iron for work, go to the grocery so I have things to take to work to eat, and then rest so I can feel good next week for work.  Sad state of existence huh?  lol  Well maybe it's not quite that bad but sometimes it feels like it.  Regardless, there is little time for reading with our schedule.  So reading felt good last night.  I'm sooo ready to have a different line up of books.  These are all ok reads, but they are not over the top, for sure.  I'm determined to finish when I can get some time!  lol

Anyway, I'm going to go and get off of here so I can - do what?  Get ready for work.  lol  But not before I get another cup of coffee.  My yawns are quite big this morning!

Monday, January 22, 2018

Organizing Day!

Yesterday was a day of organization.  January days are good for that.  I guess it's part of the "after Christmas" rush and finding homes for new gifts and also making room for our Katebug to live with us a few months til she joins Cody in Texas.   And with our Christmas with friends Saturday - we loved the two new sets of glasses so much we made room in our every day glasses shelf for them.  

The ones on the left are glasses that have recipes on them.  Each glass has its own liquor:  Rum, Vodka, Gin, and Whiskey I think.  Since there are 4 sides to each glass, there is a recipe for each side on making cocktails.  And the set of glasses on the right are really nice gold trimmed whiskey sipping glasses.  I'll be drinking my ice tea out of that one or perhaps a Manhattan!  

So that made us go through all the shelves of glasses in which we had a rediculous amount of glasses - and many we never used.  George took some really nice crystal wine glasses downstairs.  I will save them for Kate, or for our use if we have a big party here.  I end up using Nanny's really tall wine glasses instead of the little short ones I have.  We have two really nice sets of crystal red wine glasses as well.  George and I have a thing about "glasses".  We love them and have collected them through the years.  We love our new ones and did not have anything like either of those.

After starting laundry and cleaning the china up from the night before and drying all that, we set in about the glasses and then got into various other projects.  One of my projects and an item on the winter bucket list, was to line the bathroom drawers (and get rid of stuff).  So I needed to reorganize and get ready for Katy anyway so she has some room in the bathroom.  She and I will be sharing a bathroom.

I bought these fun little storage bins on amazon.  They fold up entirely and are lined with plastic on the inside and it's canvas on the outside.  I think it is meant for a baby's nursery, lol.  But I loved them for our use in the bathroom while she is here.  We each get two.  

We each get a green one and a blue one.  So I texted her w/o telling her what it was...
"pine trees or porcupines?" and "whales or polar bears?".  

She answered back with an "lol" and gave me her choices.  

She picked pine trees and polar bears so I have the whales and the porcupines.  lol, lol, lol

So George still had stuff in the left drawer of that bathroom and he cleaned it out.  He also had stuff still under the left sink (imagine that).  I hadn't fussed since I hadn't really needed that space, but he has his own bathroom now off of our bedroom.  So we made all kinds of bathroom space for Katy.  I told her that later on the phone yesterday and she said "yay, that is more space than I've had here".  They didn't have a lot of room in the bathroom at that house.  So the drawers are lined with pretty paper now and she has room.

But here is the idea of the storage bins.  I already have my stuff in them.  Makeup in one and hair spray and facial stuff in the other.  It's a way to keep it all on the counter top w/o looking cluttered.

So George plugged up a flat screen TV in our old bedroom for Katy so she'll have something to watch.  It's a bigger TV than the old chunky one that is in there.  

I have to laugh remembering something said at our party the other night.  I told Lisa that George has been looking at the new TV's.  I told her that it was so old that Roku won't even hook up to it.  (It is, sadly).  She was taking a swig of her wine and nearly busted out laughing.  She had to hold her mouth til she could swallow and then laugh out loud.  

My sister gave us a Roku and George bought a cord at Walmart but it was the wrong cord so he ordered one on the internet and it was too - it just didn't work.  So he hooked it up in our bedroom.  We have a nice flat screen in the bedroom.  None of our TV's are smart though I don't think.  

Anyway, I've not had a chance to play with it, b/c I'm usually in the den when I'm watching TV.  But I'm sure we'll use it in here once we get a new TV.   

So then we started on the freezer b/c it was just impossible and horribly organized.  It doesn't look all that neat below but you should have seen it before...

I claimed the top shelf for my lunches or anything that I plan on cooking with.  The 2nd shelf contains all of the ice molds and some chilled beer glasses.  The third shelf is some overflow of the Omaha Steaks and some meat for spaghetti that I need to use.  

The bottom shelf has some ice paks and some alcoholic coolers - freezies that we just have not used.  I am not even sure how old they are.  George seems to think they would still be ok.

The left side (the door) has all kinds of ice paks for our lunch boxes.  Then there are the frozen moose cups that I made from leftover pie filling from Christmas.  George said they are really good.  But they are also really sweet so I've avoided them.  That last shelf you see is all my frozen fruit for smoothies.  I guess I had more than I thought. 

Anyway, I think the last section wasn't shown and had frozen fruit juices in it.  Anyway we can find things in it now and it's so much nicer!

WE DO need to clean out the fridge itself though before Katy comes but we may not have time.  When all three of us are cooking or have stuff in there it gets really packed.  We have an extra dorm fridge downstairs.  We may consider moving it up!  

Well, I placed an order for a cookbook holder for the kitchen counter.  It's one that will fold up if it's not needed.  I was going to use Christmas money but George said don't worry about it.  

After all that we did moving things around and such, I became really tired and about 5:00 went to bed for about an hour and a half.  

My arm began hurting again - I guess just from using it all day long.  I told Lisa she was going to have to come back.  Anyway, George gave me a massage later in my shoulders and back to help relax the tension.  And I've tried to do some relaxation exercises.  I spend much of my day hunched over the computer both at home and at work, so she thinks that the tension is building up in my neck and shoulders and that is impacting downward to the muscles in my arms - or making them easily strained as they are not getting stretched or exercised.  She could feel the inflammation in there and said it needed to be worked out.  Unfortunately it can get worked out but then it goes back.  I told Lisa she needs to come back and she said "well you know real therapy is in sessions". lol  

I have decided to order the Magnolia Magazine (Joanna Gaines magazine) - I will enjoy it.  And I'm going to get two years worth for $20.  I want to support her and Katy and I will enjoy it.  I need to get it in the mail so I can get the issues going while she is here. 

So while I was cleaning, I had a little crying spell - just thinking about Katy and Cody leaving for Texas.  I'm happy for them - I am.  But it's not going to be the same.  We won't get to see them and go out to eat or get girly pedicures or go shopping.  We can talk on the phone a lot or skype or facetime but it's getting closer.  I'm happy for them but I'm really sad for us!  

Lisa and I shed a few tears together talking about it the day before.  Her daughter is going to be going to CA with her nursing career.  Mine is moving, and we have a friend whose daughters are moving out or moving away and it's just hard.  But we are lucky to have had all the time with our Kate that we have had through the years.  We have had a lot of fun.  Yeah she can come back.  But we are aging and getting older and while life is not done with us just yet - over the next few years we will be slowing down the pace, health will likely decline according to statistics for those who think I'm being pessimistic, lol.  So all that was hitting me yesterday.  And it's all ok.  It's just a matter of coming to terms with it all. 

Well, I'm going to go get ready for work.  I wasn't going to blog this morning so I could go in early, but geez - this is really my only down time of the day that is truly mine.  Work can wait.  It gets enough of my time anyway.  I don't get enough me time.  

Well, ya'll have a great Monday.