Tuesday, January 16, 2018

A Strange Mix of a Day

I have a friend at work that leaves me a little monthly devo book called "Journal" from her church b/c she knows that I like them.  The devo is a quick read and I start my day with them.  It seems at the beginning of the year, we clear the slate, and gear ourselves up for new goals, new lists, new attitude, new hopes, and a big ol' list of to do's to go along.  

We are quick to jump into all the tasks that will bring us our desires and the pot at the end of the rainbow.  And it's all good.  We need closure for the prior year and we need hopes and we keep on living strong when we feel needed and have a list a mile long to conquer for ourselves and those around us.  

But in the hopes, the desires, the lists of the new year, this devo reminded me that - we need to keep sight of "the ONE".  "He is the one that holds our future".  He sets our boundaries.  He opens our doors.  He most certainly places our feet.  And He's reminded us that we need to worry about today and let tomorrow worry about itself.  

So that was definitely a good one for me and it spoke to me yesterday.  Only a quick two minute devo or less - can mean the world to your day.  

I realized yesterday while backing out of the driveway that I failed to pack lunch (which meant grabbing something from the freezer).  It only served me well.  I refused to go get a burger.  I wanted a hot meal of veggies.  Does this mean I'm truly getting old?  Yes, I think so.  ha.  I ordered it on line.  I went ahead and registered for their on line club - not sure what the deal is but they will send me lunch deals in email I guess.  I just ordered it and went to pick it up.  Since it was sooo cold and tourist season not very active right now - this cracker barrel was not as packed as normal.  Also at 11 is when I like to eat.  And that is a good hour to beat everyone else.  lol  I brought it back to my desk to try and work on the K2 mountain of paperwork and eternity of emails.

I allowed myself the mac and cheese as a treat.  I ignored the fried okra b/c it's not like we do it at home anyway, and I didn't need it.  I've become quite fond of pintos.  I like the taste.  Only half of my pintos were ham.  I didn't really want all the ham hock in there, but - oh well - what beans there were, were good.  I inhaled this and - I also had another treat not shown.  A hot buttered homemade biscuit with blackberry jelly smeared all over it.  ;-)  Nothing gives you a smile like that and a push to conquer your corner of the world after a meal like that.  I enjoyed it so much.  Maybe I'll forget my lunch again soon.  

When I was leaving work yesterday, there were so many birds that I felt like I was in a scene from the Albert Hitchcock movie, "The Birds".  

My guess is that the birds are flying south in advance of this next cold spell of frigid air coming our way.  They were trying to find a place to set up for the night I suppose. 

At home, I fixed broccoli salad.  I had forgotten to get the green onions.  Oh well, it's still good.  
I used broccoli, bacon (used the already cooked kind since I worked all day), cranberries, and almond slivers.  You should add either red onion or green onions.  It really adds to the taste, but it was good w/o it.  You can put a number of things in instead of cranberries - some put raisins or other dried sweet fruits.  I don't like raisins.  But what makes it good, besides the bacon, is the dressing that goes over it which is what I use for slaw too.  Mayo, sugar, and white wine vinegar.  Mixed to taste.  mmmmmm.  

So George had emailed earlier in the day and had said that he would eat the leftover chicken and dumplins along with the broccoli salad.  So I was thinking good b/c I'm done with the chicken.  He often eats leftovers and I'll eat something else. 

So when I got home, George said "we would have the chicken and dumplins" and I said "oh I thought you were going to eat it".  He said "no I said we".  I had to pull open my emails and show him where he said "I can eat the chicken and dumplin's tonight".  What he meant was he was in the mood for US to eat it, but that is not what he said.  I'm laughing b/c all of our lives together he has corrected, bemoaned, and grumbled about my poor choice of words - I always called him off as being "lawyerlike" in conversation.  Sometimes I've told him I have to be careful of what words I use b/c he gets hung up on the words.  So I smiled a sly grin as he said "well I guess I'll have to be more careful with my actual words".  Well, I took him literally.   

Our communication problem usually is better with email b/c we can actually see what the words are, but if you type something different than you mean, it's hard to communicate correctly.  I think our communication problem stems from:

1.  The venus vs mars complex.  Which basically means that our genders make us think differently and our focus is different.
2.  We think the other will understand what we mean regardless of how little we indicate of what we are trying to say b/c we know each other so well.
3.  The fact that we have a tendency to think that others think like us.
4.  We are getting older and can no longer hear each other's voices at certain levels. 
5.  When you try to increase the volume so the other can hear the 2nd time it's often met with "well don't get mad".  And followed by "I'm not mad I'm just trying to repeat it louder so you can hear!" which is most likely followed by eye rolls, which then makes you end up mad anyway.
6.  The fact that both of us are basically spoiled and want our way and it's a chore to have to convince the other when you suddenly and surprisingly discover they were never on your plan all along.   Then we try to relive the string of conversations to figure out where the conversation breakdown occurred, which is exasperating.  Either words are put in each other's mouths or we truly forget what was actually said and spout off what we think we heard.  If it's in an email, you can prove it.
7.  We are both just busy with our own agendas and it's true that I don't listen like I should.  I multi-task.  But news flash here!  I'm not the only one that does that.  It irritates the fire out of me to be talking and have to follow someone around to be heard.  Usually I just quit talking b/c it's annoying and I just say "if you want to hear me you'll need to stay in the room while I'm talking and if you leave the room I'll know you are not interested."  Well?  Sometimes you have to set ground rules with another.  You know how you want to be treated so you have to let the person know right? 

Anyway I interrupted this blog entry to bring you a communication update on the Cox Household. 

So we had our discussion about WE vs I were going to eat the chicken and dumplin's.  We agreed on panini's.  I made those since I was already in the kitchen and they were club panini's of sorts.   I made them with roast beef, ham, and turkey and put swiss and cheddar on there.  And some bacon slices since I had that left over. Had mayo, mustard, and horseradish sauce.   Used the new George Foreman with the removable plates and that is working out great.  mmmmmm 

We watched a Soprano's show.  And then the Weather Channel about this next system that is coming through as I type.  1-3 inches today. 

I opened my Amazon order.  Received this yesterday.

I haven't used it yet obviously but it had great reviews.  I didn't get anything with flavor so it could be versatile.  I will use fruits and or the organic milks for flavors.  They come in strawberry, chocolate, or vanilla or plain.

George brought home the 19 Crimes wine yesterday.  We saw it all the time everywhere until we wanted to get some.  We heard they had talking labels.  I guess people bought them all at Christmas as gifts.  Who knows?  But George found one yesterday and brought it home.

I downloaded the app this morning.  I video's it on the iPad and posted it on Instagram.  I had to video with the iPad so that the iPhone could use the app itself to make it talk.  The app is called "Living Wine Labels".  Really very creepy how that works.  Go find me on Instagram @backporchwriter  ....and you can see it. What cracked me up is that the finger Nun was nearby.  Hilarious!

Is it me, or does the Finger Nun look like she has a Breathe Right strip on?  lol 
You can hit the "i" button when you are on the wine label app and it will give you more information on this particular criminal.  

Well, one wonders why we have a finger nun?  I really don't know.  It's something George had in his office I think.  I'll try to find out and do a blog entry on it.  lol  lol lol 

Well, I am watching the news to see how bad this is going to be.  It looks like that it is best just to work from home.  It's all kicking up here and snowing and could be an inch to 3 inches.  If I knew it would be an inch and headed out of the way quickly - I'd say the roads would be ok in a few - but it looks to be an ongoing event depending how fast it moves.  I think it's best to work from home.  I don't want to get stuck.  Not sure what George is doing yet.  

I had rather work AT work of course b/c it's normal and I have my printer.  It cripples me *some* to work here but it's better than none at all.  Again, I don't mind taking a vacay day and would prefer it personally.  But since I don't have an assistant right now and I'm way behind on nearly everything - then my work NEEDS for me to work.  And I'm willing to work.  So I will work and set up here.  

I'm going to go get my stuff from the car and set up shop and take a shower and get started so I can keep the hiring going.  We will be in the 60's by the weekend.  Yay!  

Might make a soup later today.  Thinking a drunken kielbasa and veggie soup sounds good with kidney beans and whatever veggies I can find and throw in. 

And that is it for the day...what a strange mix of a day.  Every day is an adventure in my world for sure.  lol

Ya'll take care.  


  1. I agree that every day is an adventure. We never know exactly what but always something new. Hopefully something we can enjoy. This weather has made for a lot of snow days here especially for the kids in school. They were off a whole week after their Christmas break was over. Most of the snow today is going south of us, but to be sure we already have plenty. That soup sounds interesting. You'll have to let us know how to make it. Stay warm and keep safe !

  2. your lunch from cracker barrel and your panini's looked yummy. hope you stay home. three inches of snow is nothing to mess with. i think miscommunication happens because often times we hear what we want to hear. so having proof is a good thing. my problem is my husband doesn't send me emails. LOL

  3. It is comforting to read scripture or a devotional. Your cracker barrel meal looks good. I think the protein shakes will help you. I know I don't get all the vegetables I should but the protein shakes fill me up and seem to help with energy. Your husband sounds like he is bossy. The older they get the more bossy they get.I have to put mine in his place sometimes. I have to remind him I am my own person and have my own ideas about what I want or need. Stay warm and safe.

  4. I did laugh at you and Georges conversations...it happens to us all I'm sure. As you know I mention Peter quite a lot, he is just a very good neighbour who does everything I might need doing, he does all the shopping, drives my cat if we are going any distance etc etc..he pops in after work every day and has a coffee but Tuesday's and Thursday's I make dinner for him and on Fridays he picks up fish n chips...anyway we have the same communication probs..he is forever picking me up on things I'm supposed to have said...I didn't think I had said ...whatever ....in the end I usually laugh it of..only occasionally I stick to my guns, but they don't like it do they LOL.....I hope you did manage to get enough work done yesterday from home....hope today is better. We had a snow shower yesterday but it didn't lie today it's wall to wall sunshine. BUT BITTERLY COLD the forecast is for showers later which I think will be snow !! Take care enjoy your day xxx

  5. can't get your latest blog posting Frustrations, Technology, and Snow Days! to come up.


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