Thursday, January 4, 2018

Birthdayin' Over, Ending the Holiday Season!

Beautiful cake bought by my daughter for the evening.  It's so pretty.  Had a nice birthday.  We gathered after work, George, myself, Katy and Cody.  We did the gifts first and then we went out to eat at Hermitage Steak House.  It was a wonderful evening!  

Friends near and far sent texts, IM's thru F/B, posted on my wall and so forth.  That was fun to read up on those last night.  Hearing from so many you have known across your life, all in one day is truly special. 

My gift from George was the DNA testing kit from 23andMe - and I'm looking forward to it except for the saliva collection.  Just ewwwwwwwwwww! If I do this, then I will also do the along with it.  Katy says she is interested in all this as well.   

So, he also gave me snack mix, and more winter spice nut mix. and the very hard to find Orion Beer from Japan.  

So Katy gave me a Country Music Tour of the stars and a six pack of beers from Breweries around Nashville.  Well the tour - it's not booked yet but she is buying my ticket and we will all go - the tickets are a bit pricey.  She is very big on giving "experiences".  We have always said that we would like to go on a tour of the homes as we have no idea where a lot of the country music stars live.  We rarely do the touristy stuff.  So we are hoping to do this in January if we can before Cody heads to Texas but it may be just me and Katy and George if we can't work it out  It's hard for him to go in deer season on the weekends.  They will be moving too so my guess is that we'll end up doing it after he is gone due to the time crunches.  

I had to laugh as Katy and Cody came through the garage and basement up to the stairs to come in the house.  I overheard Katy say "this is why we can't store anything here".  lol lol lol.  Every time George and I get the basement thinned out and get rid of stuff - something else happens.  We have all kinds of stuff down there!  We will continue our efforts at getting rid of stuff.  We will need to set a night a week to go down there for an hour - and we get quite a bit done too.  But it's just too cold right now.   

We are blessed to have the basement.  It's where we have stuck our old sofa for the time being, and Granny's love seat sofa from her apartment.  And it goes on and on. 

Not a lot left to tell.  I am sleepy this morning - but I did sleep good last night.  

I'm ready for the cold spell to be over.  We warm up a bit on the weekend.  The good news is that we have been able to use the sun room as a refrigerator.  ha.  Just stick the beer, wine, cranberry juice out there.  That works.  

We ate well yesterday and I need to NOT eat much the rest of the week as the weigh in is Saturday.  My attitude yesterday was "it's my birthday, I'll eat it if I wanna", lol.  But today is NOT my birthday and so I must do something different.  It is most difficult for me these days to know what to do for lunch.  I need to eat at my desk or at least in the break room this week b/c it is so busy.  But I'm tired of frozen lunches, I don't want canned anything really, and I had a salad kit yesterday.  Soups are usually high in sodium.  I really wish I had someone to just take care of that for me.  To feed me well balanced meals.  Like at 11 someone drops in and brings me lunch.  lol   And someone brings me breakfast at 8 at my desk.  I'm usually not hungry til then.  And they stop by at 3 with coffee and a little tiny piece of chocolate.  lol  George takes care of me in the evening.  But oh wouldn't that be special!  I'm just too busy/tired to even try to think about what to take or eat. But when the time comes and I'm starving - I end up doing McDonald's as it's the only fast food around. 

 My birthday ended the official Cox Household holiday season.  Technically we have one more Christmas celebration with the Irelands.  We celebrate with them all year long truth be known.  Love them.  Miss them.  

Our focus now will be to get ready for Katy's coming to our house for a few months.  Not a lot to get ready for but I'll give her a couple of drawers here and there.  lol

Looking forward to the weekend.  I've done laundry at night but no folding so I will have to have a folding party soon.  Just no time.  Oh George also got me a Belk card and so did my SIL and BIL.  So Saturday I'll use my gift cards as we are going to be in Providence and getting our new cell phones, might spend my birthday and Christmas money too.  I need pants mainly. Possibly some shoes.  
Looking forward to that. 

Ok I really should goooo!  Have a good day!


  1. Sounds like a great birthday with some of it to still be celebrated. A tour like that would be fun. I no longer have a basement and I consider that a good thing. I kept way too much stuff when I used to have one. My sunporch here is like a deep freeze. With this cold now the door is stuck and I can hardly even open it. It's only good for use 3 months of the year and has no heat at all. We are to warm up some Sunday and everyone is ready and waiting for that. I used to have leftovers a lot for lunch so no problem there, you'll have to have George make a little extra so you can do that too. Have a great day. Tomorrow is Friday already!

  2. Happy Belated Birthday. The cake looks good.

  3. you'll love the dna kit. it's so exciting to see what you are made of and where you are from.


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