Saturday, January 6, 2018

Coldness, Tempestuous Food, and a Howling Session

Good morning!  Normally George and I like to have our "hibernation" January.  I guess we have some of that going on.  Not a lot of plans like we normally have.  And that is a good thing.  I have been tolerant of the cold weather.  But sometimes it is annoying.  Like when you get home and want to be done for the evening but you have to take dogs out and one wants to linger.  ::sigh::   I've noticed my thoughts going toward "enough already" - of putting on and taking off coats, sweaters, extra layers, scarves and so forth.  I have to wrap a scarf around my head and ears (I don't really do hats much) - b/c if I do not and the air hits my head - it's an instant cold or sinus thing.  My signature below freezing warming trend is to wear two scarves - one around my head and one around my neck securing the other one in place.  It's not a fashion trend by any means - so we'll stick with the warming trend.  Well, I am not sure you can even call it a trend.  I seem to be the only one with that going on.  I look like a middle easterner, bobble- headed, eskimo wannabe!

It's almost like God has sensed that we are beyond over it - and is sending us a 61 degree day in our extended forecast.  But before then we have an icy mix coming for tomorrow night.  Ironically it will be 41 during the day - always a bit of a warm up, if you can call it that, before the next system.

We were out in the wind/cold more than usually yesterday and it felt a bit warmer due to the sun shining so nice and bright.  It seemed I was just good into my day and it was time to go take George for the oral surgeon.  Turns out it would have been ok for him to drive, but  I guess they didn't know that for sure going in b/c the oral surgeon guy really hadn't seen the situation until yesterday.  But having been advised from the dentist, he went ahead and scheduled the consult and surgery on same day.  Well so of course the only spot to park is at the last lot - last row.  What a brisk walk in.
The way back seemed a bit better.  It was later and the sun was shining down and temp was up more.

George did fine with the surgery - so fine that the cold air is what gets most of the blog mention - lol.  We did have to go get his Rx filled so he would have pain meds incase the pain came when the anesthesia wore off. And the pharmacy said it would be 25 minutes.  Oh dear.  I was needing to get back to work.  I was planning on going thru Zaxby's and getting a chicken salad and eating it at my desk.

Well, George had to get liquids so we got the liquids went back to pharmacy - still not ready.  So we scooted thru the store looking at things mainly - like the clearance aisle, the frozen section and so forth.

Finally it was ready and I dropped him off at the house for an afternoon of recovery with his jello, soup, and Rx.  Zaxby's was about a mile on the other side of the interstate.  A quick look at the clock made me decide to just whip in Dairy Queen - although the thought of a Zaxby's salad had my mouth watering.  And a 2nd choice of Captain D's really sent me into an ecstasy of food thought.  But Captain D's is on the other side of the road and hard to get back to the interstate.  (Yes, I'm likely to be one of those - only makes right turns - gotta have a red-light - kind of person.)

So DQ it was.  I decided to order chicken tenders b/c it seemed like I'd had too much bread lately anyway.  I just wanted the chicken to dip in honey mustard and some unsweet tea.  Through the speakers I heard "would you like the value meal with that?"  "Well sure", I responded.  I mean who doesn't love a value and maybe I'd munch on a few fries.  It was probably cheaper than ordering separate.  Then I panicked when I heard the words "ok what kind of sundae would you like with that?"  My eyes were most likely big as saucers.

I responded with, "Sundae?".

"Yes ma'am, you get a Sundae with the value meal."

"Oh, well what flavors? I'm sorry I usually don't get sundaes."  I wanted to say "no value meal - then" but I would have been too embarrassed.  So the word "strawberry" leaped from mouth as fast as a snake could slither out of a rock on a sunny day!

And the strawberry-ness was really good as I've not had enough citrus and fruit lately.  I'm sure it had as much sugar in it to match, but I ate a strawberry sundae going down the interstate.  Don't worry I was able to hold it well.  And I ate the chicken tenders and dipped them in honey mustard next.   I was so full when I got to work.   I had a couple of fries too as I got out of the car woofing them down like no tomorrow.  After all I needed the energy.

So at 5:20 ish I got in the car.  As I slid in, I saw the DQ box of fries.  Hmmmm...cold as sliced uncooked hot dog straight from the refrigerated pouch, I ate everyone of those darn fries all the way home.  It mattered not that they were half frozen.

Guiltily, I pulled into the garage and threw away the evidence of lunch and my little tempestuous interstate snack. As I emerged from the basement stairs I was met with, "you hungry for some soup?"  Of course I didn't say no.  The thought of hot soup against my hoarsely throat sounded wonderful.

Yeah my birthday week/stress week weigh in is probably not going to be too successful this week.  lol

So today is the day that we go get our iphones and AT&T setting all set up.  George will get his own iphone!  He's been using a flip phone.   And I'll go to belk and use my gift cards.  And George WANTS TO LOOK AT TVs!  ;-)  He has been doing the research!  He's figured out what to do with our current TV.  He wants to put it in the basement.  But we already have one in the basement (lol) so I'm not all sure what is what, but he has some ideas.  And we are going to use a gift card for Penn Station.

Well, sounds like a fun day out - except that it is cold still.  Supposed to get around 31 I think.

Speaking of that I need to bounce around and get going and get my shower so we can head out.  Also have to stop and get Tugie's Rx.

So glad it is the weekend to relax and have fun.  Oh I guess I better do a phone back up and bring in all my photos before this big switcheroo!  Ya'll have a good day.

Oh one more thing - going to bed last night I began barking with Maisy as it makes her bark - at times she has almost gone into a howl.  Last night I howled and turned my head up to the ceiling as I did it.  She did the same!  We howled in unison together.  It was so funny.  I'm not sure what it means when dogs do that lonely howl, but I guess I need to look it up.  I hope it doesn't mean "let's mate".  buahhhahhhahhha!  But it did bring George running.

Ya'll have a good day!  Be sure and look up talking wine labels on google.  Stop and getcha some wine with talking labels!  It's going on my bucket list! ha.


  1. I worked at Dairy Queen when I was a teen. It was my first job. I got scolded for making the icecream cones too big. lol..I really loved making the sundaes the best. I am glad you got to have a treat. Everyone deserves one every now and again. I am trying to stay in where it is warm. So many are sick it seems. I know how it is being all wrapped up. It is so cold. Enjoy your weekend.

  2. I haven't been to DQ in ages. It used to be on my way home from work and I'd stop then. But haven't worked now 7 years. Seems impossible, but true. So cute with you and the dog...they do make life fun for sure !


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