Sunday, January 21, 2018

Dinner Party with Friends, Muscle Discoveries, and Update on Granny Jan

George and I had a nice little Saturday getting ready for our guests.  A nice warm 50's added to the charm of the day.  And although the sun was shining through my windows and made us feel really good, I had to lower the blinds so no one would see how dirty my windows are.  It's a chore I put off until never.  And with my arm being the way it is - George will have to help me do them really soon!   
Maisy, Tugie, and Roger loved having us home and millin' about the house.  Technically that term "milling about" means moving around with no purpose.   We definitely had a purpose though.  We were getting ready for company.  George stayed up til 1 before cooking the corn beef and all the sides.  He made some extra dishes for Juliana, who is vegetarian.  

I cleaned the house, worked on a bit of laundry as always, and then did a lot of chopping for the salad bar.  I was happy to find "The French cooking" music channel on Pandora.  Absolutely loved it and we played it all day and all night.  It was a perfect channel for company - having it in the background.  

George was agreeable this time for us all to sit around the table for dinner.   As always we had lots and lots of appetizers - some that Lisa brought and some that we made and some that Dillon and Amber brought.  

I bought the roses just for cheer - buying flowers during the winter was on my bucket list.  And perfect timing to use as centerpiece for the table.   I chose the wine below from my Christmas stash.

I used my "Winter Greetings" china.  And set a couple of cherubs on each end as Valentine's was approaching.  We had wrapped the gifts for Christmas during the holidays.  And so they have been waiting for our January event!

Here's a top view of the roses.  So pretty.  

 I had Babies Breath left over and stuck in a few places.

Tried out a new fragrance essential oil in the diffuser while cleaning.  It was a fresh scent, but not very strong.  I'd label it "pleasant".  Later I used my favorite - Lemongrass and Rosemary.

The salad bar:  

When having company - I mix a head of lettuce (iceberg) and spring mix together.  It makes a perfect fluffy and crisp salad to meet everyone's preference.  I had never sliced radishes before.  George said "the thinner the better" so I did. 

Years ago I insisted on having the Winter Greetings soup bowls.  But we normally use them for salads.

Anyway, I told George we were not washing the China and crystal last night.  We'll wash those today.  I was too tired after the party to do it.  Lisa had wanted to do it but I said "no we'll just wait.
So I'll be doing that this morning.  I am not sure if we are going to church today.  I'm fatigued as everything from the work week and from being on my feet yesterday and I'll need to be on my feet a good chunk of today.  I'm ok with a devo at home.  We'll see what George thinks.  We need to go, but I never get any rest.  It's always go go go.

We didn't really get the whole crew (the guys) but there is me, Juliana (Lisa's daughter), Amber (Dillon's wife - Dillon is Lisa's son), and Lisa.

We had a lovely time with our friends.  Laughing talking and catching up.  And eating.  Lots of eating.  Sharing our thoughts about our kids leaving town.  Juliana is going to California for her nursing career before long.  And of course our kids are moving to Texas.

I told Lisa about my arm.  I had forgotten that she was a physical therapist at one point.  After dinner, she took my arm and began working the muscle.  Wow, it made me feel better about my arm.  I was starting to get depressed - like thinking something was really wrong - all kinds of thoughts go through your head - like - that knot in my arm - is it cancer?  Am I getting ALS?  Do I have some other bad thing going on like MS? Fibromyalgia?   Well nothing is ruled out, I have had one of the doctors I've seen suspect Fibro.  But in just the short time that she stretched my muscles and spent time working the muscles that were connected to the muscle that was hurting - she found the real problem was stemming from my shoulder/neck area.  She said it was extremely tight.   She told me that I needed to do some gentle stretching exercises with my neck and shoulders to release the tension.  She said that being tense, will make it easier to pull a muscle.  I am amazed that she was able to work some of that out.  My goodness.  She explained what was going on.  She is good.  Wow.  Now my right arm feels better than my left.

I do sit hunched over a laptop and work most of the day.  So it's easy to get all tensed up.  I had no idea that it was spreading tension into my arm.  She stretched my arm (I told her I felt like my arm was longer, lol).  She could tell that there was a knot in there and there was inflammation.  She said although she is not a doctor it did not feel like a tumor.  There is a definite spot in there that hurts pretty bad when pushed.  It might be a slight tear, according to the doc.  But apparently it can heal.  So I see now why the exercises work.

Sybil had asked how George's Mom was doing.  Thanks for asking about her.  She seems to really like the new place (locked down advanced care for Alzheimer's patients).  It's apparent that she seems happy there. More so than the last place.  This place is smaller, fewer residents.  When we come in, she is all smiles instead of being disheveled.  She spends time "working" in her room - organizing things neatly in her drawers and rearranging her things.  She is happy to engage in conversation and becomes her old self when she is happy telling a story of her day - however, we cannot understand her.  She begins talking about something and her mind wanders within the sentence and so she ends the sentence talking about something else.  She forgets words and calls things "whatchamacallit's"  and often says "oh I can't think of it" --and I'm beginning to do that too so it scares me.

I smile and try to figure out and or guess what she is talking about but it doesn't matter - we are on to the next subject or thought.  But it's apparent the new place is where she needs to be.  Her face is less stressed, and she wears a smile more often.  I was absolutely amazed that she knew my name and said it w/o having been told.  It surprised George too.  Even a year ago she was saying "now who is she, is that your wife?  What is her name?"  So she remembered!  She remembers Suzie her daughter and talks about her a lot by name.  She "visits" with her Mom and Dad and with her husband though (who have already passed) and she tells us all about that.  So her mind is giving her some very sweet moments that she seems to treasure.  I guess that is all a good thing.

Well I need to get off.  George is up.  I need to see if we are going or staying.  I think if we are going it's almost too late now - not much time to get ready.  I really just need a day to catch up at home and recover my soul if I can get it.  Do a devo and get things done before the work week starts.

Ya'll have a good day!  Ok word is - devo at home.  He's tired too.  Ya'll be good.


  1. What a pretty table setting! sounds like a fun evening.

  2. We went through the same issues you and George are with His Mom. We learned to just agree with what she said because trying to correct her would upset her and then she would get all frazzled. They remember the past as present and never forget certain people. My mother in law also was in a lock down unit for her own safety. I pray for you, George and her, may she fine peace in life.

  3. what a lovely table setting. glad your friend worked on some of the kinks in your arm and it helped. good to hear georges mother is doing well at the new facility.

  4. Thanks for the update on Georges Mom, it is so sad that more and more people seem to be getting this awful illness. I as always keep you all in my prayers....your party went so well, It is lovely to have friends round after Christmas......hope today goes ok.mwe have had such an awfully wer weekend yesterday the rain started at 9.05 It never stopped till 6pm and that was real really heavy...dry today...I hope. Xx

  5. Your roses are beautiful and add a lot to your beautiful table. How great to have a friend that is a therapist. It does make a difference when you sit at a computer most of the day at work. I did that for many years before I retired. Got to stretch and move around every so often. Looks and sounds like you did have a wonderful visit with friends. It is also good to hear George's mom is doing well. That move was a perfect choice for her.


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