Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Graphics, Some BIG NEWS, and Birthdayin' Tonight

Good morning!  It's cold, but we don't have snow.  I DO see some on the radar but it doesn't look like it will hit us unless we get a small flurry. 

Sybil, I wanted to say that NOT ALL the graphics are mine.  We made them and shared them in my group.  The last group I was in, a couple to three years ago was not THE group though.  The main group I was in, was back during the AOL days when it was "COOL", and the graphic group was nice and friendly and welcoming and encouraging.  Most of my graphics come from that group of folk way back then.  Many of us had blogs and just wanted to swap graphics and learn.  Those that were leaders were some of the sweetest folks I've met on line.  So each graphic posted gives me memories of that time.  I loved opening my mail box to see what was in it.  But my family got mad b/c I spent so much time on my emails and blogging, and making graphics, and reading blogs.  It was addictive.  So - yeah, like the one above was not mine.  Mine usually have an SCox branding in the right or left corner.  Most of my blog toppers are mine though and I've not always signed off on the toppers since they have my blog name anyway.  The last graphic group I was in more recently (2-3 years ago), was disappointing, and not what I expected at all.  To keep from sinning, I won't say any more.  ;-)

So I have some news to share.  Katy and Cody have both given notice at their employers.  Cody will be starting again in Wild Life Management at the Ranch in Texas Feb 1.  The boss he had reported to has left and they asked Cody to take the job.  They have had over Thanksgiving/Christmas holidays to think about it.  They prayed about it.  And decided to make the adventure.  They felt it in their bones when they were out there last summer.  And then the job came open.  Katy is going to finish out the school year and join him at the end of May.  She will be going out there with him to get him set up and she will be seeing him on Spring break.  And then head out there when school is out. 

We've known about this and have prayed about it ourselves.  I cried actually - not meaning to with Kate on the phone one day.  I want them to have the adventure.  But I am going to miss her so much.  Both of them.  I guess we'll have to learn to skype.  Does anyone ever skype?  Is it easy?

So she will be staying with us from Feb to end of May.  Cody didn't want her staying by herself in the house they were in.  So we get her back.  lol  I've been teasing with Cody saying "you keep giving her back"! 

So - it's funny but George and I stretched out and moved things around since she left.  We took over her bedroom and she will take our old bedroom.  George's office is in there and my clothes are in there but it has the most comfy bed so she wants that room and I don't blame her.  It's definitely more comfy in there.  I told her I'd gather my things the night before so that will solve that and I won't wake her up getting dressed.  And George is not at that desk much.  His new music software is on there so he'll use it some when he can and will mostly just wait til May b/c we are going to enjoy her being back with us.  She promises to cook some.  I've asked for her Rotel chicken spaghetti.  We will get in some quality time before she goes.  I had to wait to announce on this blog - although I've given hints. 

So we will deal with their being gone.  It will be hard.  When we retire, or when they have grandkids,  or if one of us loses are jobs and we have to start over, we may move too.  But I don't know. It's hard to uproot. There's not much there.  We'll have to see.

And today is my birthday!  We get to go to one of my favorite places to eat tonight.  I don't think there is going to be a Smart TV for my birthday.  However, George said he DID want to research them as some new ones are coming out.  ;-)  He asked me what about the TV was important.

1.  Big Wide Screen
2.  HD - looks like  you are there! So pretty.
3.  Ability to stream easily
4.  Internet capable mainly for streaming purposes - like so we can see YouTube videos and such.

I guess those are the main things to me.  I told him I don't want to be browsing on the internet on it.  But there might be times you want to stream something from the internet.

Anyway - so no TV today. 

Ya'll take care.

Gotta go!


  1. Happy Birthday Sonya. I hope your day is blessed and joyful. It is so hard when the grown kids move away. I’m thrilled for Katy. I wish her safe travels and much happiness in TX.
    In Ohio last night it was 15 below zero. That’s the real temp, not the wind chill. Living our life right now is a bit difficult. Breaking loads of 100 yr old weather records.

  2. Happy, Happy Birthday! I hope your day is filled with love and laughter!
    Go for the 60in LG TV! Gorgeous.. all the bells and whistles and the best picture you can ask for. We love LG brand anything but the TVS are amazing!
    Rose :)

  3. Happy Birthday ! It's your day so enjoy it to the fullest ! It will be hard having them move so far away. Many of my children have done just that but we still keep closely in touch and visit when possible. Who knows what the future may bring? Here's to a happy birthday and a happy New Year !

  4. I totally understand how you feel. Both of my children live many miles away from me in different states. But Skyping is easy and you seem technically gifted anyways! Somehow we parents learn to adapt to having our dearly loved children so far away. Hugs to you.

  5. Happy Birthday to you!
    Enjoy YOUR day & life will take care of itself.

  6. Happy Birthday! Being in a different state than your loved one is hard. I know you will miss her. But I am sure she will be back sooner or later. I went to Sams and picked up some groceries and noticed they had three different Smart TVs displayed. We really enjoy ours. We got ours at Best Buy after lightening ran in our house and blew up two of our TV'S! We got a 60 inch. Which is plenty big enough for us. It is so cold here we may see snow. I hope it is not much. I like Spring and Summer. I hate the cold.

  7. skyping is easy and the next thing to being there. we do it all the time. i'm sure you'll have no problem with it.

  8. happy birthday to you and many more.


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