Monday, January 1, 2018

Last Quarter Bucket List Results, Weigh In, and Shopping On Line

Happy New Year to you!  Hope you had a wonderful NYE and hope you have a lovely day today. 
The day went faster than I had anticipated that it would.  I did gather all the Christmas Decor and get it ready for packing.  And today I *hope to* finish it and get it packed away.  I know George will wait anyway til the weather warms up a tad (above freezing anyway) to deal with taking the tree out the front door and putting in the basement through the garage.  Too cold now.  It's 7 degree's right now.  Going to be 22 today with a low of 4 tonight.  

George played with Alexa yesterday by asking her how cold it was across various cities north of us.  I just checked myself on Destin, FL south and it'll be 40 there today.  But there were negative temps across the north.  I think we will be hitting some record lows this week.  

I have posted our year end bucket list.  I will be making our new one today.  I've asked Katy to add in a few as she will be hanging out with us some in the next quarter - enough so that she will need to add a few in.  More on that later in the week. 

But as you see several things were marked off.  We had an amazingly fruitful last quarter.  Some things will be rolling over.  Surprisingly we never got to shop at Cool Springs.  Since Katy was there - I figured we would.  But that never worked out.  The iPhone was put off til after the first of the year.  I was ok with that.  We will be going to talk to AT&T on Saturday, looking at the plans, and then upgrading our coverage to add a line.  As you know, I'm wanting the X.  But have to be prepared to take a lesser one.  I have a 6 now.  Maybe 6S - I'm not quite sure.  Anyway I am like a kid in a candy store.  lol  Ok, I have a friend that always helps with my iphone choices/issues - lol.  It was suggested 8 + for me based on my desires, so I will go in with that in mind and George kinda wants an upgrade above what I have now (or he hints at it) so he's hoping there will be a buy one and get one free option.  I'm not sure that will happen.  lol  He was going to just take mine but we'll see.  

We never got to go visit Dillon and Amber out in Nolensville area.  We did see them but just didn't get to visit them at their new place. I never cleaned 3 windows.  Are you surprised?  Hasn't that been on my list for years?  lol  It needs to happen this year for sure.  They are filthy and it shows.  So I'll really try to do some of that this quarter on those weekend days where we have some time at home and it starts warming a bit.  You know we always have a 68 or 70 degree Feb day!  

And I never got those darn pansies planted.  Oh well.  We were just too busy.  It's like every year I wanted to plant tulip bulbs in October.  It's easy to put on the list but it never happened.  

Going to the Hockey Game didn't happen.  We tried a couple of times.  First of all we were too busy to work it in so the guys waited to try to work a game in after the first of the year.  They were surprised to find that ticket prices soared after the Predators wins last year.  Oh well.  That is ok.  We used to get free tickets every now and then but haven't really had a lot of tickets come our way in the last 5 years.  Sometimes we'd buy the cheap ones to go once a year, but we have not done that since we've been so busy otherwise.  I like to go once a year if I can but ok with not going if it's really expensive. 

I'm surprised we've not used the PF Changs card.  It's in West End.  We don't get over there too often.  But we'll need to try and go use the card - if only for a drink and a appetizer.  So it will roll over into the next quarter. 

We were going to hit the Brewery in Nolensville with Amber and Dillon so since we didn't get out that way, that never happened either. 

Christmas shopping in Cookeville was an idea George had.  I thought it was a reach.  But it's only an hour away and they had some cute shops and some nice restaurants - so it would have been something different.  Secretly I think he wanted to go to the winery there, lol.  But we never got there.  

And Yazoo.  I'm not sure why we have never gone to the Yazoo Brewery.  It must be small or in a bad location.  It never gets picked.  I'm not usually the one doing the picking either.  Unless it's on my birthday and I usually pick Czanne's. 

I think I hit all of the "undone" items here.   But for what we did all in one quarter and the fact we did a lot that was NOT on that list, is pretty amazing.  We are busy peoples.  No one can say that we did not choose to get out and live and experience life.  

Well, George and I have done our Wii Weigh in - in an effort to lose 20 lbs b/w us.  It's easy for a guy to lose weight, so I'm sure he'll have an edge.   It will cause me to think twice about that afternoon piece of chocolate choice (notice I said choice and not whether to have it or not, lol).  It'll make me think about calories more anyway.  I guess I'll download some app to track calories.  But the bad part is that I was going to fix sausage and biscuits for breakfast.  Should have done that yesterday before the weigh in.  lol

Well, maybe we can have that for dinner along with our black eye'd peas.  Ok we just discussed it.  We are having salmon for lunch on crackers.  For dinner we are having the black eye'd peas and cornbread.  And we decided to hold off on the sausage and biscuits and have that with eggs one night for dinner.  We will wait to til the new George Foreman grill comes in.  

So let me just insert here that I spent quite a bit of time yesterday afternoon shopping on line.  mmmm probably about a good 3 hours or so - lol.  I was really hoping to find some long sleeve tee's on sale that had a poly/blend as they last longer.  I am surprised that it was hard to find.  What I suspect is that those items are out there everywhere but not special and therefore does not get air time on websites.  It was hard to find what I was looking for.  I am still lacking one color.  I'd like to have a brown one or a mocha looking one.  I have a couple of wraps that I got for Christmas that calls for a good long sleeve or 3/4 sleeve tee under it.  I DID find a white one and ordered that.  I did find a Mauve one which I thought would be harder to find but yet, there it was!  Maybe I'll spot the brown one out somewhere - til then I think that the mauve and white one will work.  I have a short sleeve brown one and rust one - that I could use when it's not so cold.  These were pretty cheap but had good ratings and had a blend so hopefully won't shrink or lose their shape. 

I also ordered a George Foreman grill with removeable/washable plates.  We have a tiny one and it's a pain to clean.  So I have the removable plates and we will fix our sausage when that arrives.  The fat will drain off!  lol  Got a really good deal on the grill from Amazon.

So I ordered some shelves for the hallway storage closet.  And I ordered a miniature stainless steel counter top trash can for our k-cups (lol).  I'm not sure why I never thought of it before!  

So....I was able to get some reading done last night after the shopping and the eating!  

We had venison steaks.  George marinated it in buttermilk for about 5 hours and then Allegro for about 3 hours.  We had black eyed peas (a big bag soaked the night before) and cooked in the crock pot yesterday.  We have leftovers for today.  The hot buttered corn bread was so good.  It was also good IN THE black eyed peas.  The venison was good with Worcestershire sauce on it, or dipped in it.  

Well, I have tons of laundry, Christmas packing, and Bucket Listing to do!  Yee Haw!  
Ya'll have a superb New Year's Day.  Have you heard that what you do on New Year's Day, you do all year long?  

I'll be food planning, packing, and watching the weight I guess.  lol   Good thing I did the shopping yesterday.  Maybe I should plan us up a good trip today so we travel all year.  lol  
Well, I hear that a trip to Chicago COULD be up for grabs if Katy can watch the doggies for a long weekend.  George wants to see the Cubs play once in his lifetime.  I want to see the great lakes and experience some Chicago fun things to do.  I've only been through it on the interstate and in the airport.  And George says maybe a trip to Amelia Island in the fall, but then there could be a Texas trip in the future.  So who knows.  

But I do need to quit blogging and do something.  Happy New Year again to you!  What you doing today?


  1. Happy New Year to you!
    I know you will make the most of it.

  2. Well dearest Sonya, 2017 has gone 2018 has arrived. I wish you and George every blessing in the coming days weeks and months....continue to lean on our loving Father and you can't go wrong.........
    I went to bed last night about 11 I was so tired. Unfortunately just as the fireworks started so did the awful pain I get in my thigh hips and back I had to get out of bed and by hanging onto the walls make my way back to this sitting room where I sat on my chair till gone's really odd why the pain seems to start an hour after I go to bed, I don't think it can be the mattress as I bought a new one that was especially recommended by the Dr for people with bad backs hips etc...although I am taking 70gr of Morphine plus another nerve pain killer it dosnt seem to be helping, I think I might have to go back to Dr.......Today has been lovely Lyn had an open house buffet lunch from 2-3 I helped her by cooking lots of small...bites...I had got in the freezer shop and she came to collect them at 11.45 Mary and I took the rest over also a Christmas cake for afters. We took Masy over as well...Lyn said that as far as she was concerned Masy was the most important person there !! They really adore each other. It was nice to be with our neighbours I think 7 of us, the two men Peter and Rob were in good form and had us laughing at things that happen at ended around 3.15 but Mary Masy and I stayed on a wee while to have another cup of tea a lovely start to 2018 ....
    God bless you and all those you love or try to love throughout 2018. Xxx

  3. My hubby and I asked Alexa the same thing you did, temps from all over the country. disappointed it wasn't warmer in some places.

  4. What I did yesterday was cook dinner for some of my family and then have dinner and play card games after. Hey that wouldn't be a bad way to spend a year. The kids were great and cleaned up the dishes afterward too !


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