Monday, January 8, 2018

Monday's Thoughts

Well, I showered and ran out the door this morning in an effort to miss Trump and his road closure.  Where I work was about a mile (or less) from where he was I suppose.  On the way in, I heard it was going to be in the afternoon.  Oh well, I needed to go in early to get a handle on things, which I did quite nicely. 

So...Sunday was nice.  We went to church and it was good to sit still for a minute and hear what God needs us to hear.  And the Sunday School class was good as well.  Got to see Richard and Kathy.

The weather warmed to 39 or something to that effect.  Might have reached 40 but didn't feel like it. 
Church took minimal time yesterday as we came straight home and got into our "lists".  I felt accomplished.  The laundry was under control, kitchen under control, and I worked on my desk area and the book case area which gets a lot of things "sat" on it.  Most of which is my fault. 

I was able to read a bit and play a bit.  We had a fairly early dinner for us.  And at 7:30 ish - George and I were both so tired that we could not believe it was not after 9.  So we both went to bed.  I needed the sleep and so did he.  His fine from his oral surgery but I think just a lot of stuff is catching up to him - Christmas rush, his Mom, and that dental issue with his tooth.  So I think I slept about 9 hours.  He slept about 11.  lol

I have opened up my 23andme kit and am not pleased about having to do the spittal in a tube!  However I know my chromosomes (DNA) will not be read til I do.  I told George that I would wait til he was gone before I sat there and did that.  Oh grossness to the maximina! I think there are instructions on how to increase the liquids.  Sit and visualize a juicy steak and so forth, lol.  Wow.  Well I'll be sure to tell you all where all I'm from.  I'm anxious to see.  I figure I have some Irish in me and German.  But hey - I could be completely wrong.  It will be very interesting to see.  Have any of you ever looked up your ancestors on  The two together is supposed to really give you some info.  I am interested in all of it.  I'm surprised I've not done this before now but honestly - life gets so busy that there is not a lot of time to do research and such.  That is the main reason. 

Well we are into January already.  Katy is working on her resume for Texas.  She has connections as the ranch owners wife knows all the principals in the elementary schools.  She has asked Katy to send her resume down there.  She and Cody will be moving to Texas.  Cody by Feb 1 and she by end of May.  I think they will be in good hands down there on the ranch.  The owners have proven to be really nice to Cody and his wife reaching out to Katy is so sweet.  If they only knew how committed Katy and Cody are at life and responsibility.  Well I guess the ranch knows as they have asked Cody to come back.  We will be missing them tremendously but so glad that Katy gets to stay with us for a little while til school is out.  I think I posted all this on THIS blog!   Life moves so fast that sometimes I have to go back and see what I've posted.  And I forget too now.  It sux to get old.

Even though Katy will be gone I will expect to hear from her more often.  Otherwise I will worry the complete tart out of her.  lol  I love her, what can I say.  I will let her enjoy life but I want to hear what is going on once she gets out there.  And we'll always have to have a "trip" planned on the calendar at all times.  I think I'm like that anyway.  Right now there is no trip planned.  But it is in the works.  If G and I are to hit Chicago we will need to do it when she is here, but I'm not sure when we can go.  The timing is not real good.  I have open enrollment at work in April and May and that is when the Chicago Cubs will begin playing.  I'm not going with G unless he can see the Cubbies play.  So I'm not sure how we'll do it.  If we could go end of May that would be good for us but I think she'll be planning her escape to TX by then.  Just something to toss around after she gets here I guess.  It's possible we could do the 3rd week of May.  The first two weeks I'm catching up from open enrollment and fixing issues and usually the 3rd week trying to catch up.  lol I think we've always tried to take the last week of May for vacation b/c at that point I've needed it.  Well now that I think about it - Maybe it won't be such a big deal since I won't be gone a whole week.  He said just now we'd need to take Thurs, Fri, Sat, Sun, and Mon - works for me! 

George is up for planning this trip - already thinking about it.  I won't get excited about it til I see it work out.  He just told me he doesn't have to see the Cubs but he sure would want to.  He thinks he has someone that will arrange some tickets for us (vendor).

Well, I hear it's AL - GA game time - George is excited.  Soups on and it's game time and Zac Brown band didn't sound so good.  lol And we are about to watch.  I don't usually do sports but I would not dare ask to watch House Hunters or anything tonight.  lol

Talk to ya manana!


  1. ancestory is fun to do. you'll find out interesting things about your family for sure. glad you both got some extra sleep. texas will be an adventure for katy and cody. and you'll get used to it.

  2. I had my DNA test done 2 yrs ago and found out amazing things! It was fascinating to see the results. I’m sure you’ll love your results.

  3. One of my friends did that DNA thing and found she had Vikings in her background. She always thought German. It's very interesting. Glad you didn't have to worry on the traffic and were able to get in some good sleep too. Hope your Tuesday is a terrific one!


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