Sunday, January 7, 2018

New iPhones, Some Shopping, Some Eating, and Smoothies!

Supposed to warm up today to upper 30's or maybe low 40's but we have a wintry mix tonight.  And then tomorrow I will need to be at work early.  Trump is coming to town and he will be right across from my work and all the roads will be shut down.  I have too much to do to be late.  And not really hooked up yet enough to be able to work from home - and that is hard to do anyway - I like to be with all my "stuff" (printer, files, desk, etc.).    So I may not blog in the morning.  If not, that is why.  I do have to leverage any road conditions versus the time though.  I don't want to travel in icy conditions.  So we'll see what happens.   I also know that the roads have been severely brined (sp?) with the salt water, so I think we'll be ok since it's not expected to be a big event.

George and I enjoyed a lazy morning yesterday - reading mainly.  I did a little Tropical Farmville.  Before the lazy morning started, and before he was up, I took two of the dogs out, and fed them.  (Roger sleeps in with his beloved George, lol).   Then rebooted laundry, cleaned up kitchen (wasn't that bad) and rebooted dishwasher and put a few things up.  Loved that spurt of energy.

I blogged and he fixed us eggs. I downloaded all my photos.  I don't have them on the cloud since I always blog with most of them and so I transfer them almost daily to my PC.  The most important ones usually end up on social media somewhere too and on google.  And my PC (which is really a laptop) is also backed up to a back up drive, and supposedly to One Drive.  But I didn't want all the photos on the new phone b/c I was so attached to the photos I couldn't delete them.  This forces me to start over.  We showered and headed out around 10:15.  We went to AT&T first.

We were just elated that we got a deal.  Well, it could have been worse, let's say.  It was buy one get one free phone (we got the 8+), since we were adding a line.  And the guy brought out an iPad.  It was a $99 ipad if you put cell service on it.  The cell service was $10 a month.  George was all over that - I was surprised, but his current ipad is an old one that his friend Dean gave him.  He loves the ipad so it was a deal he couldn't give up.  He asked me if I wanted to do the same?  But I just got an ipad - I think the same one and paid what $400 or so for it?  George said I could have cell service on mine too but since we have unlimited data - it works best for me to just do a hotspot when I need it.  I just love the bigger screen of the 8 plus.  With our aging - ha -and my recent turn to a double nickel birthday - it really helps.

I was amazed that George let us do the unlimited data.  Then we never have to worry about it.  So you know what that means?  I can stream Pandora in my car and do things I used to have to worry about. lol

So I told George we could buy our cases somewhere else when the guy was not around.  He said "why would you? we are here."  Well ok.  The guy gave us 20% off for 3 accessories.  I told George he would want a phone charger.  So we bought that too.  Some of the items we had to pay for at that time.  The other items (phone) goes on the monthly billing.  A nice guy waited on us.  He reminds me of some of the sales folks that work for us.  I was thinking "hmmm, maybe we should snag this guy".

I thanked him for his patience.  He needed it with me.  I couldn't decide which case to get.  I tried one, then another, then liked the original.  He let me try them out on my phone.  lol  George got the big Defender Otterbox thing.  I got a more slim looking case from Tech21.  It is not quite as protective.  And we didn't get the insurance.  I'm usually pretty careful with mine.  And I went ahead and ordered a $9.99 case from iPhox this morning b/c they look like they may be running out or going out of business.  All were on sale and I really liked that style.  Now I have one to interchange with since I'll be having my phone for a while.  The iPhox is a booklet style of cover and it really is good at protecting it as it's completely covered.  I used birthday money to order it, some flowered desk folders for my files that sit around on the desk of our bookshelf all year with "things to be filed" in the basement (later).  I also ordered some flowered 4 pocket folders that have a snap cover on it - so documents don't fall out.  Those will be on my desk itself and will be things I'm working on or need to do.  (I just had a calling to try and make my desk neater and more organized at home.)  And while in there bought a cute flowery file organizer to hold my recipes that are laying around, that I want to try.  These things excite me.  I'll give George my birthday check from Mom to cash so Thanks Mom for my desk items and extra phone case cover!  ;-)

I feel bad we spent the $ on the case in the AT&T shop though, but I said yes b/c I had a vision that one of us would drop our phones before ever getting a case - and George is not used to carrying that type of phone - so I agreed.

Anyway, now we need to be cheap for a while I guess.  We have a freezer full of food and new phones and new ipads and new furniture, and books out the yazoo!  We should be good for a while.  And I get to decorate my little office/desk here in the den.  Oh I also ordered these little canvas bins for the bathroom (4 of them) so Katy and I can share a bathroom and put our stuff in them so it won't be all over the counter.  I need to clear a couple of drawers for her and give her the under the sink space.  So we each have our side of the bathroom.  We'll have to share the electrical outlet, lol.  She will be with us I think, for 4 months.

Anyway, back to the phones - I got off on a shopping tangent!   Anyway we then went to Penn Station to get a most awesome sub sandwich (heated) with a buy one get one free coupon.  And we got fresh squeezed lemonade which was very welcome.  I think both of us needed a citrus fix.  It had some sugar in it but it also had a lot of ice which made it not too sweet but just right.  I'll probably be going in there sometime just for their lemonade, lol.  Wish they had a drive thru.

Well, we then went to Belk and I bought some brown boots that I had not been able to find before Christmas and they have a good sole to them kinda like a snow boot but they will work from Nov to April just fine.  And they warm and felt so good on.  So that was bought by George and my SIL who gave me some gift cards to Belk.

And then I wanted to go to Kirkland's (to look for make up baskets for the counter, which I later found on Amazon this morning as mentioned).  But we had to get back to the vet to get Tugie's pills on this side of town.  Then we went to Kroger for a few things.

We got home just in time to get the dogs taken out and groceries put up and see the Titans play.  Can't believe they won.  ha.  Anyway I fixed a salad. It was a fried chicken salad with pecans taken from my Planter's spicy Winter mix, and blue cheese crumbles, and orange slices (no seeds) from the Haury and David fruit of the month pack that a vendor sent.   I had bought a package of chicken tenders that just had to be heated. I made a dressing up of olive oil, white wine vinegar, basil, and George's very own Bouquet Garni (which has a variety of spices akin to what we have ordered from Pensey Spices).  The dressing would have been better if I'd been able to find my dressing bottle.  It's in there somewhere but we were both ready to eat and gave up looking.  It may be in the back of the fridge, or pushed back in the cabinets.  Anyway, I made up a quick dressing and poured it over.  I was pleased that George said "this tastes as good as any restaurant's".  Well that is where I got my idea!

After dinner, and after the Titan's game, George fixed us a pear blueberry smoothie - yes there is such a thing.  We had a lot of pears left over from the Haury and David fruit of the month thing for last month.  So we wanted to use them up.  We STILL have some left so I imagine there will be another smoothie in our future.

I watched an instagram story of someone making a smoothie yesterday with greens.  It was layered as the following:

protein powder (I need to get some)
banana slices (1 banana)
strawberries (just a few) - looked like she had about 3 or 4 strawberries medium size halved.
a couple of tablespoons of greek yogurt
then spinach leaves on top

I have the Ninja system that came with two smoothie glasses that fit in the system so you can pour it in and blend it and then drink it out of the same cup.  Makes it easy to make two that way.

After that I pretty much fell asleep on the couch all wrapped up in a blanket.  It took all the effort I could muster to take dogs out and move to the bed.

We are going to church this morning, I think!  George is not up yet but we said we were going.  We had not been all of December b/c he was sick, then I was sick - then we had Granny issues and moving her, on top of the holiday thing trying to finish up and then actually doing the Christmassing and had a friend gathering here, and some travel to see my family and it became wild as the month went on.  Then the New Year holiday and church had reduced and changed the worship time anyway.  But all is back to "somewhat" normal if you can call our life normal, lol.

So we are supposed to head back today.  I'm looking forward to it but I'll admit that I'm looking forward to warmer weather at some point.  I like being cozy and inside and ok with the nights being chilly but I like my days at least in the 40's.  Usually our winter is like that and into the 50's but we always do have our cold spells during Jan and Feb.  It's just held on a bit longer than I thought.  lol  I'm trying not to complain.  But it gets old after a while and I'm starting to get mad and angry at having to bundle up and feel like a darn overstuffed human teddy bear that can't move it's arms.

Well, I guess that was a good day we had yesterday.  The house needs some attention and I should plan out my wardrobe for next week, but honestly I've been reaching in the closet for warmth and usually the warmer things don't have to be ironed - I've been wearing heavier sweatery like things.  Anything with any silky feel to it or anything business like - is just too cold feeling.  lol

Oh one more thing - I was really glad to see that the GB's was bigger on the ipone 8 plus.  I had a 32 and I think what we got was a 56.  So now I won't have to delete apps off my phone.  Plus my company got the newer outlook exchange so that when you delete off your computer it also deletes/syncs it through the cloud on your phone.  Yes!  That always took up most of my space - that and my photos.  So now I can have the apps on my phone without having to delete and re-add them as needed (the ones I used less often).

I think I need to get my FitBit bracelet back out.  Need to get into some steps and try to beat George at this diet thing. lol Ya'll take care.  Gotta go get a shower!


  1. The new phones really sound nice. They keep coming out with better and better features. Your chicken salad does sound good. I have leftover chicken in the freezer so maybe I'll make one for myself today. I do love lemonade and it does hit the spot. Even though it's cold, I feel dried out in the house and it's refreshing. I always try to get more vitamin C in the winter but most of the time I drink orange juice. Hope you have a wonderful Sunday !

  2. I'm just so,glad that you both got the new phones, hope you will both be happy and grateful to each other for having them, I know how much you like to keep up with the latest electronic things ! I'm a real,old stuff shirt...I am no good at change especially IT stuff..I really don't understand it at all....I keep trying to wonder how your Alexa works...I think I have to download music into it from somewhere ? Otherwise how could it play if I asked it to play a certain gender or something...or if I were to ask it to answer a question, where would it find the answer ?.....I think I will have to win the lottery. and have you come over as my I pad that would be such fun !!'s very cold here at the moment but nothing to what has been happening on your eastern the moment....well I am of to bed now, I must say I am real tired...much love always
    Sybil Sybil. Xxxxxx

  3. My lunch protein smoothies are my favourite thing especially as it has been super hot here - 100F plus most days.. Lately I have been freezing brewed coffee shots in a square ice cube tray and using one of those with 100mls of cold brewed coffee which I keep in the fridge, 1/2 frozen banana, 40g Whey Protein Isolate raw, not flavoured because they usually add fake sweetener to that ew!, 100mls of almond milk, a teaspoon of cocoa powder and a touch of cinnamon.. It is so easy and I love not having to think about what to have, because I always have this.

    In the winter last year I began adding protein to my lunchtime vegetable soup and it was amazing. It might not work so well in chunky soups, but it definitely works in soup the way I make it which is to use the thunderstick and whizz it up.

  4. Sounds like a packed weekend. I am looking for the phones I want
    To be on sale so I can justify the expense. Is your dressing maker like the one you gave me. I have used it already

  5. congrats on your new phones. we have the otterbox defender cases too. the bathroom bins sound like a good idea for you and katy.


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