Monday, January 22, 2018

Organizing Day!

Yesterday was a day of organization.  January days are good for that.  I guess it's part of the "after Christmas" rush and finding homes for new gifts and also making room for our Katebug to live with us a few months til she joins Cody in Texas.   And with our Christmas with friends Saturday - we loved the two new sets of glasses so much we made room in our every day glasses shelf for them.  

The ones on the left are glasses that have recipes on them.  Each glass has its own liquor:  Rum, Vodka, Gin, and Whiskey I think.  Since there are 4 sides to each glass, there is a recipe for each side on making cocktails.  And the set of glasses on the right are really nice gold trimmed whiskey sipping glasses.  I'll be drinking my ice tea out of that one or perhaps a Manhattan!  

So that made us go through all the shelves of glasses in which we had a rediculous amount of glasses - and many we never used.  George took some really nice crystal wine glasses downstairs.  I will save them for Kate, or for our use if we have a big party here.  I end up using Nanny's really tall wine glasses instead of the little short ones I have.  We have two really nice sets of crystal red wine glasses as well.  George and I have a thing about "glasses".  We love them and have collected them through the years.  We love our new ones and did not have anything like either of those.

After starting laundry and cleaning the china up from the night before and drying all that, we set in about the glasses and then got into various other projects.  One of my projects and an item on the winter bucket list, was to line the bathroom drawers (and get rid of stuff).  So I needed to reorganize and get ready for Katy anyway so she has some room in the bathroom.  She and I will be sharing a bathroom.

I bought these fun little storage bins on amazon.  They fold up entirely and are lined with plastic on the inside and it's canvas on the outside.  I think it is meant for a baby's nursery, lol.  But I loved them for our use in the bathroom while she is here.  We each get two.  

We each get a green one and a blue one.  So I texted her w/o telling her what it was...
"pine trees or porcupines?" and "whales or polar bears?".  

She answered back with an "lol" and gave me her choices.  

She picked pine trees and polar bears so I have the whales and the porcupines.  lol, lol, lol

So George still had stuff in the left drawer of that bathroom and he cleaned it out.  He also had stuff still under the left sink (imagine that).  I hadn't fussed since I hadn't really needed that space, but he has his own bathroom now off of our bedroom.  So we made all kinds of bathroom space for Katy.  I told her that later on the phone yesterday and she said "yay, that is more space than I've had here".  They didn't have a lot of room in the bathroom at that house.  So the drawers are lined with pretty paper now and she has room.

But here is the idea of the storage bins.  I already have my stuff in them.  Makeup in one and hair spray and facial stuff in the other.  It's a way to keep it all on the counter top w/o looking cluttered.

So George plugged up a flat screen TV in our old bedroom for Katy so she'll have something to watch.  It's a bigger TV than the old chunky one that is in there.  

I have to laugh remembering something said at our party the other night.  I told Lisa that George has been looking at the new TV's.  I told her that it was so old that Roku won't even hook up to it.  (It is, sadly).  She was taking a swig of her wine and nearly busted out laughing.  She had to hold her mouth til she could swallow and then laugh out loud.  

My sister gave us a Roku and George bought a cord at Walmart but it was the wrong cord so he ordered one on the internet and it was too - it just didn't work.  So he hooked it up in our bedroom.  We have a nice flat screen in the bedroom.  None of our TV's are smart though I don't think.  

Anyway, I've not had a chance to play with it, b/c I'm usually in the den when I'm watching TV.  But I'm sure we'll use it in here once we get a new TV.   

So then we started on the freezer b/c it was just impossible and horribly organized.  It doesn't look all that neat below but you should have seen it before...

I claimed the top shelf for my lunches or anything that I plan on cooking with.  The 2nd shelf contains all of the ice molds and some chilled beer glasses.  The third shelf is some overflow of the Omaha Steaks and some meat for spaghetti that I need to use.  

The bottom shelf has some ice paks and some alcoholic coolers - freezies that we just have not used.  I am not even sure how old they are.  George seems to think they would still be ok.

The left side (the door) has all kinds of ice paks for our lunch boxes.  Then there are the frozen moose cups that I made from leftover pie filling from Christmas.  George said they are really good.  But they are also really sweet so I've avoided them.  That last shelf you see is all my frozen fruit for smoothies.  I guess I had more than I thought. 

Anyway, I think the last section wasn't shown and had frozen fruit juices in it.  Anyway we can find things in it now and it's so much nicer!

WE DO need to clean out the fridge itself though before Katy comes but we may not have time.  When all three of us are cooking or have stuff in there it gets really packed.  We have an extra dorm fridge downstairs.  We may consider moving it up!  

Well, I placed an order for a cookbook holder for the kitchen counter.  It's one that will fold up if it's not needed.  I was going to use Christmas money but George said don't worry about it.  

After all that we did moving things around and such, I became really tired and about 5:00 went to bed for about an hour and a half.  

My arm began hurting again - I guess just from using it all day long.  I told Lisa she was going to have to come back.  Anyway, George gave me a massage later in my shoulders and back to help relax the tension.  And I've tried to do some relaxation exercises.  I spend much of my day hunched over the computer both at home and at work, so she thinks that the tension is building up in my neck and shoulders and that is impacting downward to the muscles in my arms - or making them easily strained as they are not getting stretched or exercised.  She could feel the inflammation in there and said it needed to be worked out.  Unfortunately it can get worked out but then it goes back.  I told Lisa she needs to come back and she said "well you know real therapy is in sessions". lol  

I have decided to order the Magnolia Magazine (Joanna Gaines magazine) - I will enjoy it.  And I'm going to get two years worth for $20.  I want to support her and Katy and I will enjoy it.  I need to get it in the mail so I can get the issues going while she is here. 

So while I was cleaning, I had a little crying spell - just thinking about Katy and Cody leaving for Texas.  I'm happy for them - I am.  But it's not going to be the same.  We won't get to see them and go out to eat or get girly pedicures or go shopping.  We can talk on the phone a lot or skype or facetime but it's getting closer.  I'm happy for them but I'm really sad for us!  

Lisa and I shed a few tears together talking about it the day before.  Her daughter is going to be going to CA with her nursing career.  Mine is moving, and we have a friend whose daughters are moving out or moving away and it's just hard.  But we are lucky to have had all the time with our Kate that we have had through the years.  We have had a lot of fun.  Yeah she can come back.  But we are aging and getting older and while life is not done with us just yet - over the next few years we will be slowing down the pace, health will likely decline according to statistics for those who think I'm being pessimistic, lol.  So all that was hitting me yesterday.  And it's all ok.  It's just a matter of coming to terms with it all. 

Well, I'm going to go get ready for work.  I wasn't going to blog this morning so I could go in early, but geez - this is really my only down time of the day that is truly mine.  Work can wait.  It gets enough of my time anyway.  I don't get enough me time.  

Well, ya'll have a great Monday.  


  1. I have just started doing some Pilates and Yoga. While I can now run 5km without stopping and run/walk 15km easily, what I did not have was core strength, so 2018 is the year of work on my muscles.

    I did a pilates and yoga class in 2016 and I was in pain for the next two weeks as muscles I did not even know I had screamed in agony. So this time I am starting out light and very basically. I have a yoga for dummies video which the girl on it reminds me of Marisa Tomei and I am enjoying that. I was even able to do a pose I never thought I could because she explains it step by step and takes me through how to get into each pose.

    She said a thing which resonates with something you have said here - that the modern world is built for hunching over, and this is why positions like the Cobra are good because we are bending in the other direction.

    I have always loved the Cobra, it is the one yoga position I understood right away and it stretches my back so wonderfully.

    A lot of people don't think yoga is much of a workout but I have to say having done it a few times now they are completely wrong! ;) Yes, it is not cardio and it is not running a 5km, but it is working deeper muscles that we don't always have a chance to work on.

    If you can work out which muscles you are having the problems with, you can google the muscle name and find a good stretch for them. I've done that quite often and it always helps. :)

  2. I could only wish I had the space you have to store things. My shelves are limited and the freezer is small. Still it's only me here so it should do. Nice you are making your daughter feel at home when she moves back for a short while. I'm sure she will really appreciate it. It is hard to have them move away. I still have a hard time with it some days. Hope you have a great start to week! It's to be in the 50's here but just for today.

  3. Those glasses do look so cute, I can just imagine you using are making everything so nice and tidy for Kate. There are bound to be days when you might clash, she is a married woman now Sonya, not the same wee girl she was when she left home all these months ago...I'm sure though you will make the most of your time together, you will fit in some fun days I'm,sure..I wonder how your day has been, hope the new assistant turns out much better than the last one....take care. God Bless. Xx

  4. looks like you have things organized. sorry to hear your arm still hurts. i know how much you'll miss katy when she's gone. skyping will take away some of that.

  5. So cute. I love the baskets. Sounds like fun having your daughter there to keep you company. I know what you mean about missing them when they move away. Things are never the same after they marry and move away. But they always call or come home. At least you still have your three little doggies. I would get mri to rule out other things on shoulder. It has hurt too long. Have you ever been checked for MS? I would get to the bottom of it. You take care of yourself..


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