Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Organizing My Home Desk Files and Petlink Won't Respond

I hate to bounce ahead, but after all it is to be 61 or so today.  It's just the warm up before another system (this time with snow) comes through.  I just couldn't resist posting flowers.   What a perfect photo for our current situation.  A coffee cup, and just a glimpse of spring.  I'm ok with winter but a little tired of coats and the air being so dry.  For some reason my nose keeps trying to stuff up.  And I'm having problems with my ears.  So something about winter this year has messed with my sinuses.   Maybe the vent filters need changing.  

Anyway not much happening but just work and come home and eat.  

My office (home) file folders came in.  I immediately set in to getting the area organized.  I went through stacks of papers and pulled out a lot for the filing cabinet downstairs.  I wish the filing cabinet was upstairs in a way but there is no where it would fit in.  So I separate it by category and I will file it when it gets warmer downstairs.  

I don't really have a lot of files that I need to keep up stairs but when I have projects going (someone's shower we are throwing, a dinner party, a trip we are planning) then I have somewhere to keep them that won't get lost in all the "to be filed" stuff that collects, or be laying on my small little desk cluttering it up and taking away my room.  So I have 'extra' file folders in the back that you can't see, but I can set one up easily if needed.  I used the blackboard labels and chalk pens (Amazon purchase, for not much at all) and I can reuse them hopefully.  

You all have heard me mention my "Magazine Project" or "making the magazines come alive".   As I read magazines, I turn the corners up on the pages that have something of interest.  It might be a website I want to visit for travel, or a blog, or a retail website that I'd like to check out.  It might be an idea - for decorating, organizing, or such.  Or it might be a recipe that really looks good.  So then those magazines with pages turned up collect in a basket beside my desk until it gets full. Then one day I'll go in and rip off the pages and put them in a huge oversized paper clip about the size of my pointer finger.  (One of the best things I ever bought were those huge paper clips.)   And then one day when I have a free afternoon after the laundry is done, the errands run, and the house is clean.....I can play.  I go through the magazine's torn out pages and look up these sites on the internet.  I save them in bookmarks or on my site. 

The recipes have become quite the problem though.  I've collected so many.  I would say about only 10 percent or less ever get "tried".  I just keep storing them in yet another "recipe keeper".  When looking for a recipe it is quite the challenge b/c I have several of these recipe keepers.  I used to copy the recipes onto recipe cards for keeping the box form - but those days ended about the time Katy was born.  George ended up doing a lot of the cooking anyway b/c he wanted to and enjoyed it more consistently than I did.  I like to cook but I have to be in the right mood.  It's hard for me to work all day and then come home and do a switcheroo in my mind to cook.  Some days though I look forward to it, most work days I want to collapse at days end and be served and not have to cook.  I'm so spoiled that George loves to do it.  

So I bought another recipe keeper, lol.  And so I have an HR folder there where I have housed some things I plan to read.  I have a Misc folder in there that has some account information I need. I have a "look up on the internet folder" for all those websites I want to check out. I have a "diet" folder that has the low fat diet my doc recommended and also a program Katy likes for losing weight and cleansing.  I have a pending folder for things I'm waiting on - like the stupid chip thing with Maisy.  Petlink (   They cashed our check to have her switched over to our name but I can't find out if it's actually been switched over.  They won't answer the emails nor the phones, but they sure cashed our check.  When I try to get on to see the information it tells me I'm not registered.  When I try to register it tells me I can't register b/c my email is not in their system, which tells me a lot right there.  I know it's only $19.99 or whatever, but it IS my dog now and I want her to show as such.  I'm not sure who to complain to.  I mean does the better business bereau still work and do businesses still take that seriously.  You can't get through on the phones and they won't answer the emails.  It's so frustrating.  But anyway - my files sure look better!

Here is the new little trash can that I bought for used k-cups, lol.  

Here is the area next to my desk where I blog every morning!  

Well, I guess I better go so I can get to work. 

Hope you all have a grand day and I'm going back for I think my 3rd cup of coffee.  Woah!  


  1. I do have some artificial Spring flowers and maybe it is time to get them out. As I put away Christmas I'm thinking it is definitely time toTHINK SPRING! Between flowers in February for Valentines and Daffodils in March I have plenty of spring things to get out and decorate the house with. I love how organized your desk is and that is something I need to do too. My file cabinet is directly across from my desk but somehow things rarely make it there. Your my inspiration to get this done! Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday! Over the Hump of the week we go...

  2. three cups of coffee. wow. no wonder you're organized. i save recipes too.

  3. Sorry I didn't get in last night. To read the latest news !..I'm glad you are still hoping to go to,Chicogo with George, it will be lovely just for the two of you to be together....just hope the dates will all work out. I have just been writing to my friend in Scotland trying to arrange a visit up to see them, she replied today so it looks like Peter and I will go up either just before or after Easter, I think after would be better as Easter is so early this year we will hardly be home from our South American cruise..think we arrive home 18/19 th March...
    I am pleased you found time to do a bit of a tidy up of your files, but take time love and don't be doing everything at once....night night for now. Xxxx


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