Saturday, January 20, 2018

Pre-Party Mode

Good morning!  We are in Pre Party mode here at our place.  The snows have come and gone, the temps are soaring into the 50's for the next two days.  We are ready to bring out the bikinis!  Well ok - not quite.  The week was interesting and a little challenging but another work week has come to an end and we are gearing up for our little Christmas party with our friends today - who are very much a part of our family.  The trees are up and the table looks like Valentine's but we'll be using my Christmas China just for fun since we'll be doing our present swap! 

Our company arrives today b/w 2 and 3.  We will do some appetizers and drinks and visit and gift swap and then we will set about for an early dinner of corned beef and all the veggies that go with that:  cabbage, carrots, turnips.  George is making a crock pot of black eyed peas.  And I am making a salad bar.  It turns out good to do that b/c some cannot have corn or anything with corn syrup and others are vegetarian, and some can't do dairy.  So I'll make up a dressing with no corn syrup as a choice. And will have a little are for all the salad toppings so folks can pick and choose.  Works great. I'm also going to make some tea the Charleston way:

Lisa and Don are bringing artichoke dip, salsa and a cake for dessert.  Lisa's cakes are always so good and not too sweet.  She does it right!  They are healthier than mine. 

So we have been to the store a lot in the evenings.  At Kroger for two nights in a row.  We also went for a beer tasting and to get beer for the party at the Mt. Juliet beer store.  There was a rep there doing the NOLA beers - a brewery from New Orleans.  We bought the last six pack of the favored flavor.  It's supposedly not easy to come by according to the email we received about it.  Meaning I guess it's not in stock there regularly at the store we go to.  

Anyway back home at almost eight we began a night of cooking and cleaning so we have less to do today.  Last night George cooked his stuff and I had bought flowers (some beautiful roses) and some babies breath that they had separate in a big batch.  I love to arrange flowers.  It makes a mess but it's fun.  I know nothing about it but just do my best.  I think I would like working in a flower shop.  ;-) 

I had extra babies breath left over so I found some mason jars and fixed up the sprigs in water in the jars and set them about the house.  Flowers and babies breath just make a room look better!  I'll get some pics later after the sun comes up and just before the party arrives.  

So I had to stop to do some laundry as we were running out of some towels.  I've not done a lot of laundry in the evenings this week.  What I did was like a bath mat, or a few easy loads.  Now I find myself out of jeans and low on towels.  So the jeans are washing this morning but I did the towels last night.  And opened all the Walmart boxes that came in late b/c of the snow.  

I took some stuff downstairs for storage and worked on the bathroom and put some things up - like lunch boxes and work bags and then it was time to eat our salad and rotisserie chicken and watch Better Late than Never. 

If you have not seen this show and can find it ON Demand  - watch it.  It's hilarious.  Henry Winkler, George Foreman, William Shatner, and Terry Bradshaw.   It's been a good show to watch this week.  I have needed the laughter.

So this morning, I have to do some chopping of all my salad ingredients, make some tea, make the dressing, dry my jeans, shower, and pick up around my desk, and sweep the floors and vacuum, pick up some shoes and things that are out of place, spruce up the dog beds, light some candles and then I think we'll be good. 

My arm has really been hurting me again - the right one.  We have been carrying groceries and I've been carrying heavy things this week.  So it's backfiring on me.  But my Icy Hot patches came in.  I've not had a lot of time to sit around and put ice on it.  I may take one of the inflammation pills.  It's like a Tylenol or something.  I need to do the exercises.  It really gets stiff and I want to hold it close to my body when it gets tired.  

Well, I better get off of here to do the private blog and update it as I've not updated in a while.  

Ya'll take care.   Going back for a 2nd cup of Joe!  After blogging the work begins again and we'll be partying by 2.  At our age partying means talking with friends over a drink or two and munching on an appetizer.  No wild parties here! 


  1. Happy Party Day! Believe it or not, they say we'll be close to 50 here on Monday. I know I'll feel better for sure ! Hope you have a great time with your friends!

  2. hope you enjoyed your party with your friends. nice you'll be using the christmas dishes. sorry to hear your arm is bothering you again.


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