Friday, January 19, 2018

Private Eyes....

Do you ever have a feeling that someone is watching you?  Have you ever had someone spy on you or you could feel their eyes on you.  Maybe it's not you that is being watched but..have  you ever had that feeling?

It's really kinda creepy.  In certain situations, I guess it is appropriate like at work if someone is trying to make sure you are doing what you are supposed to.  

But for the one who IS, that would be a problem, and a morale buster.  I mean who doesn't want to be trusted?  And it would be a disappointment if you thought someone didn't trust you if your heart was in the right place. 

Sometimes you see the same people in certain places over and over again.  Like clockwork - and you begin to figure it out.  That aha moment, and then you are left scratching your head and wondering what the heck...  is someone following me?

All I can say is I don't like it and it's weird if I think that people are watching ME! 

So I woke up singing Hall & Oate's Private Eyes. lol 

It keeps playing in my head!

I always tattle to God when things don't seem to go right, which is much of the time.  lol  He just tells me to keep on doing my thing and don't worry about it.  My ringtone is "Don't worry be happy."

Sometimes we are all curious peoples I think, me included.  So I guess it all boils down to that.  So people are peeking in.

This is probably good advice, and made me chuckle when I saw this below... I guess I never really thought of such as I'm too busy doing my own thing.   

This saying did hit me though, that not everyone is a fan of you, not everyone understands you, or trusts you, or even knows you ---so how could they possibly trust you.  Then there are those who don't like it when others are successful and try to bring the successful ones down.  I just can't think like that though, but I've been told to watch my back and not be so trustful of others.  I choose to just be myself.  It's too exhausting trying to be someone you are not or trying to fit everyone's mold.  It's just a waste of time.

I hate being a sensitive person as it drives me crazy for negativity to be around me b/c it is so catching - like when people are rude it first breaks my heart, then it makes me mad.  But I just let it go, blog about it (or conceal it in my psyche), park it and go on to the next thing.   Finding humor in the day certainly helps when you see all of life's little "are you kidding me?"  moments.

It seems every day has moments in it that make you go......

But really, it doesn't matter what any one else thinks, but what you think of yourself, and what God thinks of you.  He knows the number of hairs on your head, he takes care of the lilies in the field and the birds of the air.  He'll take care of us too and protect us from those that lurk or try to snatch the good away from our day.   Even though I'm sensitve and it impacts me more than the average person, I can just tattle to God and he makes it all peaceful again.  Not everyone's heart is in the right place, but if you lean on God, you can assure that your own is - even if someone mistreats you, follows your every move - God sees, God knows, and God deals the "karma" so we don't have to. 

His wings were made by God and he is a wonderfully made creature, and so are we!

And I must leave on that note.  I did the artwork this morning for the blog topper.  Just trying to capture moments and pets that seemed to say "love".  Didn't have a lot of time but that was the best I could do.  Gotta go!


  1. My what a strange feeling that must be. No I've never had that happen, but surely it would make one wonder...Hey it's Friday so celebrate the last day of this work week! The weekend cometh ! Yay!

  2. Well as I write this, thinking about the time difference I think your friends will have arrived and you will be on to your first drink !..I hope you all have a real lovely day. ..
    Night night. God Bless.....

  3. lots to think about in your blog today.


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