Monday, January 15, 2018

Productive but Somewhat Lazy Sunday

We had piled the blankets up in the middle of the sofa and Maisy enjoyed it as her perch over the weekend.  lol  

We did not go to church yesterday.  It's about 30 min away and many roads still icy - but mainly it was just COLD and we wanted to stay in.   We did have to venture out twice though.  Once for the store mid-day and then to the vet and while I did that George helped Paul to go through some guitars and get ready for sale, for a coworker that passed.  They are helping the daughter get them up to working order - tuned, strings, and so forth so they will bring the best they can.   

I did some devo's at home with You Version.   I also finished this book.  I enjoyed it very much and feel that it is a good souvenir book.  Also a good gift to give someone that wants to go but has never been.  

I was surprised to learn how "buffalo" got it's name.  One has to wonder if it weren't a Spanish twist to a french word? lol 

I also did not remember - or did not know that Folly Beach was the "Edge of America".  The locals refer to it as such.  However, I'm wondering if it really is - the furthermost point on the east coast.  I'll have to look at a map and see.  Don't have time this morning.

Ya'll will love this book if you have any slight interest in Charleston.  Getcha One!   So I've not ever fixed sweet tea like this.  But I'm going to try for the group we are having this weekend.  I may not put in quite as much sugar! 

So George moved the Christmas tree down to the basement.  And to do so has to take it out the front door, in the cold, down the sidewalk, and driveway and then into the garage/basement.  lol  I turned around while in the kitchen to see this as he was about to shut the doors to keep the dogs from going outside while he gets the tree out.

He has tried all of his life with me, to make me laugh.  I'm not one that laughs easily.  Well certain people can bring it out of me. I'd have to think about why some do and some don't.  I think it has to do with whether they laugh at me or not first.   It really bothers him that he can't make me laugh very often.  He cracks others up though.  But yesterday he did it, without even trying!  

And there is even more!  The hat he was wearing still had the tag on it.   Then after taking the pic, it looks like the hat is attached to the ceiling. lol  

On facebook everyone wanted to know why he was wearing the "band aid" on his nose!  
Well, it's a "breathe right strip".  Widens the nose canals so you can breathe better.  He usually sleeps with them.  One time he bought the wrong color.  You know black men like to have them a little darker.  Anyway, they work just as well, but the tone is a little off.  Either way they are hilarious.  Often he forgets that he has them on until looking in the mirror.  So I'm used to that.  But something about the whole ensamble just cracked me up.  I mean shorts and a coat and then the hat makes him look like a criminal.  Oh dear!  What a fashion statement!

So later in the day, after the store and after fixing my first smoothie with spinach I dropped George off at Paul's and took Tugie to the vet.   Here she was yesterday.  Still looking good.  My "one bow" girl.  I need to remove the one bow since she removed the other one.   

So we have another month of antibiotics and some "wipes" to wipe her xyz with.  lol  I swear they are "stridex pads" that I used to clean my face with as a teen.  They sure seem like it.  They are the same pads and smell the same.  They are just labeled differently.  lol  Anyway George does the pills and I do the wiping.  Yee ha - you never know what life will bring?  What we do for our pets to keep them healthy.  It is easier than I thought it would be. 

While at the vet - in the grassy area by the parking lot - Tugie pooped in six places by the signs that say "please clean up after  your pet".....just grrrrrreeeeaaat!  So I cleaned up six poop spots and at least they had the bags available. 

Anyway I was glad to get George picked up and back in the house.  George put the other shelf together for me for the hallway closet.  I had a little french basket rack of three layers holding lotions and perfume sprays.  But this is better use of the space.  Many of the lotions were old and I tossed quite a bit out.  It only took about an hour.  I made room for everything!  The little basket on the bottom right shelf holds all the soaps and shampoos from the hotels when I travel.  I usually keep some in my travel bag when we go places in case we need extra.  Some day when we are retired, I'll use all these up if they are still good, lol.  And won't have to buy soap for a long time.  Hotel soap is made to last forever, I've noticed, so  you don't have to ask for more.  Coast and the soap we buy in the retail grocer stores are made to use up fast so we buy more. ha. They didn't think anyone would notice!

Stole this pic from Katy.  They (TWRA) had a going away party for Cody last night.  So sad they are leaving us, and he is leaving TWRA, TN Wildlife Resource.  But he is going to manage the wild life on the ranch in TX.  The owners have a house on the property that is being remodeled (painted, TV, new appliances).  It will be finished mid-Feb.  Katy will go back on Spring Break but she will get to see the layout while there here in a couple of weeks.  Folks, there is no rent nor utilities for this house.  How lucky is that?

Their goal is pay off Cody's school loans and save for the future - for family and a house later on they want to build.  That is awesome that there is no rent.  And Katy does not have a job yet out there so she is going to finish out the school year, stay with us but will be trying to get on in Texas.  She has sent her resume to the ranch owners wife who knows the principals in the area.  Sweet!

So Cody will be taking a Uhaul out there with their stuff and Katy is going with him.  They have to store their things in the garage out there until the house is finished.  And Katy will see the layout and she will fly home.  Her flight is already booked. 

She has not booked spring break yet, but will do that soon.  Findlay, the dog will soon be a part of our household as well as Katy.  Should be some interesting times.  lol  The cat, Sterling will be going with them out there. 

So I had the smoothie yesterday with:

Greek Yogurt (small), half a banana, a mix of a few strawberries, blackberries, raspberries that were frozen, and then I filled the rest to the top with spinach.  It was not a lot of greens but it was a start. It was really good and it held me a long time. 

This morning I'm taking the other half of that banana which I froze, and will make a peanut butter and banana smoothie with the skim milk in cartons that I buy, and I froze some coffee like blogreader Snoksred (Not sure if I spelled it right) suggested.  She is from Australia I believe!  So I need to get all packed up for work.  I still have my work spread out on the dining table and the work laptop out. 

It's supposed to snow tonight and tomorrow again.  Oh my word.  Still not sure how I will handle.  I will look at the forecast again and decide.  I really don't think it'll do much but I am worried that the temps will plummet and the wetness will turn icy.  So - I'll decide by tonight or early morning what my plan will be.  Honestly the other day when I stayed home.  I got more work in than anyone as I worked about a 10.5 hour day - everyone else left at two.  I get less done if I actually go in.  I told George the last snow day that I gave an honest days work and he replied "and then some". 

He wanted me to play more but I had to work!  I did take a break to weigh in on the Wii at his urging.  And had lost a lb.  So that was good.

Well, better go make this smoothie and pack and get on the road.  Not sure what I want for lunch today.  Ugh.  Food just doesn't even sound good and I'm not sure why.  The smoothie sounds good but nothing else does.  Coffee tastes pretty good this morning.

Well ya'll be good and I'll hopefully be posting tomorrow what is going on with this latest storm system.  Grrr - I wish the weather would do this on the weekends only.  I know that it drives people nuts at work for us to be MIA.  It drives me crazy too.  But one thing is for dad gum sure - I will NOT drive in the mess.  So there's that.  If no one likes us working at home I'll take a vac day and happily so - it's always more fun to play.  But I do need to work and work needs me to work so hopefully all will cooperate, but I'm flexible.  Either way suits me fine.  I have no problem holing up for a day with a book in my hand if that suffices to meet what the needs are. ;-)

Oh and the day ended yesterday with George's homemade Chicken and Dumplin's - pretty good.

More tomorrow, Lord willing!



  1. Well I certainly got a good laugh with that picture of your man. Absolutely Hilarious ! Hope this new round of medication does the trick for your sweet Tugie. Your daughter and her hubby are on the verge of a new adventure for sure. It will be easier to save money living on the ranch and I've heard teachers are in demand in Texas so Katy shouldn't have a problem at all getting a job there for next year. We're getting more snow here too, but then I don't have to go out in it. You take care and do what you have to to be safe.

  2. your little dogs are so sweet. I hope the medicine helps your Tugie. Stay warm. Snow may come here too. I love to read and drink hot cocoa when it snows. I wondered what your husband had on his nose. He was a sight for sure. It is good to laugh.

  3. Yes, I am from Australia. You almost got it right, I find Snos-Kred is the easiest way to remember. It is the Norwegian word for Avalanche.

    My lunch smoothie has been what is for lunch for over a year now and I am still not tired of it. ;) I love that it takes having to think about lunch off my radar.

    In winter I did make some protein soup a few times, just by adding the whey protein isolate into soup after it was whizzed up by the blender. :)

  4. Poor Tugie! :(
    I hope she is ok. Our dog is getting up there. Her name is ShoShonie Louise and she is just precious just like all of our dogs!
    Hope she gets well soon!
    Rose :)

  5. poor tugie. hope she feels better soon. katy and cody look happy. lucky a house is available for them free of charge. george looks like he is ready for christmas tree moving barefoot and all.

  6. Morning, sorry I didn't get in yesterday to coment, I had a lot to do first thing..all to do with the new car which is not comfortable to's a long story but I got a good outcome in that Motability has agreed to cancel the lease and I can order another Puegot car like my previous one I never should have changed it in the first place......however back to you. I'm sorry you have so much trouble with space or the lack of it !! Like you I hate clutter, I can let it go so far and then I explode and start moving things...but what happens ?...they just get moved from one place to another LOL...I have only got the sitting room , kitchen, my bedroom, and the other room that is where things land..on the spare bed!!!...I hate going in there to be greeted by a bed with all sorts lying on just seems to go on and you are not The only one with that problem...I have to say I did laugh at the sight of George again like you I am not one that laughs very often, don't know why that is....just occasionally something seems to make me laugh that nobody else seems to see as funny!! We are so alike Sonya........meant to ask how is Georges Mother ? Must go now and get my day started, Mary will be over in about twenty minutes and I like a wee read before she does. I got a good book for my birthday from Lyn it's going to take a long long time read as it's quite a long book.....hope can stay at home again today. Take care. Xxxx


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