Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Reading and Sister Wives

George put a lottery scratch off ticket in my stocking.  I won a free ticket.  Then with my free ticket I won $5.  But while looking at the lottery ticket in front of the cherub, I had to laugh noticing the little cherubs face.  Almost looks like an eye roll.  lol

I think the cherubs are cute for Valentine's decor.  And I never really thought of it til this year.

Well Monday went very quickly.  I think it was somewhat under control.  It was a rainy Monday.
I passed George on the interstate on the way home and honked, lol.  Since I was beating him, he went on to see Granny Jan and I took the dogs out and fed them, then worked on laundry a bit.

I never got the ironing done and prepped for this week's clothes, but that is how I had time to do so many other things this past weekend.  I did count and I had 3 days of pants to wear before having to iron.  I could probably dig back further and find another pair in there somewhere.  I'm missing a pair of pants too that I've not seen lately.  And those I don't have to iron - so if I can find those I'll make it through the week and then have an ironing fest on Saturday - lol.

It felt so good to be home last night - not that the day was bad or anything, I just had a really strong desire to be home.  I sat under a quilt and read in my books for a chunk of the night.  Then began watching sister wives and fell asleep in the last fifteen minutes or so.  I doubt I will go back and watch it - too much trouble to have to find the spot, lol.
It's not their fault. They are very interesting.  It's b/c I get up at the crack of the owl hoot at 4 a.m.  lol

I've tried to decide what makes me watch sister wives.  Well, at first I was just curious to see how such a thing could exist (polygamy) and to figure out how they were not being arrested.  Then I realized how they were doing it  - they were only legally married to one.   But then I was curious how the wives got along and how this possibly could work having so many women in a family.  As I've always said, I like to watch social interaction and analyze it. They are no longer under one roof which seems like that would make it easier as they each have their domain.  After watching them for a while I began to realize that I really have come to like the persona's of each of the wives.  So when they are not on, I actually miss hearing from them.  lol  They each are very different, but each inspiring in their own way.  No not b/c they are sister wives, just because they are people.  You want them to succeed, be happy, and have their dreams met.  You see how much they love their family and their extended family.  Anyway, they were on my mind this morning since I fell asleep.  Do you all watch the show?

Back to the books - I am nearing the end of one of the books and will be so glad to finish another off so the other 4 will go faster.  I just have been reading too many at once to make progress.  But my goal is to finish another two by end of March.  Some can read a book in a day or two - but my problem is that I have no time to read.  Get ready for work, pack for the work day, commute to work, actually work, commute home from work, do laundry so I have clean clothes for work, eat so I can have stamina to work, watch a show with George, fall asleep b/c I've been at work all day, sleep in bed so I can feel good for work, get up long before the sun's up so I can get ready for work again, blog trying to ignore work, and then it all starts over again until the weekend when I can get up and do laundry and iron for work, go to the grocery so I have things to take to work to eat, and then rest so I can feel good next week for work.  Sad state of existence huh?  lol  Well maybe it's not quite that bad but sometimes it feels like it.  Regardless, there is little time for reading with our schedule.  So reading felt good last night.  I'm sooo ready to have a different line up of books.  These are all ok reads, but they are not over the top, for sure.  I'm determined to finish when I can get some time!  lol

Anyway, I'm going to go and get off of here so I can - do what?  Get ready for work.  lol  But not before I get another cup of coffee.  My yawns are quite big this morning!


  1. I'm always falling asleep before I see the end of a show on TV. Mostly I watch episodes on Netflix and usually they catch up at the beginning of a new one on what happened in the old one so I don't really miss out on too much. Because I'm by myself, most of my reading is done at meals and then at bedtime. I used to read at least 3 books a week, but these days am watching more TV. When I worked I never really had time to watch much TV and most good shows were on after my bed time. So most of the old shows are like new ones to me. I'd head for bed by 9 in order to get up early. Rainy day here today, better than snow for sure !

  2. I honestly don't know how you fit so much into your day. I certainly could not wake up at 4am and do a blog, all before going out to work a whole day...I usually get up any time after 6 usually I am washed etc and am sitting here watching BBC BREAKFAST It's a good show very much a news show...I am still half asleep unless something grabs my attention..I'm like that till around 7.30 when Masy wants out, I just need open the door keep an eye on her while she..performs!,,,then we come in and my day starts as I make my first cup of tea...by then you would almost be sitting at work....how you fit in at weekends is a miracle to me, I just love how you and George fit everything in....no wonder some days you don't know where you are or what your doing LOL. Take care. God Bless.

  3. I love to read too. I just watched the sister wives where the bride to be wanted 400 guest. And 10 tacos per guest. Who invites that many to a wedding? And who eats 10 tacos? I could not afford that many people. I like the wives too. But think he likes Robin the best. He is so goofy. I would not want that lifestyle but who am I to judge. It is their business and the kids seem to be taken care of. Not like those creepy people who were starving and torturing their kids. That is like a horror story. I could not even think such a thing would happen. But I know one thing if I was a neighbor I would have reported them. All kids play outside. And you would need so many groceries to feed so many. I am glad the one escaped and got help. It made me sick just reading about it.

  4. I was sure I added a coment last night before I went to bed, but reading it to Mary this morning I notice the coment I made ain't there ! So maybe I didn't...anyway hope yesterday went ok.....what have you planned to do this weekend ?...not too much I hope, then you can find time to finish of these books LOL....take care. God Bless. Xxx

  5. I enjoy watching sister wives. My Mom watched and got me started...ha. Hope you have a good day tomorrow. Take care, Sheila

  6. congrats on your lottery earnings. i don't know if it's my choice of books or what but i can't finish reading mine either.


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