Thursday, January 18, 2018

Retracting Words on Ineffeciency and Focusing on All Things Beautiful

I know some of  you tried to access yesterday's entry.  I removed it.  I was frustrated about not being able to get my work done at home in the a.m. yesterday and fussing about the connection and since it's a work computer and a work access point, I was afraid I'd get in trouble for mentioning it.  I know I know exactly what you are thinking.  I know I have a right in this country to say what I think or discuss work as long as it is not slandering anyone, or giving confidentiality, but we all know that even if your heart is in the right place - if you mention an inefficiency you can you can end up being considered the bad guy.  I'm not a bad guy.  And I'm not the problem. And I don't want to be treated like one.  So I deleted it. 

Sometimes it's better to wallow in inefficiency than to have to go through all that. I get caught up in caring too much and wanting things to work like they are supposed to.  The messenger often takes the bullet. I don't take it all back in my heart, as it did happen and you can't change facts, but yet I did take it back literally - literally lol.   So zip the words are gone. The situation isn't, but the words are.  Make sense? Now no one has to realize there is an issue and therefore no one has to deal with it which would come back on me somehow.  Now life can go on and I don't have to worry about it. And neither does anyone else. There is more to do in a day than have to worry about fixing inefficiencies that I point out.  Right? Right.  (Insert your favorite eye roll emoji here). lol

God wants us to think about things that are beautiful and good, and not things that frustrate us. This gets deep though b/c often my frustration comes about when I'm trying to accomplish wonderful things.  There is always something or someone rearing an ugly head of interference.  So....I'm posting these flowers today.  We need it.  For it's beauty and to think on good things.  Winter has been a pretty severe one for us folk in TN.  It could be worse, but for what we are used to - the cold air dredges on. 

I love the snow.  But honestly the snow days end up causing me more stress.  It makes it harder for me.  And I'll leave those words unsaid as well so that I don't careen off into another direction unintended.  And snow days for me if it falls on a work day - doesn't mean I'm off.  It does mean working in PJ's and that is the good part. You get your commute time back and you don't have to pack lunch and you can use that extra time to throw in laundry or take a pet out to pee an extra time. 

I would be a good stay at home and work person b/c I am disciplined.  But it's hard for me to do so b/c of all the files and paperwork. And it's probably good for my persona to get out in the world, b/c I could easily become a recluse of sorts.

Speaking of that - it's that exactly that I love about winter.  Our social life slows down some.  We get time in doors.  We get to read and play games.  I read several chapters last night and it soothed my soul.  I remember thinking "I am so content right now, this is what I live for".  Nothing makes me content than to be in a calm and cozy place, reading.

I read chapters from 4 of the five books I'm reading.  (Why I never finish them is b/c I have too many going).  But I like the variety.  A good fiction, a travel book, a biography, a history book.  Actually reading two fictions - but it's b/c I picked one as a beach book back last May as it was a paperback and I never finished it.  I only have a couple of chapters now.  I'm making progress in all of them.  I'd like to read at least a book a month if I can.

Last night I read to George about the submarine Hunley that sunk another sub in the Civil War in the Charleston Harbor.  I told George that the Hunley was lost and never found.  George said "when was that book written? Because they found it"! 

We looked it up!  They did find it.  Two months before we went to our trip last year.  We went in Oct and they found it in  Aug of 2017!  Oh my.  We took a harbor tour and went past Fort Sumter and  I don't remember them mentioning such a thing.  Of course we were so tired and I have a tendency to block out things if my mind is on something else. 

Well, back to flowers...I am going to get some I think, for our little Christmas party Saturday.  I just want some fresh flowers about.  I think I'll get them after work on Friday night and then come home and put them in a vase. 

Well our trip into work yesterday was ok.  The neighborhood roads are still packed with snow and the bad part is that the end of a neighborhood road is very icy where it meets the main road.  It's tried to melt but refreezes.  I'm afraid that today our neighborhood roads will be even more treacherous.  So George is taking me in again.  I don't get as long of a work day when he takes me in as he leaves later and picks me up early.  So I risk my name being mush this week for not getting in as many hours as some but what can you do.  No one will see that you work longer on other days.  lol Oh well.  That is the way it goes.  I think I should probably set my phone up to record my comings and goings so I can prove my hours if ever have to.  The IFTTT app will do that for you.  People are probably recording our comings and goings anyway so I'd like to do my own in case they don't get it right and have to prove myself! lol  But anyway, he's going to take me today.  I guess if I didn't have George, I would just have to sit at home and take vacation days.  I don't drive on the ice/snow - not even on the neighborhood roads.  They have some hills and I just don't do it.  We took his "paid for" Rav4 in case we got ditched.

So, I'm going to get off of here so we can get ready and be ready to head out by the time the sun comes up.  I have to get him on the ball to take me in earlier.  I love the fact that schools are out as it helps tremendously with the traffic.

Well, I'm off of here.  Ya'll have a splendid day.


  1. Better to be safe than sorry, so I'm glad you are going with George. Our neighborhood streets are much the same as yours, so is my driveway. Ice melts and then refreezes. You have to take it slow. I did get to read the post before you deleted it and understand just where you were coming from...but yes, it is always better to concentrate on the good and beautiful things in life. Things are warming up here so soon it'll be much better...Take good care !

  2. Windows updates can and do mess up VPN software - just so you know

  3. i missed reading your post yesterday. but understand where you're coming from by removing it.


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