Saturday, January 27, 2018

Saturday Morning Words over Some Really Good Hot Coffee

Sometimes Saturday mornings are the only time to be productive here at the house - stolen moments otherwise.  So either time to myself or getting things done as far as cleaning - generally have to happen on Saturday morning and I absolutely love it.  Time to do what I want!  Even if it's cleaning.  I like to clean if I'm in the mood and feel good.

So I'm really having a problem with my right arm.  It feels uncomfortable just having to type this on the laptop.  It's hard to hold it up while I type.  I have it in my lap and need the support of a desk.  I think that is really bad isn't it.  I guess I'll be calling the doctor this week. I'll just schedule a complete physical and we'll talk about all of it.  I notice that I'm also having issues holding up the ipad for periods of time and have to use my left hand.  But with typing on the laptop I need my right hand - so I guess I'll have to use the desk to support my arm in the future.  I'm dealing with it for now, but it's a strain. I have to stop and stretch it and rest it.  It was hurting me to cook yesterday too.  Had to stir often with my left hand. 

Well George is going with Katy and Cody to add Cody to Katy's bank account.  They have had separate accounts so far but are getting the joint account.  Surprisingly since George was on it b/c the account was Katy's and opened when she was a minor.  So George is coming off and Cody going on but they have to ALL be there.  I think I'm on it too but it's listed as George or Sonya so we think I don't have to be there.  They just told her George needed to be there.  I'm going to jump in the shower and get dressed though so in case they call and need me I can just jump in the car and head out there.  It'll take 30 min but we can get it done.  They have to do this today! 

Not really a lot to report that hasn't already been said.  I've stretched my arm and popped it some and it feels better. I think I need to exercise it more - perhaps with weights to make it stronger. 

We are picking out the TV stand soon.  George picked one out on line but we think it will be too big.  Since the TV will be in the corner - we don't want to get a stand so long that it comes way out in the room.  But it has to be big enough to hold the long TV, lol.  And there is a air vent that we cannot block on one side - so we need to get on that is about the same length as the TV or a few inches longer.  George has all the measurements.  I think we will be going to Ashley furniture to look at it.  But not sure when.

I've been talking to someone at work that says they just switched to Comcast and really like it and they have voice activated cable remote.  I have been getting mail to upgrade ours (we have Comcast too) but...we have been afraid it was a catch to get you to spend more money.  But with the TV and steaming - we will look to see what all we need and want, and will revise our cable situation accordingly.  I really want to stay with Comcast.  Overall I seem to hear that they do better than some of the others.  They all have complaints though.  So we will figure all that out.  My Mom and Sister with a different cable company have been able to lower their cable bills due to having smart TV's that stream though things like Roku.  So we are behind on all this stuff.  lol

Well, later today we are going to friends house to play some games.  I am a little scared.  I don't play games with others - just on the laptop but often I have enjoyed games with others if I'm not embarrassed.  Some times I am afraid I won't understand something and I will embarrass myself.  I seem to think so differently than some.  I look at things from a different angle sometimes and I process things differently - so it takes me longer to get something than most.  I don't want to embarrass myself.  But I'm going to put myself out there and try.  George says it will be easy.  If I feel uncomfortable I'll just say "I'm slow ya'll - it takes me a minute".  If all else fails, I'll watch.  But I do have some anxiety about today.  But I kinda feel like I will have fun if I just let myself.  So this is really a risk for me - of sorts. 

I also am going to take a risk and go to the gun range with George and Katy.  I don't know about my arm though.  Maybe it's not a good idea.  I just feel like I need to learn how to shoot a gun.  And I'm probably going to eventually have to get a gun carry permit as our world gets meaner.  I don't like the thought of this.  But as we may be traveling back and forth to Texas some via car at times - I think I'd like to have that availability especially on that lonely road b/c Dallas and Breckenridge.  Of course George has his carry permit so he'd be with me most of the time I guess.    Anyway, I'm just thinking ahead.  I need to have some experience around them if they are going to be in my house anyway. 

It was nice to sleep til 6:00 something this morning.  Although Maisy was waking me up at 4 and at 5 wanting to get up but she was nice to go back to sleep. 

Well, I need to go get in the shower in case they call and need me. 

Just going to work on the house some - have already started the laundry and have cleaned the kitchen.  Have unpacked some of Katy's clothes and hung them, but need her rolling rack she is bringing and we will store that in the other bedroom.  I'm not moving all of our clothing and closets around as it is a major deal.  She will have the hall closet and the rolling rack and we'll make that do for the short time she is here.  It is a major deal to move 3 closets around for just a short time, lol.  She understands. If you saw our closets you would too.   We will figure it out so it's easy for her to get ready and have what she needs.  We have cleared some drawers and bathroom space out.

I know that she is her own person and Sybil was worried we may clash.  We got through the teen and highschool and college years.  We have an understanding and respect each other as woman now. I think she understands for the most part that I love her and always will be her mother and worry about her so that when I say "be careful or do this or that", that I'm really only looking out for her and trying to console myself (lol) instead of being bossy.  She is very respectful.  We usually read the signs when the other needs some space or needs to take control of something.  Most of the time we have worked together in all we do.  We both get stressed.  But both are quick to say "do not treat me that way or talk to me that way" if we cross the line and then we are good the next day.  lol  So I think our biggest problems will be that I will end up having too much laundry, and we won't have enough fridge space - lol lol.  But I am looking forward to our time together and also some really good meals - b/c we all like to cook for one another.  And we have a great time together the three of us - out on the town - shopping, or eating.  She always introduces me to good shows, and good music.  So she broadens my horizons with her youthful tastes.  So I anticipate us enjoying our time. 

Well, better go get that shower.  Arm got through this and actually feeling better having exercised it.  I guess it was stiff from the night.

Ya'll have a good weekend. 


  1. When I got my smart TV I chose to keep the entertainment center that I had because it had storage in it I didn't want to give up so my TV is a smaller one and fits perfectly where my old TV sat. It was made sit in a corner. I think you all will get along just fine with your daughter moving in, it is just for a short while. But I expect your daughter has changed a bit due to living on her own. No doubt some scheduling will be needed. Glad you had a Saturday to do what you love!

  2. glad to hear you are getting ready for katy. everything will work out i'm sure.


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