Saturday, January 13, 2018

Snowy Day, and a Few Frustrations!

Had a long work day here at the house.  Just didn't feel good the rest of the evening.  No fever.  It was just 99.   I went to bed early.  And slept til almost 6 I think.  Maybe later.  

Today I have worked in the house - laundry, changing sheets, and so forth.   While trying to put up the new George Foreman grill under the counter in the storage area for the kitchen - I shifted something on the shelf and a glass something or other fell off onto a glass bowl below.  We have way too much under there.  So I decided I was going to reorganize it and just get rid of stuff.  

And I did.  Well I put it all in a tub and stuck it downstairs.  And that was the end of that for now.  They have gone down there once before and sprouted wings and came back up.  

I'm really having an issue with the space thing.  It just seems like clutter is trying to take over every little horizontal space there is.  Sometimes I wonder if there is even going to be room for me and my stuff anymore.  I just feel like having a good cry b/c I try to make things look so nice but it's really all over before it ever begins.  I put the normal every day decor tubs from the sun room into the den where I could put the stuff out, wondering where the hell it was all gonna go b/c the horizontal space was immediately filled with stuff once the Christmas decor was gone. All the clutter is putting me in a funky mood.  That and George and I can't hear nor understand one another.  

So I went and colored my hair.  At least I'll feel a little younger.  

I washed dishes and rebooted more laundry and ate some Ramon Noodles (Chili Flavored) for old times sake.  I really miss those.  And watched an international HouseHunters show.  

Then to put the decor out - oh wait - but my boxes were gone.  What the heck?  I asked George where they went to and he took them down stairs.  I said "no no no - that was our normal decor that went back out."  I had told him a day or two ago that is what I was doing today.  Well he had to go back down stairs and get them.  I had left them up here in the sun room all through the holidays hidden in there so we'd have it. If I'd wanted it downstairs I'd have taken it down there or I would have put it in the staging area to go downstairs.  

I can leave things in the staging area for TWO weeks and a lot of the time it will still be there, so WHY that had to go downstairs is beyond me.  Sometimes I think the devil just plays us against each other. 

Like the day before it snowed, George told me he was going in to work.  But then when he was texting someone yesterday morning as things were icing over,  I said "are you calling in to work?".  He said "no" b/c he was texting one of his friends - they were all trying to see who was going in and who wasn't. He was saying "no" to one thing and I was thinking he was saying "no" to another thing.  So I took it as he was still going to work.  He said he would be going to Walmart and I thought he meant after work.  

I said "would you like a boiled egg?  He said "no I'm going to Walmart and I'll get some later".  

Confused, I said "oh so you are going to Walmart now? So aren't you going to work?" 

He got irritated with me and said "no honey I'm not going to work".  I said "oh but you told me you were and I asked if you were calling in and you said no!"  Anyway we got through that.  

So then he went to Walmart and came back and then said "where is the boiled eggs?"  I said "I ate 'em".  He said, "oh I thought you made me some".  I said "Made you said "no not now I'll eat some when I get back".  He said I said I'd eat some when I got back so that meant "yes".  I said well you said "no, not now" so I took literally that you didn't want me to fix you any now but that you were going to fix some when you got back. 

He said "you don't listen to anything I say".  

I said, I hear what you say, you just don't say the right things where people can understand what you mean.  

I mean he can't even get Alexa to understand him.  lol 

Rolls eyes.  So I've been in quite the mood today left over from yesterday.   And then the frustration just continued with stuff everywhere I don't want it to be and what I do want somewhere it disappears.  

And then I went to the guest bedroom - the only nice neat room we have.  And the printer was moved to the dresser top.  Yes, it's my fault.  I told him he could try it there - moving it from the other guest bedroom which is my dressing room (clothes and jewelry, scarves and shoes and his office, now music studio).  But it just didn't look appropriate.  I unplugged the damn thing and put it under the guest bed.  I mean no one ever needs the printer anyway and when you do need it, the ink won't work even when you have a new cartridge in it.  I didn't even tell him where it was.  I afraid he would be mad.  And if he acted mad, I was sure to explode and tell him how mad I am at everything.  I really don't want to do that.  I realize he lives here too.  I know he does try to keep things a little organized for my sake.  

But we have a party this next weekend with our friends, Lisa and Don, and I'd really like it to look nice.  I know I'll have to fess up that the printer is under the guest bed some day.  But today is not the day.  lol 

I know I need to chill out.  But it takes me so long to get anything cleaned up.  

Then Tugie was getting better we thought.  But she is still having some accidents.  And then today she had blood in her urine.  So tomorrow we are going to take her to the vet from 2-4 as they are open for emergencies only.  The cost is more.  These things never happen during business hours do they?  Always a weekend, overnight, or a holiday. 

I just don't have very much patience right now.  I try so hard and no effort to show for it.  I hate the spinning wheels syndrome.  

I also know that this is the time of the year where we are supposed to be happy and hibernate.  It's also the time of year I think we start to get on each other's nerves.  Also there is less Vitamin D around, more body aches, not as much fresh air, and our mental state begins to deteriorate.  

So this morning, I fixed a smoothie with some frozen mangos, 1/2 cup oats, a little carton of organic milk, and it was delightful.  I immediately got on line to look for some protein powder.  I couldn't help myself.  I decided to order whey protein powder and also a plant based protein powder.  I did not order the whey isolate b/c it was so much more expensive.  It was a little better for you but not a lot so I chose to just go with the whey.  The plant based protein powder had all sorts of good things for you in it.  I'll post pics when it gets here.  I'm branching out with my smoothies.  I'm also going to be doing a spinach one soon.  

Even ordering a little bit of that powder it was expensive.  But I won't be using a lot in the smoothies - just a little.  Everyone is saying "why do you think you need to add protein?"  Well, I am having to live with my muscles and they really need some help.  I can cut back on animal meats some - I said "some" and use this in the mornings to hold me longer and these have amino acids that will help my muscles.  

I have lost a pound in the last two weeks, at weigh in.  I have eaten in and not out.  But when I eat in, I snack - but apparently that is ok if it's fairly healthy.  Most of it was.  Nuts, dark chocolate, whole grain cracker and cheese, a banana.  

Here's some pics from today.   I put all of our Christmas coffees in the sun room so we'd have space in the cabinet. lol  That space problem again. But that is a good thing.  We are blessed to have been given coffee, or bought it with our Starbucks cards. 

You can see we got a little bit of snow.  The ice melted off the streets and roads today.  And you can see where it melted against the tree line. 

Had to try to catch the last of it before it disappears. 

And dinner is ready and the Titans are about to come on, so I better go.  

Oh, Katy has booked her flight to go out and help Cody move and get settled and then fly back.  
We will pick her up.  We will keep Findlay.  She will be a part of our household anyway soon thereafter. 

More later.  Hopefully tomorrow less frustrating.  I should be enjoying these days off instead of being irritated.   Oh well.  Maybe church will help.  


  1. Your miscommunication with your husband mirrors me & my husband. Sorry, but I was laughing while reading. There is never enough cabinet or closet space or places to put things. This is when I have to stop complaining & thank God that I have a nice warm home filled with too much stuff.
    I hope tomorrow is better & I hope the Titans WIN!

  2. People say that to me all the time, about why do you need protein shakes. Here is the very simple answer -

    My body needs fuel. And it needs good fuel, not bad fuel. My muscles need protein after a workout, to help them get stronger and better.

    Whey Protein Isolate (WPI) is a little more costly. The reason I buy it is because it is a smaller molecule and also it is less grainy in texture. The secret to a protein shake for me is to have the 1/2 frozen banana and frozen coffee ice cube because that helps to disguise the texture of the protein. It makes it more like a frappe than a milk shake.

    I know you are a coffee fanatic like me, and you love your coffee like I do. You could take my protein shake and serve it at starbucks and nobody would know it isn't one of those frou-frou expensive drinks they serve there, and nobody would know that instead of a high calorie drink they are getting a high protein much better for them drink. And who wouldn't want to drink frou-frou starbucks drinks daily without it costing them half their daily calorie allowance? ;)

    I drink my shake at lunchtime and it lasts me till dinner. It helped me lose 25kg (50 pounds) and it has helped me keep it off. I honestly believe it saved my life and I would never stop having that for my lunch. Even if it does make me look like a crazy box lady when I arrive at work with my Nutri Ninja. ;)

  3. Sounds like a case of cabin fever to me. Might as well blame the weather. I have very little space here and things are piled and stacked and am trying to make order of the house and get back to normal too. Hope all goes well with the move for your daughter and SIL. Hope your Sunday is a great one...they say a Sunday well spent brings a week of content !

  4. I drink premier protein shakes every day. It helps with the sugar cravings. Plus I feel better when I do. Sams has the best prices. I think this time of year is kind of depressing. It is cold and the skies are gray. I hope you feel better. When your daughter moves in maybe she will be company for you.

  5. sometimes it's easy to misunderstand what someone else is saying. as for clutter we all have it to deal with. my husband is a clutter maker too.


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