Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Snuggly Dogs and Overslept!

Roger looked so comfy last night.  And so did Tugie.  We watched our show "Better Late than Never".  Love it!  Love to laugh and they make me laugh before it ever gets started.  

Maisy happy and comfy too.  

We told her that Findlay was going to come and join our household last night for a while.  

Well, I overslept by an hour b/c I hit the off button instead of snooze on my phone.  Oh well.  I'm sure I needed it.  

Yesterday was a great day for the most part. 

I ran across this meme this morning and thought it was so funny.  I guess there have been times in my life through the years that I've had to deal with an adult acting like a child.  And if you can remain calm and think of these kinds of things that you would like to say but don't.  It really helps.  Then you can giggle when it is over and say "bless their heart".   

I will say that for the most part, I am lucky.  It is rare that I have to deal with childish behavior.  And that is a good thing!  Sadly some relatives act like children - I guess there are people every where that act that way from time to time.  Even myself.  Hey I like a good Happy Meal.  I do.  I love it when I'm rewarded for my childish behavior too, then I get another Happy Meal, eh?  ;-)

Ok enough sillyness - I gotta get going.  I overslept this morning and shouldn't be blogging but you know what?  I think there is more than one of us in the world that likes to get their way and I wanted to blog this morning - so I did!  Happy Meals for all! 

Ya'll have a grrrreat day! 


  1. the pups looks positively comfy. will have to check out the new tv show you rave about.

  2. I love the Happy Meal Mime ! Glad you had a good day and I love your sweet dogs. That Maisie is a treasure and looks like she is listening to you. I hope they all get along. A puppy in the house with older dogs will be different for sure!


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