Thursday, January 25, 2018

Someone Asked if I Possibly Could Have MS

Well, it has been hard to wake up this week.  I'm not quite sure what it is except that body and mind probably needs more sleep and down time.  My mind and body is very weary this morning.  I need more rest.  I know that I have been glue keeping the HR needs of 3 plants, a transport company, and a corporate office taken care of by myself.  Then have been training the new assistant this week and have talked non-stop for 3 days explaining, showing, and so I'm mentally and physically just spent having done that on top of everything else. 

We've thrown a dinner party, reorg'd a bunch of things in our house, taken care of 3 doggies, kept up with some household chores (laundry) and tried to hurry up and have fun at home to knock the stress off. 

But it's all catching up with me right now. 

It seems like it should be Friday.  It feels like Friday.  How can it only be Thursday? 

I'm ok and I'll make it.'s really hard this morning.  The coffee is good but the muscles are wanting to go to bed and so the mind just says "unh unh, I'm done". 

I know it's that dull season (acheeeewwww) - scuse me)  in which we get the doldrums before spring.  I'm not depressed though.  I'm just tired. 

Someone asked if I had been tested for MS.  No - but my doctor and I have discussed it.  We decided to hold off testing (I think they do MRI's) as the symptoms come and go but I've been able to maintain things with Vitamin D and nutrition and exercise - so we are thinking - no to that.  The arm thing comes and goes as well.  But something is not right so I imagine that will have to be addressed at some point.  Right now it only bothers me some days.  Not enough to want to have any kind of surgery or shots or anything - so we'll see.  You know me, when it becomes unbearable is when I'll do anything about it. 

I looked up the symptoms again and here they are.   My comments are in red underneath.

People may experience:
Pain areas: in the back or eyes
I have had pain a few times but not often.
Pain circumstances: can occur in the back due to head nod or with eye movement
No can't say I've experienced this.
Tremor: can occur during precise movements, in the hands, or limbs
I do have tremors in my thumbs extending into my wrist and then also in my eyes and eye lids when tired.  
Muscular: cramping, difficulty walking, inability to rapidly change motions, involuntary movements, muscle paralysis, muscle rigidity, muscle weakness, problems with coordination, stiff muscles, clumsiness, muscle spasms, or overactive reflexes
Cramping has started in recent months in my legs (calves), difficulty walking - sometimes if something is hurting, I never change any motion too quick anymore due to balance issues, Involuntary movements is not a problem, mucle paralysis is not a problem except that my arm seems to want to be by my side instead of moving, muscle rigidity - yes in my legs, muscle weakness - yes all over - I have problems opening even the simplest of packages, have a hard time carrying groceries, hard time on stairs - need to be careful - knees are also weak on stairs.  Coordination - I'm highly uncoordinated lol.  Stiff muscles - yes, clumsiness - oh hell yes, muscle spasms - yes for years, overactive reflexes - don't think so. 
Whole body: fatigue, dizziness, heat intolerance, poor balance, vertigo, or weakness
Fatigue - yes -my stamina has not been good since my late 20's.  I cannot do heat at all.  I do have a poor balance that comes and goes.  Vertigo and middle ear issues started in my 20's.  Weakness (muscles not performing as well has become noticeable in the last 10 years - to me, but I'm sure everyone around me thinks I'm just being lazy and don't want to carry things.)
Sensory: pins and needles, abnormality of taste, reduced sensation of touch, or uncomfortable tingling and burning
I have had the pins and needles but it's not a common thing so I would say no to that.  However my limbs are quick to go to sleep on me at night now if they have the slightest pressure on them especially my arms.  Abnormality of taste - only recently have some things tasted like metal but for the most part that is normal. Sensation of touch I think is the same - not much uncomfortable tingling unless it's at night and I lay on an arm.  Burning - not often - but I did have that sensation last night in my lower back and hip area - along with some pain there.  
Urinary: excessive urination at night, leaking of urine, persistent urge to urinate, or urinary retention
 (TMI)   That is common in women my age.  
Visual: blurred vision, double vision, or vision loss
I have had vision problems some - esp in the mornings - but nothing uncommon shows up at the eye doc.  I've been unable to explain it and gave up.  Most of the time I can see what I'm doing so I don't worry about it.  But sometimes the eyes jump slightly and sometimes I blink a few times and it's ok.
Sexual: erectile dysfunction or sexual dysfunction
(TMI) But No problem stemming from this.
Mood: anxiety or mood swings
I wonder if George would want to answer that one. lol
Speech: slurred speech or impaired voice
Yes, at times it seems like my mouth is thick and won't say words like they are supposed to be said.  Rare but with coffee or a coke - I can shake that off.
Also common: constipation, depression, difficulty swallowing, difficulty thinking and understanding, flare, headache, heavy legs, numbness of face, rapid involuntary eye movement, sleep deprivation, tongue numbness, or difficulty raising the foot
(TMI) Constipation - yes - gotta keep that fiber going or diverticulitis will move in quickly, depression - not so much b/c we have a great life and I have good support and love and blogs and books and doggies, difficulty swallowing - I have had a few episodes of that and it's scary - only two episodes I think.  Difficulty thinking - oh yes but eating fish and caffiene help.  Difficulty understanding - oh yes - i have to focus a little more and have noticed that others understand things more quickly than I do now.  I'm much slower mentally than I used to be but I'm older. I don't know what they mean by flare.  Headaches - having head pain more frequently - in my right temple - sometimes the left.  Rapid involuntary eye movement - yes.  Sleep deprivation - yes but I don't attribute that to anything but me wanting to have some time to myself.  Tongue numbness - no.  Difficulty raising the foot - no.   
So - as you can see - some of the symptoms are there but not overwhelmingly so and some of those same symptoms go along with getting older anyway, or with other conditions.  But it does make you wonder sometime. 

But there ya have it.  So I don't know.  I think I'm just very tired and getting old.  lol  But I know that right now I need rest and I'm moving pretty slow! 

Well, I'm gone for now - over and out. 


  1. I know that you are one busy person and think it's normal to feel tired. Our body lets us know when we need rest. The extra work with training can be exhausting I know as I've had to do that in the past. Tomorrow is Friday ! Yay!

  2. definitely should talk to a doctor about your symptoms.


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