Sunday, January 28, 2018

Sunday Morning Update

It was nice to have a bit of home time yesterday morning.   It started out productive in a big way.  The mind was flowing as well as the coffee - looked up a few recipes, knocked out some laundry, changed the sheets - made some tuna salad, and homemade pimiento and cheese.  Looked in the cabinets and took inventory of what we were out of, put things on the grocery list, set some stuff out to make a soup with (don't have all the ingredients needed). 

But as I started ironing, my body said "no way sister".  I felt weak, shaky and my stomach seemed a little nauseated.  I thought "oh no I'm getting the flu".  So I texted George that I was feeling bad and was going to lay down and was unsure about our evening.  As I rested I began to feel better.  No fever or anything.  I was about to tell George we needed to cancel our evening plans with friends. 

Laying down helped.  I got up and ate some more - thinking food may help.  I texted George saying I thought it was a blood sugar thing.  Something is off for sure.  I felt better - not great- but better after the rest. 

I wanted to see our friends and have a fun evening - so knowing it was not a flu type thing - we went ahead. I did begin to feel better.  Eating seemed to help a bit to feel normal - even though it was dips and chips and chili and so forth.  Again I'm not sure what is going on but I'm guessing it's low blood sugar that was making me feel bad. 

I'll be calling the doc this week so I can go ahead and get in the physical and discuss with my doc the feeling.  I did not take either my BP meds or my sugar meds yesterday and feel so much better this morning, although I did go ahead and take BP today.  I can tell usually if I don't take the BP so I took it this morning.  I get all confused by this sugar med thing - when you are high and low.   I'm just kinda thinking low b/c we have cut a lot of sugar and starch out of the diet. 

Anyway I'll get it figured out.  I do feel more normal today and that is good.  However I've not moved around a lot yet like yesterday. 

We did go and had a great time with our friends.  We went to Cheryl and Joe's house.  We played a dice game called Left Right Center.  It was great fun.  I might have won a round. ;-)

I've been thinking about doing Isogenix after talking with someone about it - mainly for the nutrition part of it.  But after doing some research - I think it is just a more expensive way of controlling what you eat.  You can do much of the same - by just eating the right things and getting the right nutrients.  The thing about Isogenix is that it's all figured out for you.  But - I will need to make sure that we have more a balanced diet. 

Often the greens and the fruits get left behind.  But some weeks it might be dairy.  So just need to tweek some on that.  I think I'm going to have a dairy based, with whey protein, oatmeal, peanut butter, cinnamon, vanilla, smoothie this morning.  I will add a shot of frozen coffee,  The only thing missing is my banana.  We are out of everything.  But I can add some frozen fruit - if I do I'll leave off the peanut butter, cinnamon, and vanilla and coffee and just go with that and have my banana smoothie later. 

George went and helped the kids yesterday.  They got their bank account situated, by adding Cody and then removing George.  And he helped them move a few things.  Today we will be going over there to help them load small stuff and then will go out to eat afterward.

Yesterday while resting I had a chance to figure out our Roku. I really like it.  It's a whole new experience really.  Like it a lot.

Well, I've been woken up at 3 by Maisy, but told her to go to sleep.  I was woken up at 4 by Roger who very desperately had to go poopsie.   And the other dogs followed.  While out, I could hear coyotes and neighborhood dogs barking in the night.  It's all a bit too eerie for me.  I was very anxious to get all dogs back into the door.  They were a ways away but we all know that these canine creatures all have a way of sniffing out things.  Roger always dawdles.  I have to work at getting him in.  Was happy to get them all in and feed them and get the coffee flowing. 

I downloaded a new app called Curious.  It's a learning app.  I am doing the free version.  So today it had a crossword puzzle for me to work as a part of my learning.  I worked about half of it.  I am finding though, that I enjoy the online crossword.  The letter turns RED if it's wrong.  And that helps.  lol

Well, that is enough mind clutter writing this morning.  I need to get up and at it.  Katy and Cody may end up spending the night with us tonight before they take off in the morning.  Please pray for them as they head off out west hauling that U Haul trailer. 

Katy, while out there, has appointment ALREADY to meet the principals of two of the elementary schools out there - set up by the ranch owner's wife who is friends with both of them.  She will meet them Tuesday and then will fly back to us on Wednesday. What a deal!

I am going to get off and go do more laundry, ironing, and clean up! 

Finish what I started yesterday.  And then we'll get ready to head out to help Katy and Cody. 
Off to fix that smoothie.


  1. I hope you feel better. I would ask Dr. to write a prescription for you to get a blood sugar testing kit. I have to check mine. It makes me feel dizzy tired and weak when off. I hope your daughter has a safe trip. Moving is a hard job. That is a long way to have to travel. But I know you will enjoy having her home. Its a rainy day here. I am making chili. Weekends go by too fast.

  2. Hi there Sonya, sorry I didn't get commenting last night, I was just so tired. I hope I didn't upset you in any way by saying things might be occasionally different with you and Kate, Kate being a married woman now..i know how close you are..I'm sure you will have some great fun times......I hope that you make an appointment very soon with the Dr. I do feel that things are just not right with you, you should not be having the pains in your arm or the weakness...hope all has gone well today, and that Kate and Cody will have a good safe journey to,Texas.....hope your week ahead goes well. That news about Kate having an interview with schools near where they are going to be settling...take care. God Bless you ALL. Xx

  3. godspeed to katy and cody. glad you felt good enough to visit with your friends.

  4. It sounds like a good time to be making that doctor appointment. That dizziness is not good. Your life is so busy it's important to stay healthy. No one likes to feel bad but our bodies do let us know when we need rest. Hoping you feel all better soon !


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