Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Texas Pic, PictSweet Surprise, and another Busy Evening

A pretty scene from Texas.  Might be guilty of stealing it from Kate!  ;-)  See the deer stand shadow in the left corner?  At least I think that is what it is.  I have no idea.  

I think the meeting with the principals of both schools went well.  Word is there will be openings and she will be needed.  So it looks good at this point for employment for next year.  I wouldn't be surprised if they didn't ask her to come now. 

Katy sent pics of their house.  It's very nice and perfect for them and much much much improved over current situation.  Katy took pics and they will have their own big sun room and it has curtains.  
She got to pick the granite yesterday for the counters.  They are really taking care of them down there and it thrills me so.  I want to send them a note to say thank you for caring for our beloveds and making them so welcome - so they know it really calms the parents to know someone is there for them!  The ranch owners seem like such good people.  

I love this Pictsweet Spinach - it's not too creamy - just right.  But I was disappointed at just what a rip off it was.  No wonder it was only 60 calories.  

It did not have much inside it at all!  I will probably still buy it b/c it makes a nice add to a lean cuisine lunch - and adds a green - and holds me longer.  

I had celery for snack and also an apple yesterday in the afternoon. 

Trying.  I listened to nutrition podcasts yesterday.  It says that with dietary changes you can expect to see results in about 10 days - this is with weight and nutrition changes.  So we'll see.  They say don't give up.  I've always said I'm not dieting - just trying to make changes I can deal with ongoing.  I like the things I'm eating.  I'm discovering the organic tastes much better - like with celery and carrots.  So worth the extra $ when you are eating them as a snack. 

So last night we had salad and baked potato.  

George emptied Katy's car out (storage for our basement).  He brought the clothes racks up so I could get Katy's clothes on them and off the bed, so she has a place to lay down tonight, lol.  I also scrubbed the tub so it looks nice for her shower.  I need a maid!  
There is so much to do here. 

I put a lamp in the laundry room.  I had one that fit just right in there.  At night when I'm doing laundry I want soft light and not the overhead light.  It is more relaxing.  And the mood is better.  And you can see more in the pantry b/c the light shines over it. 

Maybe a pic later!  I'm sorry I'm promising all these pics and don't get them done. 

Findlay has been good.  Much easier than we thought.  However last night even with two of us taking dogs out we got in such a tangle with the leashes.  I was very cold and had hoped for a dash out and dash back in but we ended up with a dash out - a mummy tangle of leashes - trapped and no one could move til we figured out - in the dark how to untangle ourselves to be able to walk up the stairs.  Lines were wrapped around legs everywhere.  I said a bad word.  The wind was blowing, it was cold and the more George untangled - the more we seemed to BE tangled.  

We watched another show of The Resident last night.  We watched it last week too when it came on.  I liked it but thought it might be heavy for me after working all day and of course we have already had bad attitudes about health industry, insurance and so forth - b/c of the way the system keeps doctors from doing what they do best- I figure this show will only make me madder.  However, we watched it On Demand again and we have watched Emily Van Camp in three shows she has been in.  I am beginning to like the characters.  

So as you can imagine after working on EEOC data all day and getting that entered for our company's annual reports, and doing all this after work - I was ready for sleep and did so as my head hit the pillow.  

Maisy woke me up at 3:30 wanting something.   I took her out but that did not seem to be her issue.  I think she was mainly was just ready to get up.  I took her and Tugie out but then went back to bed and slept til 5.  And I'm blogging and shouldn't be but I'll have to rush now to get to work.  Life is just too much right now.  

I need to do mega loads of laundry, some on line orders, and want to be able to read again.  Considering a vacation day.  But won't do that.  

We will be picking Katy up at the airport tonight.  I'll give you the scoop tomorrow.  

Ya'll have a great day.  I can't believe it's Wednesday already!  


  1. Oh dear, it has to be fun walking 4 dogs at a time. I only ever walked 2 at a time and often they got tangled. Hope you can find a good way to do it, but I'm not sure how. It sounds like the Texans are going to have a nice place to live and work. It is comforting to know they have caring people there. Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday as over the hump of this week we go...

  2. Sorry I didn't coment last night, didn't feel very well myself..not I'll or anything like that it's just the pain in my back/hip/thigh is almost unbearable at times, I just dread it when it starts..please try to put me in your prayers. I know we never get more than we came bare but just sometimes it makes me wonder !!!......I'm so happy that the journey down to Texas went well also Kate had the interview with the schools that seems to have gone I type this I think you and George will be heading to the airport I hope there is no snow....I did gave a laugh at the vision of you and George and the dogs all getting in a tangle !!..I was dissapointed to see you are delaying seeing the Dr. It really isn't normal for your arm to be so weak and for you to feel so fatigued ..I know you don't get enough deep sleep but there's not much you can do about that. Perhaps when Kate has settled in again she will take a bit of housekeeping off your shoulders, things such as laundry etc. It's good you've got some fun days booked for February but please be careful and don't be doing too much....take care. Night night God Bless you ALL, humans and canines xxxxx

  3. You both are such good parents. Getting everything nice for your daughter and helping her move. I know you love having her home with you. Those pictures in Texas look like they are out in the middle of nowhere. Is the grocery stores and such very far from them.? I would hate being that far away from family. Your spinach looks good. I need to buy some.

  4. All those dogs to walk you are bound to get tangled up. Glad you got untangled eventually. That spinach looks good even though it was a small portion. Good to know Katy will have a job next year.


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