Tuesday, January 2, 2018

The NEW Bucket List, Cursing, and Productive New Year's Day

Well, here is the NEW Bucket list for Winter (Jan, Feb, March) complete with my shadow - lol.  At 5 in the morning, who cares about the lighting. lol  I began doing art work on there but it is very time consuming and hard to do b/c the wall is behind there and I don't want it to go through. I ran out of time. 

 I don't have a very good place to do this on. I did the writing while laying the paper on the freezer for the post part.  It was awkard.  I think I'd like to invest in a huge white board and hang it length wise under the wooden sign.  Hmmmm...might be worth looking in to.  At least it would keep me from cursing.  lol  I cursed some big ones.  More than I usually do too.  Words I never use.  You blanking blank of a blanker.  I'm not a very good cursor so the word I said was the same word three times in three different forms.  Not a very descriptive cursor - and good not to be I guess.  But I'm laughing at myself just thinking about my wanting to curse but not having anything to say but repeating the same word in triplicate format using a noun, verb and adjective b/c I could not be creative enough at the time to think of anything else to say.  The "f" word is very flexible it seems.  Yes a white innocent bucket board (cutting off my reason to curse) is a good enough excuse to buy one.  lol  So on Jan 1 I've sinned but am confessing on Jan 2.  I'll try to find a white board before April 1. 

It will be interesting.  We have "lose weight" on there but look at all the eating places we need to use up cards for or breweries we want to visit.  Obviously there will be some cheat meals. 

At my weigh in I was 6 lbs under my highest ever weight.  I was pleased to see that.  On the other hand George was at his highest weight ever.  He has been eating a lot of lunches out and Gibson has fed them a lot too (and they get a lot of left overs from meetings).    

We did great yesterday on our meals though.  Well, til we had cornbread for dinner - ;-)

I really got a LOT done yesterday.  Surprised even me.  All the Christmas decor (including the decor on both trees) is packed and downstairs.  So this weekend I will concentrate on dusting and then will decorate normally putting my other regular decor back out.  

I even painted my toes last night.  But miss the spa pedicure.  It's hard for me to do my toes now.  They care for your feet while they do the spa - I can't do it like they can.  But I did not want to get a pedicure in this cold weather.  I'll go in February with Kate.  

Anyway, I did a lot of laundry (4 or 5 loads) and ironed two shirts.  George vacuumed, saving me from having to do it.  

Our friends, Don and Lisa are coming over on the 20th.  And I need to let the rest of their family know.  We will eat and swap our Christmas gifts.  

Well, I did not get my Smart TV for Christmas and was hoping somehow I would but it IS a lot to ask for - for furniture and a TV too.  There is still my birthday tomorrow.  But those presents are too small for a TV - lol.  So I have "save for a Smart TV" on my bucket list.  

We have enjoyed the new furniture in the evenings and I've read a lot the last two nights, making some headway into my six books I'm reading.  Another reason I did not read more books is that I had so many going I could not finish one of them. However, I'm getting near the end of a couple of them.  I was thinking I had 5 going but counting - there are six.  My numbers would have looked better had I just been reading 3 at a time like usual.  lol  

Well, I need to get off of here and pack my breakfast and lunch.  It's going to be a busy day and a busy week.  I predict today to be a long one.  Only I don't like staying after 5 b/c not many do and I'm scared to stay late by myself and then go out in the parking lot.  It is a safer area I think.  But staying late is easier for me when it's lighter out.  I noticed that at 4:30 it is lighter still now (if the sun has been out).  So the days are getting longer.  In a way I like the getting dark earlier - it's a cozy time for me.  I like all the seasons.  I love, love, love cozy winter feelings.  But not too fond of the weather being THIS cold.  It's 5 degrees right now.  I guess I need to have blanket, water, gloves and extra stuff in the car - just in case.  I'm on a well traveled road of course and have cell so not really in a desperate situation if the car acted up but...you never know.

Well, more tomorrow.  But the year has turned and I have lots to do at work plus a new assistant.  All going well.  Excited about the new year and we'll go forward from here, whatever the year may bring.  

Hmmm..what to take for lunch?  I'm NOT going out in this once I get to work.  I guess a club sandwich and pringles?  Not diet food but George bought me 12 cans of Pringles.  Gotta eat 'em sometime. 

Ya'll have a good day!

I just took a snap of this one.  Lucky dog, lazy dog!  Her feet are crossed even in her half slumber.  lol


  1. So glad you could get so much done so you are ready for this new year and new work week too. They closed schools today due to the cold so for some, they are getting an extra day off. Hope it a terrific Tuesday for you!

  2. Maisy is so cute. I think the white board is a great idea. I have a small one on my fridge. I usually make a note when I am out of something like trash bags or need a lemon for a recipe. Or if I need a reminder about a appointment. Cold here too. Took our tree down today. Then need to start on the rest of the house. We got behind on our cleaning during the Holidays. My pants are snug so I know I gained weight. It is very hard to do. I look at some people who are a size 4 and think how in the world do they do it. I am going to start eating More vegetables and less processed food this year for sure. I want to be healthy and not end up with a bad heart. It is hard when you live with a man who loves to snack like mine. oh well..Happy New Year!

  3. it's 12 below here. stay warm there too. your bucket list sounds ambitious but fun.

  4. We always keep at least one large bath towel in the vehicle. If nothing else, it is great for drying off the rain here. I also keep a small throw in the vehicle we travel the most, right now the truck.

  5. Good morning birthday girl....here I sit still in the dark, but knowing you ...hopefully...will be asleep but about to rise to see if anyone is thinking of you..I am !!!
    HAPPY. HAPPY. BIRTHDAY. Hope you have a lovely day. Xxx


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