Monday, January 29, 2018

They are Headed to Texas and We Have Findlay!

Here was the set up yesterday when we got to Katy and Cody's.  Cody had gone to Maury County to turn in his TWRA truck and all of his equipment.  The TWRA guy from there brought him back. So it took a longer time than he had anticipated.  Cody is very organized and had drawn a map.  George was reluctant to take over what he called "another man's set up" but when he saw Cody's map of where he had drawn it out to make sure it would fit - then he and Katy began moving things out.  After the trouble with my arm - I stayed clear of moving anything.   

I worried that one of them would throw a back out and for the rest of their lives would have to deal with this all because they refused to wait for Cody.  But they were determined.  Their stomachs - hungry for food as we were going out to eat later - really tempted them to move on I think.  By the time Cody got there, most of it was moved.  I was wishing we had more manpower - George didn't need to be moving all that and neither did Katy.  And I got in the way with my "be carefuls" and "lift with your legs - not your back" and "please wait til Cody gets back".  But of course, no one listens to me.  

So we went to eat at Granite City and then went back and they loaded a very heavy freezer and put ice and also dry ice in it.  It took 3 of them to load the freezer.  I had suggested to take everything out in bags and move the freezer itself which is not very heavy and then move the bags and load it again while on the truck and put the ice over it.  Nope.  They wanted it all moved in tact.  They got it done.  It's one of things you don't want to watch.  

We enjoyed our dinner together and then I came home with a load of things - such as things from the fridge (mainly condiments) that could be kept but they didn't want to take to Texas and was senseless to throw away.  There were a few more items that Katy wanted to store here.  She had some more in her car.  So I drove home and unloaded those items and then took care of OUR doggies.  And then George left about half hour after I did with Findlay, her cage and food and drove Katy's car back here.  

I got on the interstate going South instead of North.  I'm not used to driving home from there.  I knew immediately that even though using GPS, I got off one too early.  Usually the North and South exits are on opposite sides of the road - and that is really what threw me off.  But it took an extra 8 minutes or so to get off at the next exit and get righted, lol. 

We settled in for the night.  By the time I got upstairs after unloading the car and putting stuff in fridge, and got the dogs out - then George was home.  

Here is Miss Findlay!

So Findlay sleeps in her cage.  That really makes things easy.  It worked very well.  She is much calmer than she was as a puppy. And she and Maisy seemed to get along and have a respect for one another so that is good - so far.  

So far it has been easy.  If everyone gets sleep that is half the battle.  Now to rig them up separately will be the thing as we hate to leave them all by themselves.  But I think we'd be ok.  Findlay could hide if she needed to as she can fit in all kinds of places that the others don't.  

Well I must say that before we left the house yesterday we had a very pleasant morning at home.  I did some work but mainly I was very geeky.   I looked at nutritional websites and joined "Sparkpeople" website.  Downloaded a few apps related to nutrition and nutritional recipes.  
I'd really like to loose weight, get of the meds, and quit feeling a yo yo of ways.  

Well, I hope you all have a wonderful day.  And a good week.   

I wish I had today off, as I would have plenty to do.  We did not get to the grocery this weekend and are out of everything.  I'm going to get nails done tonight and then have to go to the grocery afterwards.  Then I'll have to come home and do laundry, and do some chopping and such.  
Well, ya'll have a superb day!  I'm running late as I could not get up this morning.  Just worn out before the week starts.  

Take care.  Pray for our kids on the interstate today headed to Texas pulling the Uhaul.


  1. It's no wonder you are tired this morning. That was a big job for sure ! I will be praying for sure. Such a long trip, but at least they are going to a place they are familiar with which is so much better than being in a strange place . I'm sure they are very excited ! Glad all the dogs are getting along. They should as they are all family and know they are very loved. It does make life easier. Hope your Monday is a good one, and not too hectic.

  2. By now I pray that Cody and Kate will have arrived at their new place in Texas, you will be so happy to hear they have arrived...I hope work,today was ok and that your arm was not so weak..I will be glad when you have seen the Dr. Have you made the appointment yet ? It really is important to get various things eliminated....take care. I hope to hear the young ones are safely in Texas. Night night. God bless. Xxxx

  3. I had to laugh at the expression on Maisys face. I think she understood what you said. Moving is a job. I hope Your husbands back will be ok. I hurt mine when I was young and still have issues. That is a long way for your Katy to have to drive then turn around and come back home. Maybe you guys can do something fun while you have her at home. Take care of that arm. I am proud of you for not doing heavy lifting. Its terrible to be in pain. Have a great week.

  4. saying prayers for the kids. and hoping the transition goes smoothly.


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