Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Thred Up, Orgain's Powder, Texas Arrivals and a Packed Evening

Well, while at Katy's former house on Saturday (during the move out) she showed me her "Thred Up" bag.  She said there was a company that you ordered a bag from that was labeled for shipping already (no cost to ship).  You ship them your clothes and they will buy some (maybe/maybe not) for a really low price and will donate the rest.  They also will do consignment I believe she said.  They will also ship them back to you I think I read, if you want them --I think that is what I read.  But Katy is just sending them and all she has to do is drop by post office.  She may get money back, may not.  Anyway she was just glad to get rid of them with some hope of something back.  So I downloaded the Thred Up app and ordered my bag.  Since we've recently gone through things and had a yard sale not long ago, I don't have much to offer.  It may take me a while to fill it up, but I think I will do that.  The post office is closer than Good Will anyway.  I know Arc or some of these places will pick it up but you have to arrange that.  So this is great. 

Katy and Cody made it to the ranch.  I was so worried with them having that U-Haul behind them.  Just the thought of changing lanes and going around curves and such - so I'm relieved.  They left around 4 yesterday morning - and had a couple of stops to make for gas and food and stuff for the ride.  They arrived about sundown.  Here are some pics that Katy took as they arrived at the ranch.

They were having a crew stay over to unload for them.  So she has a full day today.  The ranch owner's wife is picking her up and taking her to the school(s) to meet folks and then to lunch.  I'm so excited for her.  

She has been pretty stressed with a lot going on with this move in such a short time.  Just all the details of things being stored and going into 3 or 4 places (some of their new home will be furnished) and dealing with the cat and dog and just all that goes with saying bye to friends (for Cody's sake mainly as Katy will be here for a while).  So they had outings or meals with family and all in the last days.  Then school had a lot of things due - keeping up with lesson plans, grades, and all that.  Getting an outfit or two ready for her "pre-interview" meeting and getting resumes in order and applying for teaching in the state of TX and researching all that.  She has been a bit stressed also about the plane ride back by herself - and had to arrange that.  

So by the time she gets back here - Wed nite - she has to settle in here.  There are many bags in the bedroom.  I was going to go through and set it up for her but I'll have to let her do it like she needs.  

So having said all that, my point is that she has been stressed and her immune system lowers when that happens and being in airports with all those germs.  I know her well, and I know that she is going to be sick once she finally slows down.  She will fly back Wed nite and then Thursday goes back to school.  We could get snow so I'm hoping secretly for a snow day for her - but not one for me.  I don't need another snow day.  lol  My snow days are not good experiences anymore.  lol

So while ordering the protein powder I had ordered something Called Orgain Organic Superfoods.  It has 50 superfoods in one scoop.  

So I'm trying to work in some of this whenever I can.  I really like the taste.  It has a "healthy good for you taste".  Yesterday I had some unsweetened tea and I put this in it.  It really made the tea much better.  I enjoyed sipping the tea yesterday at work.  However, it doesn't look very appetizing does it?  I bought this to give me a little more nutrition.  Since I only use 1 scoop - it has minimal nutritional value as compared to eating a meal - but it's one more way to add something to my daily intake that is actually good for me. 

I bought it to add to smoothies and depending what I need, I will either add this or a protein whey that I bought.  I bought the protein to add to smoothie so that it is more of a meal replacement and will hold me longer and also will help breakdown any sugar from fruit that is in the shake.  

I'm sorry this is really hard to read.  However, you may be able to make out that it's greatest value is fiber.  I'll take it!  It has 2% to 8% of your daily recommended intake of vitamins.  That is not much but considering it's just a scoop - perhaps that is not too bad for what it is.  So I'm trying to work this into my eating habits.  I really think I'll be adding it to the water bottles a lot and putting the top on to shake it.  But we didn't have any bottled water at work yesterday.  Usually they provide it.  I often take my own and just didn't yesterday but I did have that tea and it made the tea taste good!  

Well, let's talk about the new dog Findlay (Katy's dog)....She is fitting in much better to our routine than ever imagined.  She is quite disciplined.  She has energy but has calmed down from her puppydom!  
She responds pretty well to "no" and "get down" and such.  She is getting along with the other dogs.  Goes to her crate at bed time and doesn't whine and sleeps til morning, and gets up with George and Roger - which means I only have to take 2 dogs out instead of 3 when I get up.  And amazingly - no one pee'd in the house yesterday.  We had Findlay gated in the kitchen area and our dogs in the den.  And not a spot anywhere to be found by any of them.  So that is wonderful.  

George said taking 4 out is like going fishing with 4 rods and all of them biting.  lol  I dread having to do 4, myself.  But he does their main business walk in the mornings after I leave and then also when he gets home.  My work days are longer than his.  

Well, I think I've decided to hold off on the doc - mainly b/c I think it is an unhealthy risk to go to the doctor's office right now with the flu reports.  I looked at my meds and don't have to go until April.  I have enough meds to wait til hopefully all this flu stuff is over.  I'd hate to go to doctor just b/c I'm minorly feeling bad only to get the flu and all the complications that can go with that, including death (as it has for some).   So I think I'll just wait. 

Well, we've had kind of a coffee issue here at the house.  I opened a new package of coffee and we just didn't like it.  George said it was "ok" but not his favorite.  I can't stomach it at all.  I like mine black and this had some kind of spice blend in with it.  So I opened another bag today and it was really coffee that had become old enough that it didn't taste good.  Or it has fillers or something.  So tonight I will be grounding up some beans for coffee tomorrow.  The coffee should be much better.   

George and our friends have been filling up the calendar for February.  Oh well.  I have Roller Derby (watching only not participating, lol), a Magical Illusionist, and a Birthday party, and Rodizio all in my future.  Fun times but this old girl is needing some more home time.  I'm not quite sure I'm through with my hibernation period just yet.  And if it snows on any of these dates - forget it!

After work yesterday I went to get my nails done.  While arriving it began snowing pretty good.  What????????  Apparently a cold front moved in dropping the temps and bringing some surprise moisture with it.  I thought the highs was 40's.  Well it was.  But it dropped.  So it's good to really analyze the weather a bit more than just looking at the high temps.  Anyway, I wanted my nails done and it wasn't a major snow event, so I got the nails done and the red is off.  It was fun for a while but I was ready for normal - went with my french manicure.  

Then I went to Walmart.  I started to drive down to Kroger but Walmart was just right there.  I said if I could get a close parking spot near the door or in good lighting where lots of people coming in and out - I'd do Walmart.  I've become a bit scared of the Walmart parking lots - especially after dark.  But I did it.  I bought a lot of nutritional things and we were out of just about everything it seemed.  So I'm happy that we have food in the house again.  It was kind of fun to shop.  I also bought a new dog bed.  It seemed like we just needed one more - then we don't have to move a bed back and forth for Tugie as she uses one to sleep on at night.  I'm also down a bed being laundered right now plus another bed is wearing out.  Plus we have Findlay and Findlay's bed is worn out b/c she chewed it up, as a puppy.  

Anyway - when I got home last night - George helped get all the groceries up and he put most of them up for us while I got settled in.  I had to do some laundry reboots.  He had fixed some Mexican rice that I wanted with chicken.  It was great.  I'll share the recipe tomorrow if I think of it, lol. 

We watched a Soprano and then it was time for bed.  What a day.  Felt good to sleep and I slept all night through.  Knowing Katy and Cody was safe and we were fed and happy and restocked and had a big day - and Findlay had been good.  I thanked the Lord.  And slept.


  1. Thankfully all is going well with your gal and with the dogs. It is important to get rest and eat right when you are stressed. Even though the busy days are good they still tend to wear you down. Will look forward to seeing that recipe. It's always nice to try something new. We had snow yesterday too. Hope you have a terrific Tuesday.

  2. Thred Up used to be okay, but now seems a waste of time. The first time I submitted a bag, a year or two ago, I made about $100. This time - they charge a hefty fee and (despite the same type of brands and newer stuff, including many high end labels...) I got nothing. I won't bother again, our local consign stores are much better!

  3. Glad to hear all is okay with Findlay and you. and that the kids made it there safe and sound. thredup sounds interesting. i've heard some good things and bad about them.


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