Thursday, January 11, 2018

Thursday Morning Tales over Coffee

Good morning!  All going well.  I guess!  

George's stitches are out and he said he took no time at all.  

I emailed Petlink again regarding Maisy's chip and they responded.  They had typed in my email address wrong so whenever they entered the information and replied to let me know - it didn't come through.  I emailed them again and gave them our information to check.  Lo and behold - the email was the problem.  They also sent a password as well.  So I will go in this morning and make sure we can get in.  But the main thing is that they approved it and made us  the official owners.  If she is lost we can always have hope she will come back.   

I've been looking at this at Walmart, wondering if our dogs would use it and wondering if it would clean up easily.  They are around $30.   lol  

Tugie's antiobiotics ran out a couple of days ago for kidney infection (bladder infection - can't remember which).  She is now having a problem again.  She has been having problems holding it and George scolded Maisy pretty good several times yesterday.  I told George last night when we saw it was Tugie that he'd probably been blaming the wrong dog....again.  I did it last time.  Poor Maisy gets blamed b/c she is new dog.  George's patience with this is growing thin.  I reminded him it's why I did not want pets to begin with, but now we have them and love them.  He is going to be having us convert our flooring soon!  We have wood flooring underneath the carpets (the old kind from long ago, lol).  He wants to finish them with something that will protect them and do away with the carpets in the main living areas.  At least if we can do the den and hall it will be fine and then we'd have to get flooring in the kitchen to match.  I'd even be ok with linoleum in the kitchen - I like a nice linoleum if it is light beige , tan, or cream in a nice upgraded design and a certain texture (no colors - no gloss).  I could live with that if we didn't have wood.  I don't have to have the latest in everything but I don't want blue linoleum, lol! I'll not fuss though b/c we just got the sofa and chair and are talking TV's - I don't want to mess that up.  

Then we'll be talking new appliances - lol.  We want a double oven and I want a countertop redo.  But oh gosh I wouldn't dare mention it.  By the time we get everything updated on George's timelines we'll be dead.  lol  

So Tugie...well, I took her to the vet last time so I've asked George if he will do it this time.  I don't have time to miss work and tomorrow it's gonna ice/snow anyway.  She seems better this morning, but I think she is going to start going downhill on us.  I worry that her kidneys are failing.  I don't know what we are dealing with for sure, but the antibiotics seemed to help and now she is back to having some issues.  At least we slept through the night but as we were watching the Soprano's she barked to go outside 3 or 4 times.  We let her out b/c if you don't she'll go in the house. 

So we have this big ice snow thing coming.  It was going to be in the evening but now it's going to be coming in the morning.  So tomorrow's work day should be interesting being that "I don't DO ice and snow".  Have laptop and will most likely work from home.  If that doesn't suffice then I'll take a vacation day and do nothing.  I can probably get more done at home for a longer day anyway - no shower (jammies), no commute on both ends of the day, no interruptions,  and can have more hours to catch up from trying to be two people since the new assistant quit.  So in a way the little storm system is a blessing in disguise.  I don't like to work from home - well of course I do - but I'd rather do it from work b/c that is where all the files are and I have to bring home what I need.  But I have people to put on all our insurance websites and people to take off, and a lot of that kind of stuff I need to do.  So the day will be perfect for that.  A snow storm is just what I need to catch up.   

The new assistant quitting has been a blessing in disguise as well.  I think every now and then I DO need to get plugged back in to the "assistant" part of things.  So I can remember what it was like.  It's actually fun and I'm enjoying it.  But it's putting me behind in my own job so while I kinda wish I could do it all - I'm just not able to do both jobs and keep head above water.  But it's been fun trying.  

Well sorry, usually don't talk about work as it makes individuals flock here to read for the wrong reasons, but anyway since the ice and snow storm is coming it kinda interlopes with my life at home a bit.  So I will gather my files today for a work at home day tomorrow.  There is no point in driving to work only to pack up and leave when you know it is coming.  I've also not felt good this week either but have pushed myself in.  I think I have an ear infection starting up.  And have felt like I had a low grade fever.  Have been hoarse here and there.  I did not take my temp but it's all sinus related as I've had head pains and ear ringing and discomfort in my ear the last few days.  I need more citrus in my diet for sure.  That would help.   

Well anyway, I need to get moving so I can try to get a lot done! 

I'm looking forward to this weekend so I can put the normal decor back in the house.  Gotta get the house cleaned up a bit so that we will be ready to go for the 20th when our friends come over to "do Christmas".  The house is not in too bad of a shape as I've been working on it all along.  But we'll whip it up this weekend. 

Hope your day is a good one.  


  1. Take care and be safe, it does sound like some nasty weather coming. It's to come here by the weekend too. I'm going to the store today so I can be prepared. Sorry to hear your Tugie is having problems again. Hopefully another round of antibiotics will do the trick. I have everything new here at this place I moved to. Carpet, appliances and tile in the kitchen and bath. It's really nice, but all my furniture is old...very old. Still it works and that's what is important. Hope you can get a lot done today and are ready for tomorrow.

  2. stay safe and warm during the storm. expecting one here too. sorry to hear tugie is still sick after the antibiotics.

  3. I am so sorry about Tugie I don't think the antibiotics have really ...cured....the infection, maybe another bout of pills will help. It's so difficult with the three dogs to keep everything clean and smell free. I think getting rid of carpets would help, you could always have the wooden floors sanded and then sealed with varnish, a lot of people do that if they have wooden floors ( my sister and BIL did that and it looked good,also made the room look much bigger. Mary had a wood effect Lino laid, she can't have rugs as she would trip over them, but the floor looks good and at first glance you woudnt realise it wasn't real good luck with that idea......hope if you do get snow I hope it's not nearly as bad as some folks over on the East .....we are being told we may get it next week......take care. Xxx


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