Friday, January 26, 2018

Tiredness, Blood Sugar, and Smart TV's

I have decided that yesterday's tiredness and exhaustion was a sugar thing.  Whenever I ate I felt better - for two to three hours anyway.  Since the symptoms for high blood sugar and low blood sugar are the same it's difficult to tell.  But I'm guessing low as we've been eating so much better with salads and veggies - less sugar and starch - so one would think it would be low.

It's hard to lose weight if this happens and to feel better you have to go eat sugar.  lol  Wow.

I'll be making an appointment with my doctor soon for the full physical.  We will discuss my arm, my tiredness and my inability to know if my blood sugar is high or low.  It seems like if they give you meds that can make you go low - they ought to give you the stick thing so you can test it.  I'm in a catch 22 with trying to do right and eat better b/c as I lose it makes me feel bad and you have to go eat sugar to feel better b/c the meds are trying to bring it down.  However, last night I didn't take the meds just to see if i feel better.  I don't really though.  I am still tired and sleepy but I don't know how long this lasts.  It's kind of a very sleepy, sluggish, mentally exhausted, physically exhausted, feels like you are slightly going into a cold sweat but not really.

Anyway I hope this passes soon, b/c I'd prefer feeling alert and normal.

So Katy came over last night to drop off her clothes and all the things she will need while here.  She has some more stuff to bring Saturday.  However, we may end up just bringing it back with us on Sunday.  She is really busy and stressed.  They have been doing the last of the packing, have been taking things to others to store for them - for a while.  Our basement was over capacity with furniture, so Cody's grandmother had some room.

She has school lesson plans and things to work on too that was due so she could not go out to eat with us.  I prayed for her b/c I know it's hard to work and be patient with people and their drama when you stay up late trying to get things done.  lol  That is why I will go to bed at 9 or 9:30 if I can - so I won't tell people what I think of them when they act ridiculous.  So I hope she is calm today and throughout this move.

We will see them Sunday (maybe Saturday) and they will head off into the Heart of TX Monday morning pulling a U-Haul.  I will be on pins and needles til I know they have arrived safely.  Katy will fly back next Wednesday.  She also wants to come Saturday and sortof set up her living here.  Right now everything is in the bedroom laying on the beds and in the floor.  We'll get it figured out.  She didn't have the rolling rack yet.  She's bringing it Saturday.  We'll need it for sure.

After she left, George and I went to Big Lots to look at TV stands to hold a 65 inch TV.  Theirs were just "ok".  Yeah we are going for that 65 inch size.  George said that he thought we'd like the big one too.  He actually measured for the sizing (really like 49 inches I think? I can't remember but I know it's not really 65 inches across - as that is measured diagonally.) But anyway he took a tyvek roll and drew and cut 3 TV sizes to scale and we held them up in front of our current TV to see how the size will do.  We both agreed that 65 is the way to go for us.  That also took us a step down in the type of TV we were getting.  I think he wanted OLED - I'm not sure what I'm talking about but there is one screen that you can see at any angle and is more expensive, but the others will be just fine as we will be looking straight on.  We don't have any side chairs that won't be viewing straight ahead so it's fine to get the regular screen for less money since we are going with a bigger size.

So we are looking at stands and then soon we'll go get the TV.  ;-)  He's looking at them on line now.  And there is talk of adding an X Box for George and he has offered for me to get a huge iTune card - and a sound system - no - more of a speaker system I think.  Best Buy has 24 mos same as cash on TV's.  George has a cell phone now that he carries all the time and has reactivated his account after tearing up his best buy card when we tried to buy a computer last year on 12 mos same as cash and they said - not w/o a cell phone.  He didn't have a cell phone with him and they wouldn't use mine and it made him mad.  I told him look - if Best Buy has the best TV we want and the Best Deal - think of it like you are USING THEM - lol.  B/C you really are - it's to our advantage to have that deal!  Then we don't get into savings and can spread out the purchase.  He agreed and has re-established his account and complained about what happened to an agent.  I told him when I said I wanted an iTune card - I just really meant about $15 to $25.  I have Christmas money left and I'm going to use some of it for that.  I think he feels a bit guilty about the X Box.  lol  I am good if I can spend $15 to $20 on adding some music.  I collect about three times as much in songs I want to download but I don't listen to mine as much as he does so I'm not spending a lot on that.  I will enjoy the picking from my collection to download. I like rating them and then figuring out which ones get to be downloaded. We are so geeky.  Anyway, with the TV and a gaming system for G - we'll be setting ourselves up for some fun home times.  So...I think we'll be getting this soon.  Perhaps not this weekend but maybe the next.  I bet he'd love to watch the superbowl on it.  ha. I'm just being patient and not getting my hopes up, but I think once we get the stand - we are good to go! We just need the stand - and some time!

But having said that we'll be spending more time at home..Katy is coming and she likes to get out and has a lot of things in mind for us to do before she leaves.  So while she is here we'll be doing some fun things.

OH we did go to Bellacino's after shopping and we got a free pepperoni pizza with thin crust b/c it was something we won at a silent auction at Katy's school.

I ordered a cook book holder from Amazon.  I'll take a pic of it this weekend.  We both love it.  I wanted one for Christmas but was too late mentioning it, lol.  So I ordered one and offered George the money for it with my Christmas money but he said not to worry about it.  So that's good.  He liked it too when it came in and it will be useful for other things as well - like holding music, ipads, etc.

Well, I'm getting off of here to go in.

I'm so glad it's Friday.  I don't feel the greatest.  I really am needing a break from work.  And I'm not sure what the eating scene will be for me today.

I'm looking forward to tomorrow morning as we have some free time! Yay!  We have a friend party tomorrow in which we will be doing some gaming - something called left - right - center!  We are getting dessert and I think we'll pick up a Key Lime Pie from Publix.  It's that time a year you need some citrus!  George laughed when I told him that, but it's true.  Apparently I need more sugar too to be healthy and feeling good.  Yes I know that is not right, but....At least that is what the meds (Rx) say.

Ya'll take care.


  1. I have a friend that has diabetes and high blood pressure and she measure both. A blood pressure cuff and some sort of instrument that reads blood sugar when you prick your finger with a pin. Maybe these would be helpful to you too. She has to do it for her health as she also takes medicine for the diabetes too. Glad you are going to be getting the new TV. I'm sure you'll love it! Will continue prayers for your daughter and her hubby as they go through this big move. It's nice you'll be able to have the extra time with her too.

  2. YES! OLED. We are looking at them. Gorgeous. My husband is a huge, huge fan of them.

    Good luck!

  3. Sorry I didn't get in yesterday but here I am just after 6.15 ..I'm getting as bad as you getting up early but unlike you I don't have to get up so early,but once I'm awake I'm not so comfortable...back,thigh,leg just aches so so I just get up.i find sitting up in my chair helps after a while...nothing like all the symptoms you are having. I hope that you go to,the Dr, VERY soon....for a complete check up. Do you take a list with you when you go, it's better and quicker for your Dr if you do that....I'm so delighted that your getting your new TV and George is getting his gizmo and you your extra's going to be a wonderful time to buy especially with Kate at's a pity you don't have an extra room so that Kate could have a place to go to to be on her own. I think you ALL may find yourselves clashing at times..... She is a different person now from who she was when staying at home......but I pray that you will all shake along just fine also the dogs will be ok with each other, there may well be a bit of jealousy between happy days ahead is my prayer.....hope today will be a nice sunny one for you all....I have to be up at church this morning just after 8 we are hosting a prayer breakfast with other Methodist churches in our circuit most will come from Bath they have been having them once a month in alternate churches..this month it's our turn...I seem to have been in a draft cause I have a stiff neck this morning I have rubbed it with Ralgex so hope it helps soon...only prob. with Ralgex is it smells!!!msome might like it...I don't ......have a greAt day try not to do too much. Xxxx

  4. definitely arrange to see the doctor. i am a diabetic. and when your blood sugar is off kilter it can wreck havoc on you.


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