Friday, January 5, 2018

Winter Cold, Oral Surgery for George, and a Snugglefest

I think we are all just a little bit tired of the winter cold.  Most of the time down here in the South, we can go most of the winter with a light jacket or a fleece jacket at most.  I don't even know if they sell full length heavy coats here any more. lol  I guess there are a few parka types out there.  I bought a pretty hefty coat in Maine, and tried to wear it and it is sooooo bulky that I couldn't do anything in it.  I felt like I was wearing one of those sumo wrestler costumes. 

I had an ear ache last night for a while and seem to be having some sinus and drainage issues again.  A bit stuffy and a little hoarse last night and this morning and coffee helping. 

Got my hair cut last night.  She did a great job of styling it.  I walked in and George said "wow, look like a movie star" ------woahhhh I wasn't expecting that one.  I mean like whenever does someone say that? lol   I'll take it!  I wish I could style it like she did.  She styled it differently than any time before.  Whatever product she used made it soooo soft too.  I love it.  I was so tired that I almost went to sleep in the chair.  I apologized for being quiet but told her I was so tired and sleepy.  The shampoo was good too although I was dreading getting my hair wet.  But the warmth of the water and the head massage was great.

We had soup and chicken salad for dinner and it was really good and hit the spot.  We watched a revenge.  I fell asleep at the end.  I woke up with George laughing at me.  lol  He had to tell me what happened. 

Anyway, today I have to take George to work and then I have to leave work and go pick him back up mid morning to go to an oral surgeon.  He has a split tooth - split to the root - that has to be taken care of.  He will be sedated and so I have to drive him.  Then bring him back home.  Then go back to work. 

I'm so glad it's Friday.  Have a lot to do here at the house. The things I ordered over the weekend came in - well except for the storage shelf.  But the George Foreman came in, my dusting cloths came in, and my 3 tops that have a poly blend in them for wearing under other things during this cold winter.  I needed something to wear under the wrap sweaters I got for Christmas. 

Not a lot of extra things to say - oh I got down in the floor to love on Tugie and snuggle a bit with her.  I miss her being a snuggler with me in bed now that she sleeps on the floor.  I mean overall that has been a good move for her b/c we all sleep better.  If she didn't want to be there - she WOULD let us know as she would bark til we let her in bed, but she took to the floor instantly in her snuggly little bed.  But last night she loved the snuggles so I will try to do that every night a bit so she feels loved.  She snuggled back trying to get as close to me as she could and gave me kisses.  So sweet.  She was always a good hugger when she was a lap dog.  She really did.  She was press her body and her head against you to tell you she loved you.  Especially if she saw tears in your eyes are knew you were upset.  Soooo sweet.  So during this snugglefest last night - Maisy had a fit!  She began barking at me as if I were a neighborhood dog on the wrong property.  She was having NONE of it.  So I had to give her attention too.  But I always give her attention b/c she demands it every few minutes.  lol  She did NOT want me to open my birthday gifts yesterday.  She was not having that either - lol.  George had to hold her so she would quit pawing and scratching at my arm to give her attention.  She was all over me.  lol  She loves me.  It's nice to be loved. 

Well, I better go get in the shower.  I told George we needed to leave by 6:30.  He thinks that is early.  It is for him. For me it's normal.  lol  If we were not riding together I could have gone in early but it seemed best to ride in together in this situation.  Anyway, better go! 


  1. Poor George, I do not envy his day but yet it is something you have to get fixed. It's going to really break up your day driving him back and forth and home but maybe that is a good thing ! It is Friday after all !

  2. So sorry I missed coming in to coment last couple of evenings but I've not been very well and have been going to bed early so not spending to much time on my I pad....two days ago you mentioned a bit to me about your graphics..I remember when you did some great things in the good old days ! I'm glad you've still got them...also didn't say I am both pleased and sad that Cody and Kate are moving to Texas...pleased for them but sad for you and George..still it will always be somewhere new to go on holiday !! I'm pleased you had such a nice birthday your cake Kate brought looks good enough to eat LOL. That must have been so special snuggled up to will have to be a bit firmer now with Masie, she seems to be getting very attached to you, whilst that is lovely it could become troublesome she could want to be your protector so just watch out...By now I hope George will be home, I hope that the treatment was not to painful and that he will rest over the might have to be making him ...soft food ...
    Have a lovely weekend. Take care. Xxxx.

  3. the snugglefest with tugie sounds sweet. hope george feels better soon with that tooth.


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