Friday, January 12, 2018

Work Day From Home...

Well, the mess is coming but when you are going to work at home it can be called "pretty" from the window.  I see no need to get out in it if you can take a vac day or if you have ability to work at home.  Our IT has given capability to most of the managers so that during travel or times away they can work at home or on the go.  And I will do that today.  It is much of a relief to me actually b/c I will be able to get more done without the commute. 

I checked the new laptop (much lighter than the other one, thank goodness) and the VPN works, the new email works.  So that means I'll be able to access what I need just as if I was at work.  What is not there is all the files but for what I'm doing today I don't need the files.  I spend a lot of time every day dealing with files as the filing build up is incredible.  So it's good to get away from the filing for a day. 

The coffee is on and flowing.  George is planning on going in.  You know men - they gotta get out in the stuff.  I would ask him to take me to work but I have been there and done that before.  He waits til it's too bad to get home and he's been stuck out in it about 3 times and had a hard time getting home b/c roads were blocked with wrecks.  There was that 109 bridge when the truck went sideways.  He did not get home til 10 that night and he left at noon.  There was that time on Elm Hill Pike where the road got blocked in front of Gibson and he couldn't get out to get me.  Someone had to take me to him as we were closing down and I had no where to go.  We were stuck at work for hours. The third time was when we waited too long to leave to go to Columbia during an ice event and had a very horrible treacherous trip to Columbia.  So now I don't trust to go in with him anymore.  🤣

So, I've already been up and done the laundry this morning and will get the dishwasher rebooted and then I'll start my workday.  I have people to put on all the insurance websites for our FEB enrollees, I have the new hire reporting to do, follow up on some drug screens, and b/g checks, my credit card expense report, run ads for manufacturing and transport, remove the 2017 terms from my Benefit deduction report, do the offer for my next assistant, send the GM Reviews for Feb, and write a letter that I've been requested to write - the rest will be phone calls and emails and keeping things going as information central.  All things have to be entered as the week ends for payroll.  So I don't usually talk about work but that is what I'l be doing today.  I set up the office at the end of the dining room table so I can open the blinds after the sun comes up and watch it all unfold.  We are supposed to get more ice than snow here.  But should get a layering as the temps drop.  It is already 36.

Yesterday went well.  Got a lot done at work - more actually than I had imagined.  It was quieter and the email volume and the demands were fewer.  Has been challening being two people but so far have kept it under control.  That is why today is important - I can get a lot done here w/o the interruptions from others and without doing the filing, unlocking and locking and all that.  Last night I watched the Tanya Harding story but something happened in the last 15 to 20 minutes.  The commercials came on and I began playing Tropical Farmville and the next thing I know the evening 10 o'clock news was coming on....ohhh man....I missed the last part!  Anyway, Tanya had a rough life and a lot of scrutiny.  Apparently she knew some things about what happened after the fact but had not reported it.  She was very rough in her attitude, still, much like she was then.  I feel bad for her in a way.  She let some of the others bring her down.  I recognize that attitude though.  When you have been through some stuff in your life - it really jades the way you look at things, at life, at people.  It makes you angry and defensive.  I can relate to that.  That tough skin you have to put on to protect yourself.  However, I've not been involved in nor aware of any crimes - except for maybe speeding - lol. I don't go but 5 over unless I forget and accidentally go 10 b/c no one is in front of me finally.

And then yay, it's the weekend after today.  We are having shrimp and steak tonight.  Yum. 

Well, I'm going to get started on my day!  I think I'll jump in the shower and put on some sweats first.  Love not having the commute today.  I don't even have to pack lunch.  I'll throw a Totino's pizza in the oven for lunch.  Probably will have two boiled eggs for breakfast which can boil while I work.  The laundry is already started.  And I'll probably reboot the dishwasher at some point during a break.  But I'm ready for a long work day to get everything done on my list.  I will have to take the dogs out later today.  Maybe George will do it this morning for the morning long business walk.

Well, better go get started so I can get done with everything.  Ya'll have a wonderful day.  Oh yeah, I get to listen to Alexa as loud as I want.  I'll probably keep news on though as they (Channel 2 wkrn Nashville is to remain on as the event rolls through.)

I guess I need to let my boss know I'm working from home.  I guess if that is not ok I'll take VAC day and read all day.  Fine by me, but I'd rather work so we are not slammed next week.  I need the catch up day but I'll be flexible.  They don't want me to work I'll gladly surrender the day to a day of pleasure.  Actually working is fun for me b/c I love what I do.  Reading all day and playing Famrville and cleaning house would work for me too. Happy either way. What I'm NOT doing is getting out on the roads.  That is a certainty! 

Ya'll take care.


  1. I think you made a good choice and hope George is ok getting home. Maybe he could leave a bit early to get a head start on the traffic. Schools are closed here in anticipation of the icy conditions coming our way and then after freezing rain snow will fall. Getting colder and by tonight we'll be back in the deep freeze again. Hope your boss says work at home is ok so you can get all that work done. Keep warm and cozy. I am. Have a fantastic Friday!

  2. i think you were wise to stay home and off the roads today. hopefully you'll get alot done.

  3. I'm glad you stayed home Sonya, I don't like the idea of ice on roads. It's something we very rarely get...oh yes we get icy conditions but not actual ice showers, it's iether rain,sleet or snow. Only once do I remember coming home from work on the coach when suddenly it started sliding all over the road as did lots of cars etc,,,it had happened as the rain turned to ice all over the road, unlike 3/4 hr it usually took to get home it was more like 3 hrs... I would never like to see that again....I'm glad though that you could work at home, what a difference that would make...hope you had a great day xxx

  4. I know you got more done with being able to be safe and warm at home without worrying about the drive. It is not worth wrecking and your car insurance going sky high. Your husband must have nerves of steel. Enjoy your weekend. I am heading off to a 60th birthday party tonight. Take care..


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