Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Food Trucks, Jobs, and VP Pence Traffic

Yesterday was filled with sunshine and a food truck "The Rolling Feast" at our business complex.  A Food Truck usually comes every Tuesday.  I said Tuesday is going to be my new cheat day. ha. 
I did cheat!  I had a "sanora" hot dog which did nothing but make me hungry.  Had to go back and get nachos.  

So, George came over and joined us (he's only about 12-15 min away) and it was nice sitting in the sun eating.  And I think he enjoyed getting out being that the threat of unemployment is looming this week.  He said he was a little nervous going back as the rumor was corporate (his location) was on the chopping block for people being let go.  However, he said they never made it over.  He thinks if he makes it through the week, he'll be ok for now.   And the plant he came from wants him back.  But he's got to make it through to that point of getting all that worked out.  Someone contacted him and said they were working on it.  So continue to pray for us.   I'm trying not to be anxious.  And keeping my mind occupied in other ways.  But it is scary.  Just a lot of things going on.  

George said if the layoff comes, we may look at moving to TX.  He popped that one right out.  Of course I think it would not be good timing to do so.  And I'm not sure I want to move to TX.  That's so out of the box for me.  I think it's in the back of his mind as an option, but I really don't think he's totally serious.  He said we'd move to TX and sell "Tennessee hot chicken".  I can already get going on the marketing for this stuff.  I'm seeing canary yellow t-shirts and aprons with a black silhouette of a chicken on the front.  I think if somehow we could work "bacon" into our title (and food) our sales would go up 20 to 30%.  I mean who is going to pass up the food truck with "bacon" in their title if there is a string of choices.  lol  

By Joe, I've got it - how bout the Tennessee HOT Oink and Cluck!  lol

I think there would be mac and cheese with bacon.  There would be a vinaigrette slaw with bacon. And a dessert with bacon.  I could go on dreaming up our menu and designing our marketing.  However, I don't really have a desire to own or run a food truck in Texas. lol 

So VP Pence came to Opryland Hotel yesterday (close to my work) and so the news teams were setting up all around.  

You can see the reporter and camera man getting ready in the corner there.  

So I had heard it would be around lunch time when the roads were shut down.  However, George made it in and out just fine.  

But I stayed til 5:45 at work yesterday and when I left and got on Briley Parkway, the interstate was shut down and I could not get past the airport to get home.  I drove around an hour trying various ways.  I knew all of them would be blocked until he (Pence) finally took off and got into the sky.   So finally roads were opened.  But what a mess.  I did not get home until 7 or so.  Grrr...but what can you do. 

Well, I finished a book last night.  Katy watched her shows on TV which I'm not following, so I finished a book and started a new one.  I'll have to update in my side bar.  It's a red letter day when I finally finish a book.  I am running out of "travel" books.  When I finally read all my real books, there are plenty that I've earmarked for purchase thru Amazon.  A lot of the latest stories are not in book format.  

Well, I am a bit chilly this morning.  The rain is heavy outside and my hair is still wet and it's cool.  I'm going to have to go blow dry my hair to heat up I think.  

Hope you all have a lovely day.  

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Kombucha, Local Meteorologists, and Some Changes Most Likely Coming!

Well, I really liked this drink - but not everyone would.  I will get it again.  Mom told me about these.  It's supposed to be really good for you.  If you have ever heard of "cleansing".  I think this is your drink, lol.  I would only recommend half of it at a time - if that much.  Yes, I partook and the first swallow I was not sure but after another swallow I decided it was refreshing and a flavor that I liked and would want more of.  I also brought a grapefruit one but think it was a different brand.  You should at least try it.  

So I don't think I shared this.  Forgive me if I did already.  But here is our local weather person at WKRN, (Channel 2), Danielle Breezy with Katy in her classroom.

And below she talks to them about her team and what she does as a meteorologist.  It was for career day.  I love that they do career day.  

Well, I turned in my vacation requests for our Chicago trip yesterday and planned to come home and check on hotels and flights and get that booked.  And then I got a text from George that said that layoffs were starting at the major guitar company he works for, that has recently been in the news - in major financial trouble.  George doesn't usually discuss anything with me that he thinks I will worry and fret over.  But the fact that he even texted me - made me think that perhaps he himself is really worried now.  I asked him if he wanted to hold off planning the Chicago trip.  He said "let's just see if we get through the week".  So I will hold off another week.  I think the flights are pretty cheap in Chicago and one or both of our tickets will be free due some points build up.  We'll have hotel and expenses.  But we can go a cheaper trip versus a more expensive trip.  But I can wait a week.  If we don't get to go to Chicago in May - I doubt we will ever go.  This is really our only window to travel dog free while someone stays with them all.  

But, George made it through the day.  But he had several friends and coworkers that did not.  He spent much of the evening on the phone texting and talking with people that lost their jobs and with those that did not.  The week is not over.  I think they did 15 yesterday and have 25 more to go he heard.   

I guess we'll see what happens.  So we will take your prayers.  

George is up early this morning.  His mind is racing he says.  Who knows what will happen when all this changes with his work.  There could be quite a bit of change.  If he is still employed, his position could change, even his location could change.  Or he could be one of the ones that goes.  That opens up a whole world of possibilities.  

I am going to put this up there with everything else.  God will determine our steps from here.  

I hope every one has a wonderful Tuesday.  We have a food truck coming to work today and the weather is supposed to be pretty - so I'm going to partake of that today! 

Going to get off of here and do a couple of on line "errands" lol.  And I'll be back to fill you in on the latest.  

Oh by the way, I began feeling better after lunch time yesterday.  More energy and more of a will to do anything.  I'm coming baaaaack!  ;-)   But last evening marked the 8th day since the flu on set.  My sinuses/ears a bit stuffy but that seemed to get better too by afternoon.  George said I sounded better today.  

Oh yeah, Katy and I watched "Counting On" with the Dugger kids.  It was good.  I wouldn't be watching it if it wasn't for Katy but I enjoyed it.  

And I guess that is all I have today.  Don't you love how it takes about 3 tries for me to get off of here?  

So pray for us this week.  Lots of things happening.  I don't even know what to tell you to pray.  What if God does want us to have some changes.  I guess just pray for God's will and for us to be ok and happy and taken care of in this testy and insane world.   I really don't care what we do, where we go, or what happens as long as we are financially secure, I feel safe, and we are in a happy situation - and for me that has to include - safe, clean, organized, and cozy.   

And...the Big TV will travel if needed.  lol

Monday, February 26, 2018

Muddled Monday

Well, ok, it's Monday again.  I'm not ready for it but it'll come and go regardless.  I'm a little off the game this morning.  I think I have clothes to wear this week.   I think I can get to my sandals.  I am feeling disheveled.  I forgot to get a few things out of the room Katy is sleeping in.  I hope I can find my summer shoes.  If not I guess I'll be changing tops again and ironing to do so (to have a shirt that will go with the pants/shoes I'm wearing) and will be late.  I really didn't want to or feel like fooling with it yesterday. And quite frankly - I am not really caring much today.

I am getting better.  The head cold is mainly gone.  Perhaps some left over debris in my sinuses.  A little nausea hits here and there and a little weakness of the muscles.  I think the flu or whatever virus that was, plays havoc with your muscles, kidneys, and other organs.  I'm still a little left over tired, and my muscles are a little leftover weakish.  I think I'm just out of sorts.  We are in that period of time that I get into a funk about every year.  That period of time where you are trying to come out of winter, into spring, and it's dreary.  I don't want to go anywhere, do anything.  I just want to be. 

I have a lot of happy things that I want to be doing - I'm just not in the mood to move or think much.  And I go to work today in this mood and that usually doesn't work for work. lol  But here we go anyway and I'll give it my best shot, take my vitamins and go from here. 

I've not done my normal weekend routine of putting my meds in my pill box (bp meds, and vitamins) and I've not rebooted the coffee, and I let Katy have the washer and dry for the weekend.  However I think I put a load in the washer.  Or did I?  Perhaps I should reboot that tomorrow or rewash them.  But I think her clothes are in the dryer?  We need a better system. 

I know at some point I'll take up wings and begin flying again, but right now the umph is knocked out of me and I've no desire to do much, but just rest.  Sorry, not wanting pity, and not trying to feel sorry for myself.  I'm just trying to put my true feelings down in words and this comes out.  I think it's just recovering still from last week's flu which was just a few days ago, and the normal dreary I feel this time of year with less sun and probably needing more vitamin D.   And probably more B as well.  And the third item that plays into that is that it is a challenge to keep things looking nice.  I clean and it gets messed up, clean and it gets messed up.  There is no longer any reward for cleaning and it's making me feel like there is no reason to clean.  I know that is not a good way of looking at it but if you are not feeling good - to keep battling something eventually becomes, quite frankly "not worth it". 

It's ok.  I'm going to go get coffee.  I'm going to let Monday come and go.  I'll do my best to have a better attitude tomorrow.  There is something good that DID happen yesterday.  I made some progress in my books and I watched a lot of YouTube subscriptions on RV'ng.  I'm loving the pretty scenes and all the information.  It sounds exciting.  Makes my wheels turn.  lol  The fun part is getting to enjoy it from my sofa.  No cost.  On the big screen!  ;-)  I'm following a couple on You Tube called "Keep your Daydream".  They really do a good job with their videos. 

Well, I am glad that I can at least feed my psyche when I'm feeling blue or at least not up to par.  I can day dream and be happy via books and feeds, watching pretty things via sailing and RV'ing - going on vacation with all those folks out there.

I need to be planning our Chicago trip and looking at various hotels, but it wasn't in the cards this weekend.  I just wasn't working on anyone's to do list this weekend, including my own.  Most of my days are quite owned by my to do lists and I threw all of it out the window with the flu. 

So, here's to a new week.  One in which the month changes over to March.  And we'll see what happens from there. 

Not really in the mood to shine.'s ok....I'll be back up to par before long.

Coffee helps. 

Sybil hope you have a wonderful cruise! 

Ya'll be good!

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Yesterday, and the Powers of Good and Evil

Well, good morning.  I didn't post yesterday - if I don't get it done in the morning, it's hard to get back around to it later.  I find myself wanting to gravitate toward the TV instead of the computer.  lol

Truth be known I'm not totally back to myself.  Mainly sinuses and just lack of energy - not back up to par.  And my psyche is not back yet.  Yes, I'm missing apparently, lol.  I just don't have the drive back yet.  I think I'm still in sick mode.  Regardless how I have wanted to push through it.

Yesterday I went to get my toes done so I can wear sandals and flip flops.   I went to Zaxby's drive through to get a salad afterwards and took it home to eat it.  Oh it was so good.  I got tea as well but forget to ask for unsweet, so I went home and added a lot of ice to it to weaken it down.  Then spilled it in the living room.  Well, it was me trying to keep Findlay off the table so she wouldn't knock into it and then ended up knocking it over myself.  So I'll say she helped. lol

Katy and George went out yesterday and went to some Asian markets to get red curry and various other items that we are out of.  They went to the Girl Scout Cookie day at Black Abbey (pairing cookies to beer).  And they went to Hattie B's hot chicken.  They brought me back a plate.   I put it in the fridge and ate about 1/3 of it for dinner.

I spent the afternoon while they were gone watching YouTube videos on the TV.  I specifically enjoy watching the sailing videos and the RV'ing videos.  I love the adventure going with them through their videos.  I love the travel, and the water, and have always loved RV's and the thought of being on one.  I love seeing the decor and storage inside boats, RV's, other's houses (HGTV) and condos, etc.  It all flows - the adventures of travel, of organizing, decorating, and then writing about it, telling about it, or in my case listening about it.  I love the "suggested" video feature of the You Tube on TV.  So if you like "this one" then you will like "this other one".

Then I got into watching a movie with Glenn Close and Alec Baldwin. I'd seen it before but had forgotten it.  During that movie they came home and I handed over the remote so someone else could have it.  I'd watched all afternoon, rested, and it was complete bliss.  I enjoyed the day.

Our plan this morning was to go to church.  Maisy woke me up at 3:30 and I took her out and started to stay up but b/c the storms kept me up til 11 last night, a quick calculation told me since I'm not up to par, I should go back to bed and try to let sleep come.  It did and I slept too late.  George slept even later. So I will do a devo today.  I'm disappointed but we should have set an alarm.  I know I needed the rest, but I am disappointed in ourselves for not getting there this morning.

Today I need to go to the grocery and have a few options for breakfast.  I don't have a lot to do, but trying to keep the house clean and care after the dogs is almost a full time job.  I would like to mop the kitchen and clean the bathroom but we'll see.

I need to be doing some research on our Chicago trip but I've not felt like doing that either really.  Just no drive coming back yet.  But I'm trying.  Mostly I'm just doing laundry, dishes, dealing with doggies, and resting.  That is about all I can do right now.

The storms last night were bad to our North West and I guess they fizzled out by us.  It was pretty windy and I think I was asleep when they finally approached.  Once I realized the tornado warnings were gone I went to bed.  It did sound like planes were flying overhead really close.  I determined that was wind and not really planes (I think).  I can't imagine planes taking off and landing in that.

Well, I am going to get off of here and fix something for breakfast and do a devo.

I'm tired of listening to the gun arguments.  You can't please everyone in this situation.  The devil and his army is out there doing what he does best causing division and creating chaos.  He's sitting back laughing how he's pushed himself into the heart of schools (children) and the churches.  Sadly, it will continue and this will not get better.  But the real showdown will be at the end when good wins over evil.  God said He would end the earth for the sake of the elect b/c it ends up being too much.  But ultimately it won't matter what stance you are on - on the gun issue.  God will decide b/w good and evil.

I can remember reading a diary about a child living in a war zone area.  I remember how scary that must have been.  And now we all live in a time where at any time we can be shot at by these MANY unstable, unloved, drugged up, depressed, war gamed, disturbed individuals across the US.  We are living in our own big war.  You think about it every time you go to a movie, a school, a church, drive down the interstate, go to a restaurant, a concert.  We are all taking chances every time we go anywhere.

Well sorry, I'm not political, and I don't have an agenda.  I just feel real sorry for those that try to do right.  I feel real sorry for those that are aforementioned and need love and need the devils to be torn from their lives.  And I feel such hatred for the devil and sin in the world that does this to all of it's people.

Yeah I know I do have a spiritual opinion and I know that there is a growing number of people now that do not believe in God (also a growing number of issues b/c of that).  I am happy that I believe in God and feel bad and sad for those that don't.  I have been told that I don't see "the big picture" and that those that believe in the Devil or those that believe in their religion whether it include a God of evil or of righteousness that they also believe they are right.  And they have rights too.  Well they do for now.   All I can say is "bless their hearts".  Sometimes the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil leads you to be aware of too much - and you are deceived.

Anyway - God says "if you are not for me you are against me".   And with that said I'll get off of here and eat and do a devo.

Sorry for the rant.  Just venting.  I don't believe we should just let the devil take over - even though I know his presence will only just be worse.  The fight is real and the fight is not going to get easier.  The debates will get harder.  I hate controversy and I hate debating.

Til tomorrow! 

Friday, February 23, 2018

Going to Work Today; 24 Hours Fever Free

Well, I'm up and feel pretty good.  My fever did not go up yesterday - it stayed at normal ranges all day.  So I did my "fever free for 24 hours deal".  Still a bit nasal and voice goes at times and with cough.  But I'm going in to work. 

All in all it's been a good week to miss.  I may change my mind when I get to my desk. lol

Yesterday I worked a bit and rested a bit.  Did not get much done in the house but I did make some taco soup and started a load of laundry. 

It's been nice to have the big TV to watch and play with while under the weather. 

Tonight Katy and 3 other teacher friends have a sleepover and she has to take a dish and it's supposed to be like a teenage sleepover, lol.  I think it's cute. 

So George and I are doing our own thing.  He wants to do ravioli.  I'm not in the mood for that really but we'll see.  I'm really tired of eating in at this point. 

George and Katy went and got the burgers and fries (and a coke for me) last night.  It was so good and hit the spot.  I could not taste but the first bite or two but it was comfort food.

I'm not sure what I want to eat today.  I'm having an issue with that.  I am not sure I want the shake this morning.  Might make my own smoothie.  Thought about going to Cracker Barrel or going out for lunch.  What really sounds good is Thai food - which I guess I could order.  I just don't know what to do.  I'm tired of soup.  Not quite ready for salad.  Don't want any more pasta.  No burgers now.  I guess I won't take anything and we'll see. 

My family was supposed to go to Black Abby tomorrow and then to get Hot Chicken.  I think they are still going.  We'll see.  George told me I didn't have to go (not expected to go if I don't want to).  That gave me some relief.  I am the type that if I commit to go somewhere I stick to it.  But I told him that if the storms were coming through, I think I would rather stay home.  He quickly added that I didn't have to go.  lol  Almost too quickly. lol 

So since I'm not up for having a beer at this point and storms are coming tomorrow and weather not good, I'm good with being home. 

Well, it occurs to me that oatmeal sounds good.  Maybe I'll have that for breakfast.  I'll figure it out.  It's a big deal and totally normal to worry about "food".  lol

Well, I'm getting off of here and getting ready to go in. 

Ya'll have a good day!

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Feeling Better and Temps Near Normal

Well SO Far so Good!  I slept incredibly well last night.  Of course Maisy woke me up at 3:30 but held off til almost 5 this morning.  I think I may have sweated it out last night but can't tell for sure since I was asleep.  I have a near normal temp this morning.  Since I was 100.8 going to bed last night, I decided to stay home today til I'm fever free.  I feel much better than yesterday.  Yesterday (last night) I was pretty grouchy so I took that as a sign that I would get better.

I've had a bit more energy and most of all "will" is coming back.  Yesterday and the day before I might have been able to start a load of laundry - but had no desire to follow through.  Today I can think a bit better and have more of a will to want to do things.  I have had some of these each morning though.  For example right now, I don't have the energy I had when I first got up but I've changed sheets, done laundry, rebooted dishwasher and taken stuff downstairs that needs to go in storage.  I didn't feel like doing that yesterday or the day before.

George has fixed us eggs this morning and I put mine on whole grain with a little mayo.  Ok a lot of mayo.  And it hit the spot.  I think George made some homemade lemonade last night and I'm about to go get some of that.

I'm working from home today and resting too off an on.  I am not swollen in the glands or sore there in the neck anymore.  Was a little concerned yesterday afternoon that I was hurting in the back of my neck and stiff - but was comforted by the fact it was only muscles and went away.  I think it's the way I've been sitting/laying.  I laid flat last night - risking drainage going in chest and got the best sleep and also neck was relieved.

Once I get better I plan to continue with nutrition, cooking some wonderful meal ideas, and working on muscle fitness - especially with arms and hands.

Til then, I'm still moving very slow and plan to get my much craved hamburger and fries tonight.  George has agreed!  ;-)  I've een craving for two weeks now.  Even during the flu, lol.

I need to go.  I need to get on with work emails, take a shower, and then back to working on the laptop and getting a few things done.

Actually looking forward to going to work tomorrow unless the fever comes back strong - I think it won't but I could be wrong.  I began getting stir crazy yesterday - last night the worst and getting very irritable.

So I'm glad for the turnaround this morning and hopeful for it's continuance.  Glad for it not being as severe as some.  I know I'm not out of the woods yet as most of the severe issues occurred after people got better.  So that is kind of scary.

But we are hopeful all will be well.

Ya'll take care!

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Flu Bug Day 2

Well, I think I have the "typical" flu - so far it has been like all the others I have had in my life.  Fever, wooziness, chills as the higher fever comes back.   There is this gland though that hurts on the left side of my neck.  The swelling has gone down but it is sore.  I think what has helped me with this flu is drinking all the really COLD lemon water all day.  

It is definitely a "virus" as the fever hovers around 100 all day and goes up at night.  

The big ice pack sheets that I have, have helped keep my head cool and helps with the gland issue.  I like it b/c it's flexible and can be folded and molded and not as hard as a regular ice pack.  I put a lightweight linen towel around it so it is not too cold.  

I thought I was going to have a problem with my kidneys but that straightened out.  And is no longer an issue. 

I have been able to move around some as opposed to laying in bed ALL day.  I moved to the sofa yesterday.  I have brief moments of feeling better, especially when it's morning and fever is down some.  So I've been able to throw clothes in the washer and fold them on the sofa.  

I've been able to keep up with work email in case of something important.  And have texted with my assistant.  I think today I can actually break the work laptop out some and do a few things.  So I know already that I feel better than yesterday.   

So now the headcold and the fever remain.  Close to 100 this morning still.  So I've got to shed the fever before I can go back to work.  

I've not had any problems breathing, or heart palpitations or anything like that.  I was able to lay down and get some good sleep over night - only I laid down all the way (didn't mean to stay like that for long but I did) and now it seems some of the congestion is going in my ears.  So I have put alcohol/vinegar drops in each ear to soothe that.  

I have coughed some - but usually when laying down and it tries to drain down into my throat.  I sit up when that happens.  Luckily, no other coughing and nothing in my chest.  

Still some sneezing and my nose is very stuffy and head pounds some with congestion.  But that feels better than yesterday - somewhat. 

I keep sucking on Vit C's off and on through the day - probably about 4 times.  

Findlay, surprisingly, has wanted to be in my lap much of the time.  So I let her.  Maisy did a pretty good job of letting it happen.  She has learned that I still love her and she is becoming a "little" more patient with Findlay.  In moments when they both come to me and Maisy doesn't growl at Findlay, I praise her.  So I think she is getting it.  Maisy has at least let Findlay get in my lap now.  She has accepted that for the most part.  She still gets lots of attention from me so she is much better. 

Tugie has really been sleeping a lot.  I mean even more than before.  Bless her.  

Well, that is all I know.  Hopefully this fever will break before long and I can sweat this out.  I'll be happy when that moment comes.  But for now it's still got it's grip and I'm getting through it.  

I may try to fix coffee.  I haven't decided if I'm in the mood for it.  But I suppose if I drink a cup it'll keep a caffiene (lack of) headache from forming.  Then I will have to drink a lot of water so it does not dehydrate me.  

I am less hungry today though.  Like my stomach just doesn't want anything.  So that is different.  I'm hoping that I am not going to start up with the nausea and all of that.  

Well, let's see how the day goes.  And last night George began sneezing.  He didn't want to go to the other bed and neither did I.  The only guest bed we have left has stuff all over it and the bed hard to get to with the clothes rack.  So I stayed in my own bed - it was comforting anyway.  George didn't want to do the guest bedroom either.  I sure didn't feel like moving all that stuff out the way.  So hopefully he doesn't come down with it.  But I'm thinking they both will end up sick.  It's very contagious.  

Ya'll take care.  

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Flu Bug is Here

Well, I went to work with a scratchy throat yesterday.  I had waves of feeling bad and periods of feeling like I should go home. Then the sneezing started and my nose was like a faucet. When I ate or drank something I felt better.  So I stayed at work. However by 3 p.m. I was thinking perhaps I really should go home.  I pushed and stayed til 4.  I brought my laptop home and some work home so I could at least get to files and get a few things done if needed. 

The ride home was pretty miserable.  I talked to Mom though all the way.  Thank goodness Katy had been home and taken dogs out.  I changed, fixed my Yeti Cup with ice and poured water in and squirted three big huge squirts of lemon juice in it.  Gathered kleenex box, phone, books, ipad, thermometer and headed for the bed.  

A quick take of my temp revealed 100.6.  No wonder I felt bad.  Often I will have a 100 degree temp when I get tired, but this felt different.  My eyes and head were woozy - that dizzy feeling you get.  My muscles began to get tired and sore.  And my body raged inside.   And I took my temp again and it was 102.

As the night wore on it was obvious, I had the flu.  My left gland on my neck began to swell - scaring me a bit. It is very sore there too.  I got an ice pak and wrapped it in a towel and held it to my neck and then moved it around my head.  George brought me dinner in bed on a tray - broth, and a panini sandwich, and some potatoes.  It amazes me how I can eat even when sick but I was hungry.  Well, my stomach was growling.  And I managed to eat a lot of it.  The ice pak brought my fever down to 100.8 so that is good to know that works.  I have not taken ibuprofin.  I don't think I'm supposed to with my meds.  Anyway isn't there something to be said for letting a fever fight for you?  I've heard that but as long as I kept my head cool, I was good and didn't take anything.  I know there is something that they said not to take - aspirin, acetamenophen, ibuprofin?  I'm not sure what it was so I didn't take anything.  But the lemon water in my Yeti has been perfect.  I've taken a lot of sips of it.  I think it helped.  George bought me cough drops and vitamin C from the store.  

It was hard to sleep.  I refused to lay down too much b/c I didn't want my sinuses to drain into my chest or ears.  I cat napped most of the night and am hoping to get some sleep in today.  

Maisy, bless her heart, has been by my side.  Last night she laid with her head on my shoulder.  Somehow dogs know when you are sick.  She has been closer to me trying to show me she is here and sorry that I feel bad.  Tugie used to do that.  She is just too old to realize now.  And prefers her bed on the floor.  

I have not taken my temp this morning.  Maisy got me up at 4:40 needing to go out.  George offered to take her and Tugie out but I did it.  I'm feeling better than last night but still week, sore, and probably a fever.  I don't feel like it's 102 but it feels about 100 or so.  And the chills are starting as I type so I won't be at this much longer.  

I'm going to go back to bed and try to snooze.  

So much for getting the flu shot, washing hands a lot, and using sanitizer.  I'm not sure where I got the germ.  Might have been on our big day out Sunday.  So far it feels like a normal flu.  I hope each day gets easier.  And there is no complications.  

Going to go get back under covers.  Take care. 

Monday, February 19, 2018

Planning a Trip, Rodizio's Poor Service, The Illusionist, and Nashville Downtown

Had a little bit of morning time before having to leave at 11:30 to go to an event in Nashville.  The weekends, they go by so fast.  

Findlay is just really intrigued with the xbox control.  She wants it.  

The sun room was "open" yesterday.  However, it needs cleaning and "blessing" lol.  It is on our list to get new cushions for the chairs at some point - ones that do not fade like these have - in the sun.  We will check into it.  But not for a while.  

I was able to look into our Chicago trip - looking at things we want to do.  We've not booked flights yet.  But, it was very reasonable.  The hotels are much less than they were in Maine.  And you will not believe this but we are looking at a dinner cruise deal on a yacht.  lol  It was also very reasonable for what it was - a night cruising with cocktails, dinner from some of the finest world's chefs, and entertainment while cruising Lake Michigan. Starts at around $100 per person - but there are a few add on's we'd probably go for.  I mean we spend that on our anniversary.  So maybe on anniversary this year we just go to Mickey D's.  lol  This is bucket list stuff for me.  I told George - when would we EVER get to cruise in a yacht.  I know the prices of just a weekend aboard - and it's stuff we are not made of.  lol George was also wow'd by it and said "I would go for that".   

Some of the stuff we want to do is:  Cubs game, Boat ride on Lake Michigan and get pics of the Chicago skyline, shop for Spring/Summer clothes and shoes, eat a Chicago hot dog, eat a Chicago version of a pizza, see the River walk or river that runs through Chicago, the Art Institute of Chicago, the park that has the reflective bean, a brewery.    Those are really the top things.  The observation decks make me nervous.  I'm not sure I can do that.  

So I began looking into the trip on Saturday before the Geek Squad arrived.  I love planning a trip.  As long as I have time to do it.  I will need to get our flights booked and will probably do that pretty soon.  Then compare hotels against all that we want to do.  And see which location works best as long as the price is right.  The Drake is not too bad compared to what they were in Maine.   Nice one too.   So this is all exciting.  George has wanted to see the Cubs all his life.  I've been wanting to get a "taste of Chicago" for a while - hot dog, chili, pizza - lol.  And I'm a big fan of waterside and anxious to see Lake Michigan and I've heard that the downtown Chicago is nice with the parks and the river and shops and food.  

So back to yesterday's outing.  It was a mild day.  Gentle breeze and much warmer than we have had.  High's in upper 50's low 60's I guess.  Saw people in shorts.  Saw one guy with a big puffer jacket on and shorts and dress socks.  An older guy. lol
Here is the Nashville Capitol Building.  Looks like they are building on to it.

This is the Capitol plaza area in Nashville. 

And when you turn left past the fountain, you can see TPAC (TN Performing Arts Center).It's the little short building on the right.

Inside and looking down from the Grand Tier floor. 

We went to see "The Illusionists" - the guys wanted to see it.

It was pretty entertaining. We enjoyed it.  

Then we went to dinner.  I loved riding in the back and being able to see out the sun roof and take pics.  

Then we went to Rodizio for dinner.  While waiting for our table, I got a specialty drink  called Berry Basil Caipiroska with Boeteco Brazillian Vodka, Strawberry, Basil, and Lime.

It was a $10 drink with mostly ice, lol - oh well.  Live and learn.  Katy's Sangria looked good.  I should have gotten that as it had more than 3 sips in it. 

Ron and Naomi wanted a picture so I took it for them.  We also had friends Paul and Judy with us.  If Naomi sends the group pic, I'll share that too. 

So, we enjoy the salad bar and the food at Rodizio - but the service can use some work.  There are a few things that I find a bit - well, I'm just going to say "stressful" - about it. 

  I like to get the drinks ordered, eat salad bar and appetizers, and then when everyone is through then we turn the wooden bar to green so the guys with swords of meat can bring the food.  

What happened was: 

Everyone went to the bar expecting that we'd have to wait for the table, but the table was ready right away.  But that is ok, usually there is a wait of some sort.  The words "I believe we'll be able to seat you right away" had no meaning lol. So before drinks arriving at the bar, our table was ready - whoops.  So we waive off the table and tell them they will have to wait til we get our drinks. 

So then we get to the table.  As we are seated someone spills Naomi's wine that she just sat down on the table.  It was unsure if it was George's hand, the lady that seated us and her menu, or a combination of both.  At least it missed Naomi.  So we were worried about her getting a new glass.  George offered to pay.  

Where was the waiter?  In the mean time I discover that I have a dirty knife.  Great.  So the discussion begins on what wine to order for our end of the table - red.  The one on sale I say.  ;-) 
Finally the server shows.  His name is Julian.  We tell him of spilled wine.  I'm not sure what he said.  Waiter gone again.  Probably to clean spill.

Drats, we didn't get our drink order in and I need a fork.  

So the table leaves to go to the salad bar.  But - wait drink orders?  I vow to stay with the purses but George says he will stay.  

So I go to the salad bar - where does the line begin?  I have no clue and finally find the plates but every one is going the wrong direction - backwards around the salad bar?  Everyone is confused.  Whatttt?  lol 

Finally found the lettuce at the end of the line.  And then go backwards around it like everyone else.  It's "bacon week" and they have two types of bacon out.  Really, where?  Bacon container empty.  
Then I finally get to the dressing containers.  Geez - the dressing is almost gone? How long has this stuff sat out then?  I go for Italian b/c it's vinegar based - no chances here.  

I get back to the table.  I need to tell waiter I need a new knife.  Where are the appetizers they bring?  Did anyone order the wine?  No waiter.  No wine. No appetizer.  Dirty knife. 

Waiter finally - wine ordered and he wasn't sure what was on sale (of course not) but don't leave to go find out b/c we'll never see you again.  

Please before you go, I need a new knife.  

Someone at the table turns the wooden device to green for the meat to come - but wait ---- we've no wine, we've not had appetizers yet, and my knife is not replaced.  But no I keep silent, it's not only my dinner but everyone elses.  Let them dig in and go at your own pace.  Waiter comes and gets all the drink orders and agrees to bring a knife.

But the wooden device is on green now and here it comes...the "Brazilian" men with their swords of meat.  Would I like lamb, sirloin, bacon wrapped chicken? - if I don't take it now - it might not come back b/c they will think I don't want any later since I passed it up this time and they'll think our table is done.  (I've done this rodeo before.)  So I take the meat even though I'm really not through with my salad and try to hurry through my salad.  Where is the damn waiter?  Where is my knife, the wine, our appetizers?

The knife never comes.  I get up to a neighboring table and steal a knife and fork wrapped in a napkin, before the next table of people arrive.  Done!  No mention ever from the waiter of bringing a knife or "I see you have one" or "sorry" or "I forgot" or what.  Nada.  But I helped myself.  

Where the heck are the appetizers?  I look around and see that the appetizers are all around other tables.  Why are we not getting ours.  I see the waiter happily waiting tables around us.  Wait? Why is he ignoring us? not THAT.  Sonya don't go there!  No - most of the tables around us that were getting service were dark skinned.  They had everything they needed.  Oh I see how that goes.  I mean really?  

The wine shows, the appetizers show - most of the table uninterested in appetizers at this point - "pass it down here" - I love the fried plantains and the yucca cheese bread and there is one more that I cannot think of what it is called.  

So finally I can rest.  And eat.  

Then we wait and wait for dessert but no one realizes dessert order will not be taken with the wooden bar turned up on either green or red - it must be lain on its side I remind.  

My voice is never heard in a large group and I'm quiet anyway so anything I say is drowned out by the louder ones.  I can barely get a sentence out before it's covered or interrupted by another so I usually just give up and be silent.  Isn't that how men like their women - silent? lol 

Be careful of the silent ones is all I have to say!  Maybe you would prefer them loud after all? 

I can be loud, but I'm sure no one would want to witness that. 

We sat with dirty dishes, empty glasses and such upon our table for the longest.  I started to put my plate on the table behind me to make a point.  But didn't. Instead I just sat in judgment.  lol  Finally dishes were removed. 

So dessert time.  Once the wooden device was turned on it's side - the waiter popped up - and he took our order and we were all splitting.  He brought the desserts with one fork - really?  Geez - so he said "I'll bring you more forks".  Did we ever see another fork?  You can guess I'm sure.  Correct.  We saw another fork NOT. 

We shared our germs.  

Anyway - the food was great, the service was awful, the company was good, but I didn't say much since I'm not heard and drowned out anyway.  

And I kept thinking - this guy (waiter) has no idea that I'm a blogger and give very honest critiques of a meal and service.  And honestly I don't want to go back again in a big setting or group.  It's just too loud, bad service, and I really don't like to eat out of order.  Let's slow down and enjoy it - in order!  It moves way too fast for me.  Not the waiter of course - he's like a turtle riding a glacier in slow motion. 

Anyway, we got home at 7 ish and I went to bed by 7:30 and woke up with a scratchy throat and stuffy.  

Anyway a fun day but a little annoying at dinner.  When you pay that much for a meal, you expect to have at least average service.  I was not impressed with Rodizio and really don't want to go back for a long long time if then.  There are far too many other restaurants that have good food that have spectacular service.  And we get drinks and appetizers first!  

So Monday it is.  I'm not too thrilled about it but we'll dive in and get her done! 

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Installations, Security Systems, and Early Morning Housework

Well, this is not a very good picture.  I need to take a pic with the whole room in it so  you get the vision of the size.  Geek Squad came about 11.  And they were here until about 2:45 or 3:00.  They first had to assemble the stand.  We had asked if we needed to have the stand shipped to our house or get it in advance to assemble and they said no that it would be easy to assemble and not to worry about it.  So the Geek Squad guys was nice to assemble it after a "that figures" comment.  I guess you can't blame them.  lol  So they did that first and had a little trouble with it but figured it out.  

Katy watched Roku on our bedroom TV in the back and kept all 4 dogs back there in the bedroom while Geek Squad was here.  That was a long time.  

They got the TV set up and had to download some updates.  They told us that we'd have to upgrade to the HD (Hi Def) cable box.  So I called Comcast while they were here.  George and I had no clue but we knew we'd have to call Comcast and update something.  So we found out that if we get our security system set up through them instead of the one we have now, we can actually pay $10 less than we are now.  So we'll be looking into that.  

Speaking of security...That reminds me of something that happened this past week that I forgot to mention.  It's nice to know that our neighbors are also added layers of security.  On all sides of us.  We also have people that are at home all day and in and out all around us so that is a good thing.  Some retired and some just home b/c they don't work.   Just last week a neighbor called us alerting us of suspicious activity beside us.  A neighbor actually went through the woods beside us to spy on the suspicious activity and called to let George know for me not to be worried about it if I saw him (our neighbor) sneaking around our house.  I peeked out and became nervous as Katy and George were away at the time.  I could see the car he was talking about.  Turns out it was a friend of the neighbors but was weird that the car turned it's lights off when coming in and going out of the driveway.  Never did hear all the rest of that story.  But it DID scare me when the neighbor came out from the trees after they left.  So eerie - especially since he was coming from the graveyard area of the back yard.  lol 

So, yeah, a revised security system sounds good to me.  The one we have has worked well but if we can save money - why not. 

So they set up the sound bar and xbox and it also had some downloads.  So by the time they were through with all that, hours had flown by. 

Then we headed to Comcast to pick up our new box and cord and remote. 

WE got home and George followed the directions but the comcast remote would not connect.  We called Comcast and some foreigner who barely spoke English tried to help us with no success.  We could barley communicate.  He could not help us and finally told us he'd be right back and then put us on hold and it never came back.  It kept ringing back on his phone from being on hold and so I decided I would just let it ring until he picked up again.  He picked up and hung up so it would disconnect us.  lol  So I called Comcast again and got someone that could at least speak English and be able to communicate.  She reported that happened when we told her.  Someone called us later and George talked with them. 

The new person was unable to get us connected either but told us we could go to the iphone and be able to connect and told us we had a bad remote. 

So George hit a button on the remote and suddenly the TV came up which is what we were trying to do.  lol   So I'm not sure what the deal is.  It worked but in a different way than the remote and the software was trying to get us to.  

So then George cooked pineapple chicken kebobs and we ate dinner.  Katy and George played games and I watched TV until I got sleepy.  The TV is beautiful and we got a little humorous naming the thing.  The first thing that came to mind I said allowed and it made George laugh and so we name it that.  See below.  I'm not retying that.  

Anyway, we are thrilled with it and George downloaded a game on xbox that took 2.5 hours to download and he came to bed late.  So he wanted to play it a bit this morning. 

I got up at 4:30 and did a couple of loads of laundry, did the wee bit of ironing for the week, cleaned the kitchen, emptied the dishwasher and reloaded and washed the extra dishes, made some homemade lemonade.  All the laundry is folded.  

All I need to do is vacuum again and change our sheets.  So I've done several hours worth already. 
It's been tough getting this blog entry done since I did the housework before the blog entry - too much going on distracting me.  

Well George has just now figured out the blueray disc part of the xbox.  He's playing a Beetles disc and it sounds really good with the sound bar.   I knew he'd be so happy with a new updated TV.  As long as we are both patient with ourselves as we get around the learning  I can't wait to sit around and watch funny You Tube videos!  And I look forward to watching all my subscriptions on the big TV.

And I am going to finish up b/c I can't concentrate!  lol 

Sybil asked me if we'd had an earthquake here.  They had one where she is.  We have been known to have itty bitty ones in certain places but nothing big since the real big one back in 1811 and 1812 time period.  The New Madrid fault.  It impacted NW Tennessee area.  

Ya'll have a beautiful Sunday.  

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Geek Squad...On the Way!

Yay, once again...Saturday morning here.  We are all awaiting the Geek Squad to arrive with our TV and treasures.  It is 9:29 as I type.  They are to arrive b/w 8 and 12.  We are rarely on the top end of things here when we have something delivered.  I suppose they go the farthest out and work their way back to our town and then they are at least home when they finish up.  Makes sense.  So we'll probably be more b/w 10 and 12.  

Surprisingly I slept til 6 this morning after going to bed around 9:30.  I felt much better yesterday.  I had a little left over tiredness but as the day wore on I felt better.  And then last night's sleep helped tremendously.  

Katy fixed Tacos last night.  They were really good.  She fixed an extra "lot" of them, lol.  So guess what I had for breakfast.  I think I'm set or the day now.  Although I hear George is fixing pineapple chicken kabobs for dinner.  Everything is marinating now.  

So a neighbor came over and helped George move the TV downstairs.  They really just had to put it on a dolly and move it down.  We are so appreciative of our neighbor Jason.  George gave him a bottle of wine and some money for helping.  And he and George were able to visit for a while.  

Geek Squad just called and they will be here b/w 11 and 12.  So that thrilled George so he could go out to a nearby yard sale that starts at 10.  What yard sale starts at 10? lol  Anyway the timing worked for him.  So he is headed out for that.  

In the mean time it is raining cats and dogs and hippos.  I really wish he would just stay home today but he loves his yard sale finds. He turns them in for credit at McKay's Book Store and then turns around and buy more of what he wants to read, or music he wants to listen to and put on his ipod.   So it makes him happy.  He has yard sale in his blood.  His Dad loved to yard sale every Saturday morning.  He would find these awesome finds and sell them on ebay - and made tons of money doing so.  George did that for a while and we had a nice little business going too.  That was years ago though. 

I have been doing a lot of laundry today.  I think I counted the need for 9 loads if you include towels, dog blankets, and a gentle cycle for sweaters.  

We've cleaned the kitchen and the house was already pretty much clean and most of clothes for next week do not have to be ironed.  I will have to do one shirt and a couple of pants but that is it.  So we are in good shape.

I think I may read some and play some while I have a chance.  I guess this afternoon and tonight we'll be playing with the new TV, assuming we get up and running.  I have no idea if we'll be good to go or if we will need Comcast for something.  I think we will be all set up already since we have internet.  But have no idea as I'm not Smart like the TV is.  Glad Geek Squad is coming.  Worth the $100 to hire them just to have someone fill us in on half a century - buahahahaha!  

More tomorrow and will let you know how it went. 

So what all are you up to today?  

Friday, February 16, 2018

A Clean House and Needing Some Rest

Good morning!  I thought we all could use a dose of early spring - although some of these above really look like late summer flowers - but we'll take it right? 

Neither Kate nor I got flowers for Valentine's but I had bought us ALL some roses a couple of weeks before.  And the Geek Squad brings the TV and such tomorrow.  So that is MY Valentine gift and his too.  And for now Katy's.  WE all got a really nice night out as you saw in last entry.  I do love flowers this time of year and might buy some el cheapo's before long to hold us til spring.  I enjoy arranging them.  We still have the baby's breath in various spots across the house.  That stuff lasts a long time. 

So yesterday I did not feel well.  Not sure how to describe it.  Tired is not even a good word to explain it - but it was more like - it was an effort to move my muscles, my insides were in a battle like my body was trying to attack itself - muscles, bone, blood - you name it.  I struggled but I really wanted to just lay down all day and sleep and rest.  When I got home I vacuumed and then went to bed.  Company is coming to help move the old TV downstairs. George was fixing breakfast for dinner.  They came and got me when it was ready.  I ate and then went back to bed.  My arm hurt all day yesterday as well.  And I kept a patch of icy hot on it all day which helped. The 9 hours or whatever it was - of rest helped tremendously.  I'm still on the edge of exhaustion - mainly b/c muscles are stiff and don't want to move but my brain is a little more active this morning.  I would love to stay home today and take a vacation day and sleep and rest, but I hate to do unplanned vacation days.  I will push through this.

Maisy wanted out this morning at 3 but George realized it - even before I did - and got up and took her out.  Bless him.  

I think I'm going to have to invest in a new pillow before long b/c the one I have is petering out on me. I refuse to spend a lot on a pillow.  But perhaps I can find an el cheapo of that too.  lol It's the height that matters really. And then it has to be kinda soft like a memory foam.  That is where it starts to get pricey.  I'd pay up to $19.99 for one.  Maybe $25 if I was in a good mood.  lol

I came home to a clean house last night - Katy had cleaned EVERYTHING.  What she did would have taken me a day to do.  The kitchen was clean, the living room was plumped up and picked up, dogs beds were straightened, blankets and throws folded, drink glasses put up, dog toys put up, dog dishes put up, books straightened on the coffee tables.  Shoes put up, and everything sitting out was put in it's place.  She also went to the grocery and bought tacos for the weekend.  No argument there.  We are looking forward to it.  

This week has truly gone by fast.  Lightening fast.  I am ecstatic that it is Friday.  Looking forward to some rest tomorrow, the TV coming, and then Sunday we have some plans. 

Well, not a lot to say.  Just needing rest I think.  

Praying for Sybil, who has not felt well.  I hope you get rest too and feel much better!  

Everyone have a beautiful Friday.  

Thursday, February 15, 2018

A Wonderful Valentine's Day and an Irish Valentine's Evening

Well yesterday was a fun day.   A couple of us (unknowing that each other was doing it) brought food for the break room.  So we had a nice spread.  Since a lot of us are trying to eat better - we had some fruit and veggies as well.  It all made for a nice little Valentine goody day.  Love to see smiling faces!  Might have brought a little to my own! 

A sweet person at work brought a Valentine for everyone.  She is so kind and has love and kindness in her heart for her coworkers.  Such a blessing to have friends/coworkers that have a big heart to do things like that. An example to us all.

But I could hardly wait to have our evening out with George and these two, Katy and Sarah (my niece)!

And Cody was there in Spirit - with Mardi Gras beads!  

We played a very crude, but very funny card game at Home Grown Tap Room nearby while waiting for our reservation.  The "wait" was planned of course.  ;-)  The card game was hilarious.  But a bit distasteful so shhhh - don't tell anyone we played it.  

Then we went to McNamara's Irish Pub and Restaurant.  A band was going to be playing while we were there.  And they were!

 The appetizers there are AMAZING! 

Onion Rings.  When 4 of you are splitting - it all goes really fast.  Especially if you are hungry!

Potato cakes below dipped in spinach dip.  

Here was the band that played.  The fiddle player was one of the Willis Family girls.  Katy watched their show on TV and knew instantly who it was and most of the family sat at the table beside us.  Katy looked up on the phone to show me.  One of the girls at their table caught on that we had caught on and were googling them, and began giggling and talking about it to her two sisters.  I know b/c they all looked over at us after the whispers.  lol

I was in the bathroom while several of them were in there and casually talked to the Mom.  I wasn't sure at the time who it was though.  We got in a minor discussion about baseball and I said we think we are going to go see the Cubs this year and she said they were from Chicago and had been many times.  I said it was bitter sweet b/c when we get back our daughter will be moving to Texas.  But that she was staying home to keep the 4 dogs.  I added I was embarrassed to have said that we have 4! lol

Later Katy said hello to the Mom and that she watched their show.  And she said "Are you the daughter that will be keeping the dogs so your parents can go see the Cubs in Chicago?"  Katy said "yes that's me!".  It thrilled her to get to meet them.  All of the family seemed so nice.  It was a pleasure to get to see them (and meet them) in person.  I think I only saw one show.  This family has been through so much.  It was good to see happy smiles around! They are beautiful, kind, and very talented.

And as you see I got the blog topper changed.  At least for now.  I might work on a new one at some point but this one works for now.  

So...George has neighbors coming tomorrow tonight to help move the TV.  So tonight we'll be cleaning up the house a bit.  After a few days of working - the place starts to look bad as we are here long enough to mess up and not clean up. 

My arm giving me trouble today.  I have carried and lifted a lot of stuff in the last couple of days - even my purse feels too heavy now.  I think I'll wear an icy hot badge today. 

Well - going for more coffee.  I don't think I want to eat much today after last night.  We had a great time and had fish and chips after those appetizers we split.  It was all soooo good.  I had been wanting fish and got it!  

Ya'll have a good day!