Friday, February 16, 2018

A Clean House and Needing Some Rest

Good morning!  I thought we all could use a dose of early spring - although some of these above really look like late summer flowers - but we'll take it right? 

Neither Kate nor I got flowers for Valentine's but I had bought us ALL some roses a couple of weeks before.  And the Geek Squad brings the TV and such tomorrow.  So that is MY Valentine gift and his too.  And for now Katy's.  WE all got a really nice night out as you saw in last entry.  I do love flowers this time of year and might buy some el cheapo's before long to hold us til spring.  I enjoy arranging them.  We still have the baby's breath in various spots across the house.  That stuff lasts a long time. 

So yesterday I did not feel well.  Not sure how to describe it.  Tired is not even a good word to explain it - but it was more like - it was an effort to move my muscles, my insides were in a battle like my body was trying to attack itself - muscles, bone, blood - you name it.  I struggled but I really wanted to just lay down all day and sleep and rest.  When I got home I vacuumed and then went to bed.  Company is coming to help move the old TV downstairs. George was fixing breakfast for dinner.  They came and got me when it was ready.  I ate and then went back to bed.  My arm hurt all day yesterday as well.  And I kept a patch of icy hot on it all day which helped. The 9 hours or whatever it was - of rest helped tremendously.  I'm still on the edge of exhaustion - mainly b/c muscles are stiff and don't want to move but my brain is a little more active this morning.  I would love to stay home today and take a vacation day and sleep and rest, but I hate to do unplanned vacation days.  I will push through this.

Maisy wanted out this morning at 3 but George realized it - even before I did - and got up and took her out.  Bless him.  

I think I'm going to have to invest in a new pillow before long b/c the one I have is petering out on me. I refuse to spend a lot on a pillow.  But perhaps I can find an el cheapo of that too.  lol It's the height that matters really. And then it has to be kinda soft like a memory foam.  That is where it starts to get pricey.  I'd pay up to $19.99 for one.  Maybe $25 if I was in a good mood.  lol

I came home to a clean house last night - Katy had cleaned EVERYTHING.  What she did would have taken me a day to do.  The kitchen was clean, the living room was plumped up and picked up, dogs beds were straightened, blankets and throws folded, drink glasses put up, dog toys put up, dog dishes put up, books straightened on the coffee tables.  Shoes put up, and everything sitting out was put in it's place.  She also went to the grocery and bought tacos for the weekend.  No argument there.  We are looking forward to it.  

This week has truly gone by fast.  Lightening fast.  I am ecstatic that it is Friday.  Looking forward to some rest tomorrow, the TV coming, and then Sunday we have some plans. 

Well, not a lot to say.  Just needing rest I think.  

Praying for Sybil, who has not felt well.  I hope you get rest too and feel much better!  

Everyone have a beautiful Friday.  


  1. I hope you feel better. It sounds wonderful to have your Katy home. Daughters are the best. Hope the weather is pretty this weekend. It was spring like yesterday. I am getting the house clean today so I can rest some this weekend.

  2. i just wrote about finding the right pillow. it makes a big difference. how sweet that katy cleaned up for you. prayers for your friend Sybil.


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