Monday, February 5, 2018

A Lite Weight Super Bowl Spread, TV Stands, and a Day of Rest

What a truly relaxing Sunday.  Sipping coffee, reading, watching Instagram Stories, taking care of doggies, doing a bit of laundry, cleaning up a bit, but mainly just resting with the feet up under my favorite quilt along side doggies.  I did have one excursion with George.  We went to check out TV stands. I gave my grocery needs to Katy and she and George went on a grocery excursion.  So that way someone always is with the dogs.  They are better if someone stays here and takes them out periodically.  And we don't have to stage the gate which is really not long enough to separate Findlay from the rest.  We have to build a magnificent fort on the work days.   

This was our super bowl spread.  A very healthy one for the most part.  Truthfully I kinda wanted subway but the sushi was my favorite part.  I like the veggie pizza ok but George and Katy likes it better.  I did have a few chips and salsa.  Katy made brownies and I ate one of those. I do like the summer sausage so I ate a 3 or 4 of those and some cheese.

He made some without olives for me.  

And he chopped each of us a snack bag of veggies to take with us on our work day.  Nice! 

I  had my Isolean shake yesterday for lunch.  I had a fried egg (olive oil) on 1/2 whole wheat (whole grain) toast with a little mayo for breakfast.   Oh my gosh that 1/2 of an egg sandwich with a little olive oil mayo is so good.  

So I felt great after that shake.  The 3 hours after having the shake - I feel more energetic, less sleepy, my vision is clear, mind less foggy.  I remember walking around Best Buy yesterday feeling like my eyes were big and round and could see instead of puffy and tired and half blurry.  My body is loving the nutrition in the shakes. 

I did a lot of stretching exercise yesterday with my arm and was able to get some inflammation out.  The trouble is - it won't stay out.   I think I pushed it to my shoulder though, lol.  Now my shoulder is sore.  lol  Probably from stretching though. 

Well, here are the TV stands we like: 

This one was our favorite.  But honestly it's about 4 inches longer than we need it to be.  We are putting it in the corner.  So the longer it is the further from the corner it has to come out.  And there is a vent on one side of the wall that may make it have to come out further if it hits right in that spot.  So I don't want the furniture to come out so far into the room that it looks stupid.  

After getting home and looking at the pictures, I really don't think this wood is going to match the den too well.  We love rugged and all but it's a little off for the look we have going in there.  

Either of the next two are ok if the measurement is 60 and no more.  The one below was $600.  The one above was $379.  I can't remember the measurement of this one below but I think it was about right.  

This one below is ok but looks more like a desk - and again I can't remember how long it was but I think it was 64 inches as well.  The ones above are from Ashley Furniture.  The ones below are from Best Buy.

We have to look up the dimensions from these two.  But honestly - it's a TV Stand.  And after looking at all of them, while the storage is cool and all - I really don't want or need to have a big honker of a furniture piece that stands out.  I just want a stand that will hold a few things like DVDs and gaming devices and accessories.  I don't want to pay a big price for a stand either.  But as far as looks go the one below I think will fit the decor in there.  It has a bit of black in it and so do our little tables that sit around the sofa.

It has enough room and hidden space to hold what we need it to.  And we'll be getting the TV there so I just took a moment to look it up on Best Buy and this one is not long enough - poooo! 

Oh well, I guess the search is on.  I didn't think this would be so difficult.  

Well, we'll get it figured out.  I'm ok with it being a little longer if the width is not as wide or clunky.  
The price has to be right too. 

I finished 2 books over the weekend.  Toxic Bachelors by Daniel Steel is done.  Not one of my favorites.  I drug through it.  And the other was the History of Charleston.  Drug through some of that too. lol 

Now I'm only reading 3 actual books.  

Well, I was not ready for Monday to come.  I mean I'm ready as far as clothes go and food for the week and such.  But - I'm just enjoying the home time.  

But off to work we go.  

I think this week is going to be a week with much less going on and for that I'm grateful. 

Oh and I was available for the superbowl game and would tune in to some of the commercials but I put my ear phones on and watched Xfinity on Demand on my iPad.  lol 

I was happy with the win though. 

Well, you all have a great Monday.


  1. A day of rest and relaxing is a rare and beautiful thing for you. So glad you had such a great Sunday and it's great the week ahead is looking less busy for you too. Time to slow down a bit. More snow here today. Hope you have a wonderful Monday !

  2. Hang tv on wall. No stand needed and it looks really nice. Husband and a friend did ours in about an hour.

  3. i like all the tv stands. the one with the black thoughout it is my favorite. but the rugged one at the beginning is also nice. hope you find one to suit your needs and sense of style.


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