Thursday, February 15, 2018

A Wonderful Valentine's Day and an Irish Valentine's Evening

Well yesterday was a fun day.   A couple of us (unknowing that each other was doing it) brought food for the break room.  So we had a nice spread.  Since a lot of us are trying to eat better - we had some fruit and veggies as well.  It all made for a nice little Valentine goody day.  Love to see smiling faces!  Might have brought a little to my own! 

A sweet person at work brought a Valentine for everyone.  She is so kind and has love and kindness in her heart for her coworkers.  Such a blessing to have friends/coworkers that have a big heart to do things like that. An example to us all.

But I could hardly wait to have our evening out with George and these two, Katy and Sarah (my niece)!

And Cody was there in Spirit - with Mardi Gras beads!  

We played a very crude, but very funny card game at Home Grown Tap Room nearby while waiting for our reservation.  The "wait" was planned of course.  ;-)  The card game was hilarious.  But a bit distasteful so shhhh - don't tell anyone we played it.  

Then we went to McNamara's Irish Pub and Restaurant.  A band was going to be playing while we were there.  And they were!

 The appetizers there are AMAZING! 

Onion Rings.  When 4 of you are splitting - it all goes really fast.  Especially if you are hungry!

Potato cakes below dipped in spinach dip.  

Here was the band that played.  The fiddle player was one of the Willis Family girls.  Katy watched their show on TV and knew instantly who it was and most of the family sat at the table beside us.  Katy looked up on the phone to show me.  One of the girls at their table caught on that we had caught on and were googling them, and began giggling and talking about it to her two sisters.  I know b/c they all looked over at us after the whispers.  lol

I was in the bathroom while several of them were in there and casually talked to the Mom.  I wasn't sure at the time who it was though.  We got in a minor discussion about baseball and I said we think we are going to go see the Cubs this year and she said they were from Chicago and had been many times.  I said it was bitter sweet b/c when we get back our daughter will be moving to Texas.  But that she was staying home to keep the 4 dogs.  I added I was embarrassed to have said that we have 4! lol

Later Katy said hello to the Mom and that she watched their show.  And she said "Are you the daughter that will be keeping the dogs so your parents can go see the Cubs in Chicago?"  Katy said "yes that's me!".  It thrilled her to get to meet them.  All of the family seemed so nice.  It was a pleasure to get to see them (and meet them) in person.  I think I only saw one show.  This family has been through so much.  It was good to see happy smiles around! They are beautiful, kind, and very talented.

And as you see I got the blog topper changed.  At least for now.  I might work on a new one at some point but this one works for now.  

So...George has neighbors coming tomorrow tonight to help move the TV.  So tonight we'll be cleaning up the house a bit.  After a few days of working - the place starts to look bad as we are here long enough to mess up and not clean up. 

My arm giving me trouble today.  I have carried and lifted a lot of stuff in the last couple of days - even my purse feels too heavy now.  I think I'll wear an icy hot badge today. 

Well - going for more coffee.  I don't think I want to eat much today after last night.  We had a great time and had fish and chips after those appetizers we split.  It was all soooo good.  I had been wanting fish and got it!  

Ya'll have a good day!


  1. First an apology for not being around last three nights, but Ive not felt very well ..just so very tired, everything's an effort..even typing, by the time evening comes I just want to sit here, TV on not really watching it.Mary will say in the morning did you watch so and so..I say yes, but for the life of me I coudnt even remember a bit of it.....anyway I have had a nice while reading the last few nights and I'm so pleased pleased pleased that you have got your new TV and all the bits and pieces that went along with it...George really did go the whole hog didn't he. He loves you so much....and I'm sure visa versa with you....I hope that you have got to the bottom of the forgiveness troubles and have truly listened to Gods replies.....what a wonderful night you had last night. I think Irish Pubs are always great places full of real helpful loving folks. It would be wonderful if you ever got to Ireland. It is beautiful and the Irish pubs...we'll...just fantastic the night dosnt really get started till after 10 ! Yes when we good folks are going to bed !! But you just find yourself having to go and enjoy the ...crac...what they call chat....the music can go on till maybe 2/3 am...when the folks start staggering home ...we have spent two three holidays there and believe me it's unbelievable....anyway love I just hope that you are definately sure of this new diet there are so many folks out there promising all great things but fast forward a few years and are they still around ?? Not many cause folks have realised that the effects have not lasted and the costs have gone up and up...Please check,out other health food stores and check,if they don't have similar if not exactly the same vitamins etc.....Mary has had to go to,Dr again about her very very poorly dry skin.mthis Dr did blood tests and it appears that she has a very very low vitamin D level and so very high doses have been recommended she gave her a three month prescription and has to have blood tests of the things as well as the skin is the fact that low vitamin D levels can cause muscle weakness.....something she has also been now I had better go and watch a cruising programme on TV my little 34 ins. Set !!! Take care and God Bless. Xxxxx

  2. The food looks delicious. Flat Cody looks like he was having fun too. Glad you met the singer's mom. Lots of interesting people in the world.


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