Sunday, February 4, 2018

An Evening of Roller Derby with Friends

We went to a restaurant called Smokin' Thighs - loved it.  Kinda of a hole in the wall, hipster place.  The food was great!  We went with Paul and Judy. 

Katy and Flat Cody are in the pic above.  Can you find Flat Cody?  lol

Then we went to see Roller Derby. 

 It was at the fairgrounds in Nashville.  I was not sure what to expect.  It was interesting.  Interesting crowd.  Interesting building.  It felt like a wrestling atmosphere.  

We each bought a duck for $2 and couldn't wait for the Chuck a Duck contest.  When it came time to throw, I gave my duck to George so he could throw it.  My arm would not have thrown it further than a foot or two, lol!  So he threw mine and won $14.  lol 

So....I'm not sure that Judy and Katy and I was really fond of the Roller Derby.  I can't see buying season tickets.  lol  I can only laugh at the lady next to me that so excitedly said "he he...we bought season tickets, hehe".  I will admit that my "bless your heart" moment kicked in and I wondered how this could be something so exciting and someone have a life so boring that someone would want to buy season tickets.  

It just goes to show you how different we all really are.  To me it would be like buying season tickets to watch bees go in and out of a bee hive. lol    

Also I was in a quiet mood last night and not very outgoing.  Some times my introvertedness kicks in.  I really wanted to be home under a blanket reading.  I'm afraid that it probably showed.  The arena was cold and brash and everything opposite of comfort and cozy.  

As in every blog entry - once home, bed felt good!  lol 

This morning has been nice as well.  We have rested and relaxed and read this morning.  And Katy and George went to the store while I stayed with the doggies.  And then George and I are going to Ashley to look at TV stands.  

We are having veggie pizza for the Super Bowl.  And some chicken. And some sushi and maybe salsa and chips.  Not really sure what all. 

I am going to make some taco soup and we are going to have salad with it tomorrow night.  

I finished the History of Charleston Book.  So I'm two books finished in the year already, yay!  

I also had my IsoLean Shake (French Vanilla).  It was good.  That will hold me til we eat during the superbowl.  

George and Katy are working downstairs with all the new storage and getting things ready for Arc.  The weather is good for Arc this week as long as the forecast doesn't change. 

I'm so sleepy right now.  It's hard for me to read w/o falling asleep and even today I'm having trouble blogging.  Well I'm going to get up and get moving but I have a Findlay in my lap!  lol

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  1. That is definitely what I would consider different ! I do remember when the kids would watch Roller Derbies on TV. It is amazing to watch people on skates, but like you I wouldn't want season tickets! An evening out with friends and family is still fun no matter and good food is a bonus for sure.


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