Sunday, February 11, 2018

Cooking, Cleaning, Relaxing and Wondering if We'll Get a TV Today or Not

Katy requested the cinnamon rolls.  I ate one.  They were way too sweet and of course enriched flour.  I think that is a good thing that I can say I'd prefer something more nutritional.  

So we had a lot of bananas left they were way past their prime.  I chopped some up and put in the freezer for smoothies.  And then made banana bread with the rest.  I used a recipe that had whole wheat flour and honey and coconut oil and it worked really well.  You could use maple syrup.  I will try that next time and also add nuts.  I used this recipe:  Healthy Banana Bread.  

You can tell that the banana bread is not too sweet, but it's just like I like it.  It has a tad of sweet to it.  You could defeat the purpose and add some butter and heat it, lol.  Which WOULD be like me to do!  I'm eating some right now but I did leave off the butter so I could eat it without a fork since I'm typing.  mmmmm.  

So, I also cooked dinner yesterday.  I fixed meatloaf, asparagus, corn and fixed everyone a salad.  
It "dawned on me" <--------is that a Southern term?   Anyway it dawned on me that the meatloaf called for eggs.  We had one left.  I was making a big meatloaf with two lbs of meat.  Urh Oh! 

So I asked Alexa what was a substitute for egg in meatloaf.  She had no answer.  So I googled it.  And I found that you can put either tomato paste, unsweetened applesauce, or beef broth.  Hardly seemed like a good answer, but I always keep little tubs of unsweetened applesauce on hand.  It's good for breakfast, or lunch as a little side or a good snack.  

And so it worked!  I used the one egg I had and used two applesauces instead of eggs.  Since I've cooked meatloaf before, I knew what the consistency (texture) should be like.  It was moist and awesome.  The meatloaf I make is called a Barbecue Meatloaf.  I used hamburger meat and pork sausage and mixed that.  Any time you can mix your meats for anything that has ground burger in it - it always adds a layer of flavor.  And it has onions, oats instead of bread, and barbecue sauce in the mixture along with the eggs (or applesauce if that is what you got).  We knocked out the meatloaf - It's GONE!  I think it cooked on 375 for about 55 min to an hour and then I added more bbq sauce to the top and let that cook another 10 or 15.  Sorry for no exact measurements.  The recipe is in my recipe blog (link at the top) but....just remember I added more meat.  The recipe listed in my blog doesn't make enough so I just double the recipe but you have to be sure and add more time for it to cook.  

So what a great day.  We all cleaned up - Katy worked on her room some and began her laundry after I finished mine.  I was on my feet much of the day.  But by mid afternoon was able to sit and read blogs by others which I rarely get to do.  I also really like to read and watch the videos by Matt and Jessica who are traveling in their sail boat (in the bahamas in the last read).  I love their videos!  
They have a cat on board too.  See Matt and Jessica Sailing page in my side bar and check out their videos.  You can go back and see their whole story.   I think there is another video to catch up on too which I'll do today.  I had to quit watching yesterday to fix my meatloaf.  I have really been enjoying sitting and reading blogs or articles, the news, playing, watching instagram stories, and videos and such with my ear plugs in.  One night I streamed some shows.  So it's nice to still be "with" family and we can all watch our own thing.  

We had the Winter Olympics on in the background yesterday.  I get bored sitting and watching it constantly  I have to multitask.  And I stayed up to watch the figure skating, but gosh I was so sleepy at that point.  I got thru it. lol

Well I think we are going to church this morning and then go to Best Buy to look at the TV's and then to the store.  Surely they will have something we like, lol. I hate that George didn't get the one he wanted before it blew up to $700 more.  That is not an option now.  That blows the budget for sure.  If we had only known.  So I'm not sure if we'll come home with a TV purchased or not.  I bet we find one, don't you?  But who knows.  Let me know your guess!  Will we buy a TV today or not?  I'll let you know tomorrow. 

Well, Katy is sick.  She has been all stuffy the last two days.  What did I tell ya?  I was hoping that the rest from last week would have knocked it out.  But her immune system takes a while to build back up.  She thinks she has a sinus infection now.  She is trying to self treat to avoid the flu.  The flu in our county is outrageous and schools have been closed b/c of it.  So she is resting and taking over the counter meds.   I'm worried now that it will end up in pneumonia.  I don't like taking cold meds b/c it sends it too fast from your head to your chest.  

I put on some essential oils for her for breathing.  

Anyway, I am going to get off of here and finish reading Matt and Jessica's blog and then go clean up the kitchen (again).  Things don't stay clean long with 3 of us!  

Ya'll have a great Sunday!  What are you doing today?  


  1. I just got in from church and stopped at the dollar store on the way home. It is misting rain, but the ground is still frozen so slippery in spots but not bad. Your meatloaf sounds really good. I've got leftover penny pasta with Italian sausage left over to heat up today so not cooking. I hope you do get the TV, but if not today I know it will be soon. Have a wonderful Sunday !

  2. sorry to hear katy is sick. hope she feels better soon. fingers crossed you find a new tv. the meatloaf sounds good.


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