Thursday, February 22, 2018

Feeling Better and Temps Near Normal

Well SO Far so Good!  I slept incredibly well last night.  Of course Maisy woke me up at 3:30 but held off til almost 5 this morning.  I think I may have sweated it out last night but can't tell for sure since I was asleep.  I have a near normal temp this morning.  Since I was 100.8 going to bed last night, I decided to stay home today til I'm fever free.  I feel much better than yesterday.  Yesterday (last night) I was pretty grouchy so I took that as a sign that I would get better.

I've had a bit more energy and most of all "will" is coming back.  Yesterday and the day before I might have been able to start a load of laundry - but had no desire to follow through.  Today I can think a bit better and have more of a will to want to do things.  I have had some of these each morning though.  For example right now, I don't have the energy I had when I first got up but I've changed sheets, done laundry, rebooted dishwasher and taken stuff downstairs that needs to go in storage.  I didn't feel like doing that yesterday or the day before.

George has fixed us eggs this morning and I put mine on whole grain with a little mayo.  Ok a lot of mayo.  And it hit the spot.  I think George made some homemade lemonade last night and I'm about to go get some of that.

I'm working from home today and resting too off an on.  I am not swollen in the glands or sore there in the neck anymore.  Was a little concerned yesterday afternoon that I was hurting in the back of my neck and stiff - but was comforted by the fact it was only muscles and went away.  I think it's the way I've been sitting/laying.  I laid flat last night - risking drainage going in chest and got the best sleep and also neck was relieved.

Once I get better I plan to continue with nutrition, cooking some wonderful meal ideas, and working on muscle fitness - especially with arms and hands.

Til then, I'm still moving very slow and plan to get my much craved hamburger and fries tonight.  George has agreed!  ;-)  I've een craving for two weeks now.  Even during the flu, lol.

I need to go.  I need to get on with work emails, take a shower, and then back to working on the laptop and getting a few things done.

Actually looking forward to going to work tomorrow unless the fever comes back strong - I think it won't but I could be wrong.  I began getting stir crazy yesterday - last night the worst and getting very irritable.

So I'm glad for the turnaround this morning and hopeful for it's continuance.  Glad for it not being as severe as some.  I know I'm not out of the woods yet as most of the severe issues occurred after people got better.  So that is kind of scary.

But we are hopeful all will be well.

Ya'll take care!


  1. I am glad you are feeling better but you shouldn't go back to work with any fever. Your coworkers will thank you. Relax and get well!

  2. I'm so so pleased that your feeling much better. I hope you are all over it now and you can go back to work tomorrow. It will be a nice quick week !! niece and her husband had that bug over Xmas, you can imagine just how they felt, I didn't see them all over the Xmas left them both feeling so washed out also left a cough especially for Max.....thankfully I havnt had that bug. I went to Dr yesterday as I needed a prescription to take on holiday. We had a good chat about how much morphine I need and has suggested that as I still sometimes have to get up in the night and sit here till pain subsides I should take an extra two 10mg on top of the 80 I take I hate taking pills as Dr knows but she convinced me that it was ok to take that amount. I can also take a Tramodol during the day if needed ...the morphine capsules are slow release lasting 12hours and I take a 60 capsule first thing in morning. Enough about that !!! Weather forecast is on and we are being warned that from Monday the temp.niis to get lower and lower with day time temps rarely getting above zero and night time down to -7+ it will be funny leaving here on Wednesday in temp. Below freezing to wake up in Buenos Aires where temp is going to be 28 think that's around 88f...we are trying to decide what clothes to wear!! Think it will be our thick jacket and jumper and thermal under ware ! Going and we can take light top in our hand luggage to change into when we land, I can then hopefully sit on my jacket and Marys can go on the back of the chair !! I have just had a vision of me trundling along laden with jackets back packs all around me pushing the large wheel case. We take one large between us as I can push that along beside the chair. It's just the right hight so that its level with the arm of my chair. ( you might be thinking what's Mary doing ?, well I think I have said she has cerebral palsy and her legs are the only thing affected so although she can walk she now needs a stroller thing I think you call them ? (They are walkers over here). So takes all her concentration to keep her eye open to anything she might trip over !!!....we arrive early in BA have two nights BB in what looks a fab hotel then on the Saturday we join the cruise ship for next 14days down to the Falklands then round the cape...praying for calm weather there ! Then up along Chilean fiords eventually arriving at Santiago where we fly home after one night in hotel arriving home 19th march 10am Peter will meet us haven taken a day off work ! I am away to start my day. Hope you get better and better, but remember to take things easy no dashing around the way the doggies have been taking care of you. Pity though that Tuggie hasn't been able to comfort you as she used to xxx

  3. That homemade lemonade sounds wonderful ! I need to buy some lemons !


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