Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Flu Bug Day 2

Well, I think I have the "typical" flu - so far it has been like all the others I have had in my life.  Fever, wooziness, chills as the higher fever comes back.   There is this gland though that hurts on the left side of my neck.  The swelling has gone down but it is sore.  I think what has helped me with this flu is drinking all the really COLD lemon water all day.  

It is definitely a "virus" as the fever hovers around 100 all day and goes up at night.  

The big ice pack sheets that I have, have helped keep my head cool and helps with the gland issue.  I like it b/c it's flexible and can be folded and molded and not as hard as a regular ice pack.  I put a lightweight linen towel around it so it is not too cold.  

I thought I was going to have a problem with my kidneys but that straightened out.  And is no longer an issue. 

I have been able to move around some as opposed to laying in bed ALL day.  I moved to the sofa yesterday.  I have brief moments of feeling better, especially when it's morning and fever is down some.  So I've been able to throw clothes in the washer and fold them on the sofa.  

I've been able to keep up with work email in case of something important.  And have texted with my assistant.  I think today I can actually break the work laptop out some and do a few things.  So I know already that I feel better than yesterday.   

So now the headcold and the fever remain.  Close to 100 this morning still.  So I've got to shed the fever before I can go back to work.  

I've not had any problems breathing, or heart palpitations or anything like that.  I was able to lay down and get some good sleep over night - only I laid down all the way (didn't mean to stay like that for long but I did) and now it seems some of the congestion is going in my ears.  So I have put alcohol/vinegar drops in each ear to soothe that.  

I have coughed some - but usually when laying down and it tries to drain down into my throat.  I sit up when that happens.  Luckily, no other coughing and nothing in my chest.  

Still some sneezing and my nose is very stuffy and head pounds some with congestion.  But that feels better than yesterday - somewhat. 

I keep sucking on Vit C's off and on through the day - probably about 4 times.  

Findlay, surprisingly, has wanted to be in my lap much of the time.  So I let her.  Maisy did a pretty good job of letting it happen.  She has learned that I still love her and she is becoming a "little" more patient with Findlay.  In moments when they both come to me and Maisy doesn't growl at Findlay, I praise her.  So I think she is getting it.  Maisy has at least let Findlay get in my lap now.  She has accepted that for the most part.  She still gets lots of attention from me so she is much better. 

Tugie has really been sleeping a lot.  I mean even more than before.  Bless her.  

Well, that is all I know.  Hopefully this fever will break before long and I can sweat this out.  I'll be happy when that moment comes.  But for now it's still got it's grip and I'm getting through it.  

I may try to fix coffee.  I haven't decided if I'm in the mood for it.  But I suppose if I drink a cup it'll keep a caffiene (lack of) headache from forming.  Then I will have to drink a lot of water so it does not dehydrate me.  

I am less hungry today though.  Like my stomach just doesn't want anything.  So that is different.  I'm hoping that I am not going to start up with the nausea and all of that.  

Well, let's see how the day goes.  And last night George began sneezing.  He didn't want to go to the other bed and neither did I.  The only guest bed we have left has stuff all over it and the bed hard to get to with the clothes rack.  So I stayed in my own bed - it was comforting anyway.  George didn't want to do the guest bedroom either.  I sure didn't feel like moving all that stuff out the way.  So hopefully he doesn't come down with it.  But I'm thinking they both will end up sick.  It's very contagious.  

Ya'll take care.  


  1. I'm glad you are a tiny bit better. Get as much rest as you can and drink a lot. It's the best thing you can do.

  2. sounds like George will be next. I would have slept on the couch if I was him. I hate being sick. You are right it is very contagious. I have only had flu once and it was horrible. The aches and pains were the worst. Sounds like you are doing everything you can to get well. That is so sweet your little dogs want to be with you. If you don't get better soon I would go to Dr. This flu is pretty bad this year. Rest and sleep as much as you can. That is what your body needs. I hope the rest of the family don't get it.

  3. Ugh! hope you feel better soon. no fun!

  4. flu is no picnic. hope you feel better soon and that george doesn't catch it.

  5. I hope you get better soon everyone in my house, Sheila, her daughter and her friend and myself were all sick for about a week the first part of January with what appeared to be the flu. It took me almost two weeks to get over it, Maybe because I'm a lot older, Smile.


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