Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Flu Bug is Here

Well, I went to work with a scratchy throat yesterday.  I had waves of feeling bad and periods of feeling like I should go home. Then the sneezing started and my nose was like a faucet. When I ate or drank something I felt better.  So I stayed at work. However by 3 p.m. I was thinking perhaps I really should go home.  I pushed and stayed til 4.  I brought my laptop home and some work home so I could at least get to files and get a few things done if needed. 

The ride home was pretty miserable.  I talked to Mom though all the way.  Thank goodness Katy had been home and taken dogs out.  I changed, fixed my Yeti Cup with ice and poured water in and squirted three big huge squirts of lemon juice in it.  Gathered kleenex box, phone, books, ipad, thermometer and headed for the bed.  

A quick take of my temp revealed 100.6.  No wonder I felt bad.  Often I will have a 100 degree temp when I get tired, but this felt different.  My eyes and head were woozy - that dizzy feeling you get.  My muscles began to get tired and sore.  And my body raged inside.   And I took my temp again and it was 102.

As the night wore on it was obvious, I had the flu.  My left gland on my neck began to swell - scaring me a bit. It is very sore there too.  I got an ice pak and wrapped it in a towel and held it to my neck and then moved it around my head.  George brought me dinner in bed on a tray - broth, and a panini sandwich, and some potatoes.  It amazes me how I can eat even when sick but I was hungry.  Well, my stomach was growling.  And I managed to eat a lot of it.  The ice pak brought my fever down to 100.8 so that is good to know that works.  I have not taken ibuprofin.  I don't think I'm supposed to with my meds.  Anyway isn't there something to be said for letting a fever fight for you?  I've heard that but as long as I kept my head cool, I was good and didn't take anything.  I know there is something that they said not to take - aspirin, acetamenophen, ibuprofin?  I'm not sure what it was so I didn't take anything.  But the lemon water in my Yeti has been perfect.  I've taken a lot of sips of it.  I think it helped.  George bought me cough drops and vitamin C from the store.  

It was hard to sleep.  I refused to lay down too much b/c I didn't want my sinuses to drain into my chest or ears.  I cat napped most of the night and am hoping to get some sleep in today.  

Maisy, bless her heart, has been by my side.  Last night she laid with her head on my shoulder.  Somehow dogs know when you are sick.  She has been closer to me trying to show me she is here and sorry that I feel bad.  Tugie used to do that.  She is just too old to realize now.  And prefers her bed on the floor.  

I have not taken my temp this morning.  Maisy got me up at 4:40 needing to go out.  George offered to take her and Tugie out but I did it.  I'm feeling better than last night but still week, sore, and probably a fever.  I don't feel like it's 102 but it feels about 100 or so.  And the chills are starting as I type so I won't be at this much longer.  

I'm going to go back to bed and try to snooze.  

So much for getting the flu shot, washing hands a lot, and using sanitizer.  I'm not sure where I got the germ.  Might have been on our big day out Sunday.  So far it feels like a normal flu.  I hope each day gets easier.  And there is no complications.  

Going to go get back under covers.  Take care. 


  1. Get lots of rest and drink lots of water. Hope your flu is short lived. I've been at it a week now and finally feeling better. All I wanted to do was sleep. Take good care!

  2. drink plenty of fluids. i hope you feel better soon.

  3. I thought you were going down with the flu when I read yesterday's blog. I never have the flu jab..eveer since a chemist lady who comes to church was telling us she never has it when I asked why ? She said well the flu vaccine is made up about 2/3 years before we actually get it and the flu germ can change at least 3/4 times in a season so it's just luck if the vaccination you have had covers the one germ that's flying around this season.....
    I hope by now you are feeling a wee bit better. Hope you have been dreaming more about your wee holiday to Chicago it's going to be such fun for you both. That yacht trip sounds awesome ...go for it n xxxxx

  4. This flu is no joke. My hairdresser had to go to the emergency room because she was having problems breathing. And was making her heart weak. Try and sleep as much as you can and stay hydrated. I am trying to stay away from people who are sick and avoiding crowds. I hope you feel better...


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