Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Food Trucks, Jobs, and VP Pence Traffic

Yesterday was filled with sunshine and a food truck "The Rolling Feast" at our business complex.  A Food Truck usually comes every Tuesday.  I said Tuesday is going to be my new cheat day. ha. 
I did cheat!  I had a "sanora" hot dog which did nothing but make me hungry.  Had to go back and get nachos.  

So, George came over and joined us (he's only about 12-15 min away) and it was nice sitting in the sun eating.  And I think he enjoyed getting out being that the threat of unemployment is looming this week.  He said he was a little nervous going back as the rumor was corporate (his location) was on the chopping block for people being let go.  However, he said they never made it over.  He thinks if he makes it through the week, he'll be ok for now.   And the plant he came from wants him back.  But he's got to make it through to that point of getting all that worked out.  Someone contacted him and said they were working on it.  So continue to pray for us.   I'm trying not to be anxious.  And keeping my mind occupied in other ways.  But it is scary.  Just a lot of things going on.  

George said if the layoff comes, we may look at moving to TX.  He popped that one right out.  Of course I think it would not be good timing to do so.  And I'm not sure I want to move to TX.  That's so out of the box for me.  I think it's in the back of his mind as an option, but I really don't think he's totally serious.  He said we'd move to TX and sell "Tennessee hot chicken".  I can already get going on the marketing for this stuff.  I'm seeing canary yellow t-shirts and aprons with a black silhouette of a chicken on the front.  I think if somehow we could work "bacon" into our title (and food) our sales would go up 20 to 30%.  I mean who is going to pass up the food truck with "bacon" in their title if there is a string of choices.  lol  

By Joe, I've got it - how bout the Tennessee HOT Oink and Cluck!  lol

I think there would be mac and cheese with bacon.  There would be a vinaigrette slaw with bacon. And a dessert with bacon.  I could go on dreaming up our menu and designing our marketing.  However, I don't really have a desire to own or run a food truck in Texas. lol 

So VP Pence came to Opryland Hotel yesterday (close to my work) and so the news teams were setting up all around.  

You can see the reporter and camera man getting ready in the corner there.  

So I had heard it would be around lunch time when the roads were shut down.  However, George made it in and out just fine.  

But I stayed til 5:45 at work yesterday and when I left and got on Briley Parkway, the interstate was shut down and I could not get past the airport to get home.  I drove around an hour trying various ways.  I knew all of them would be blocked until he (Pence) finally took off and got into the sky.   So finally roads were opened.  But what a mess.  I did not get home until 7 or so.  Grrr...but what can you do. 

Well, I finished a book last night.  Katy watched her shows on TV which I'm not following, so I finished a book and started a new one.  I'll have to update in my side bar.  It's a red letter day when I finally finish a book.  I am running out of "travel" books.  When I finally read all my real books, there are plenty that I've earmarked for purchase thru Amazon.  A lot of the latest stories are not in book format.  

Well, I am a bit chilly this morning.  The rain is heavy outside and my hair is still wet and it's cool.  I'm going to have to go blow dry my hair to heat up I think.  

Hope you all have a lovely day.  


  1. What a long day you had and a full one too. I'm glad George is keeping optimistic and you two can joke about the possibilities. I have a son that is to lose his job come April so I understand how the feels. He's determined to make the best of it too. It's not raining yet here, but it's supposed to. Keep warm and don't get a chill, you want to stay well! Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday as over the hump we go....

  2. Fingers crossed for George's job safety. It will all work out.

  3. nice you and george got to eat lunch together. prayers headed your way.


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