Friday, February 9, 2018

FriYay's Thought's Over Coffee

Yay!  It's Friday.  And it's going to be 64 and sunny.  We have flood watches though out through parts of the weekend.  Rain coming in late tonight and potential for 1 to 3 inches on top of what we already had this week.

Once again I find myself typing with nothing to say.  I think I could have used a bit more sleep.  Maisy wakes me up at 3.  I think she really is just ready to get up.  I tell her to go back to sleep and we'll get up later and she does.  But I could have kept on sleeping til 6 or so if not for the alarm and dogs.  And if not for work.  I am getting stuffy and I am a bit tired this morning.  I may need to fix a citrus smoothie this morning.  I'm not doing an Isagenix shake this morning since I had one yesterday morning.  I like doing different flavors.  So hopefully when I get my kit, I'll have the chocolate version.

I'm going to eat Greek for lunch today so I don't want anything too caloric for breakfast.  A shake would be perfect but I don't want French Vanilla today.  I could make my own at home.  We have bananas galore so perhaps I'll do banana, peanut butter.

I tried the powdered fruit from Isagenix yesterday in water.  I did not like it at first b/c it tasted like cold medicine cherry flavor.  So I added more water and ice and it was better and tasted more like Kool Aid then.  I think their products have Stevia in it which is a natural sweetener.  I could taste that in there.  I can't usually taste it in anything else.  So I was not fond of that red fruit powder stuff.  I think the only thing I have left to try from my sample pack is the energy shot drink - equivalent to a cup of coffee or green tea.  And I've not tried the greens powder that you can put in smoothies or in water.  I'm not sure how I want to do those.  I may get ideas from my friend Lisa.

I was bad last night though as I tried some of Katy's Salsa flavored Doritos and ended up eating quite a few while we all sat around the kitchen playing Song Clips with Alexa.  Katy was so excited to realize that she would play games.  She will sing to you (a campfire song) and sing happy birthday to you.  She is starting to answer some basic questions about things like Google.  I showed Katy my Alexa app on my phone and she hardly got past anything but the games.  George even decided to play some kind of Kingdom game in which you make a series of decisions and either progress your kingdom or get doomed.  lol  I'll have to play one of the adventure games with her myself.  She lists off several options and you pick which one and she leads you through all kinds of adventures based on your choices. 

So George cooked a very late dinner last night as he had things to do.  I rebooted laundry, and rebooted dishwasher, and cleaned up the kitchen so when he came up stairs to cook - the kitchen was ready to be messed up again.  Isn't that sad? lol  He fixed an awesome stir fry though, using the Grapeseed Oil - made for high heat and recommended for stir fry use.  Supposed to be healthy.

He was downstairs getting ready for the Arc pick up. 

I was the first one home yesterday so I took Findlay out first and then I took the other three dogs.  I was going to do two and two - but since they are separate - it was easier just to take Findlay and come back for the others.  The problem is that they get so excited (the other three) that it's hard for them to hold it in any further.  But Findlay's area is first and it's hard to get the other three out w/o Findlay getting in with them once you open the area up.  You can't win.  I certainly don't think I can handle 4 and I'm not even going to try.  Three is my limit.  Period.  The tribe has spoken.

George came right behind me and took Findlay out, not knowing that she had just been, but it was all good.

Katy went to a spirit night thing at Chic Fil A for her school.  She and a couple of other teachers are planning a "sleepover" to get away.  One is a new mother, and Katy is of course living with her parents so she obviously needs a get away and I forget about the other teacher.  There are three of them.  I think they were just wanting to do pizza and have a sleep over like teens!  I'm glad b/c she needs to be with her age group some instead of just us old folks.

Well, I don't really have a whole lot to say.  I need to leave at 4:30 today from work b/c Tugie has an appointment today at 6:00.  George and I will take her.  Katy is going to fix Rotel chicken tonight and that is our big splurge.

Well, I'm going for more coffee!  I need to wake up and figure out breakfast.

I'm just so happy it's Friday and the weekend almost here.  The weekend is to be spent mostly here at home.  So excited to reboot the house with freshness - vacuuming, laundry, cleaning, and working on some bucket list items, reading, and playing, loving on the doggies- whatever we want to do!

Have a good Friday yourself.  Raise those coffee cups high in honor of FriYay!  Reflecting back in this entry - most of it revolved around food - one way or the other.  It's life's true meaning when you are foodies like us.  lol


  1. I'm raising my cup in honor of the day ! Yay! Friday !

  2. Well by now your working Friday will be almost through....I thought I had left a message earlier but then I had doubts if I did !! Short term memory LOL.....hope you get on ok with Tuggie at the vet. It would be nice if she didn't need any more medication, but I suppose at her age we are lucky she is still with U s medication or not, but it can get expensive, I know my neighbour has got a corgi who is now almost 14 and she thinks he is on the way dosnt seem all that time since I took Muriel all the way over to a farm in Wales about 150 miles away, he was just a tiny wee bundle when we brought him home......anyway hope that you have a good weekend ahead, look forward to hearing all about it. Especially how things go tonight with the vet. Xx

  3. the Isagenix sounds intriguing. but then so does a greek lunch. glad to hear you having fun with alexa.


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