Saturday, February 17, 2018

Geek Squad...On the Way!

Yay, once again...Saturday morning here.  We are all awaiting the Geek Squad to arrive with our TV and treasures.  It is 9:29 as I type.  They are to arrive b/w 8 and 12.  We are rarely on the top end of things here when we have something delivered.  I suppose they go the farthest out and work their way back to our town and then they are at least home when they finish up.  Makes sense.  So we'll probably be more b/w 10 and 12.  

Surprisingly I slept til 6 this morning after going to bed around 9:30.  I felt much better yesterday.  I had a little left over tiredness but as the day wore on I felt better.  And then last night's sleep helped tremendously.  

Katy fixed Tacos last night.  They were really good.  She fixed an extra "lot" of them, lol.  So guess what I had for breakfast.  I think I'm set or the day now.  Although I hear George is fixing pineapple chicken kabobs for dinner.  Everything is marinating now.  

So a neighbor came over and helped George move the TV downstairs.  They really just had to put it on a dolly and move it down.  We are so appreciative of our neighbor Jason.  George gave him a bottle of wine and some money for helping.  And he and George were able to visit for a while.  

Geek Squad just called and they will be here b/w 11 and 12.  So that thrilled George so he could go out to a nearby yard sale that starts at 10.  What yard sale starts at 10? lol  Anyway the timing worked for him.  So he is headed out for that.  

In the mean time it is raining cats and dogs and hippos.  I really wish he would just stay home today but he loves his yard sale finds. He turns them in for credit at McKay's Book Store and then turns around and buy more of what he wants to read, or music he wants to listen to and put on his ipod.   So it makes him happy.  He has yard sale in his blood.  His Dad loved to yard sale every Saturday morning.  He would find these awesome finds and sell them on ebay - and made tons of money doing so.  George did that for a while and we had a nice little business going too.  That was years ago though. 

I have been doing a lot of laundry today.  I think I counted the need for 9 loads if you include towels, dog blankets, and a gentle cycle for sweaters.  

We've cleaned the kitchen and the house was already pretty much clean and most of clothes for next week do not have to be ironed.  I will have to do one shirt and a couple of pants but that is it.  So we are in good shape.

I think I may read some and play some while I have a chance.  I guess this afternoon and tonight we'll be playing with the new TV, assuming we get up and running.  I have no idea if we'll be good to go or if we will need Comcast for something.  I think we will be all set up already since we have internet.  But have no idea as I'm not Smart like the TV is.  Glad Geek Squad is coming.  Worth the $100 to hire them just to have someone fill us in on half a century - buahahahaha!  

More tomorrow and will let you know how it went. 

So what all are you up to today?  


  1. I am so excited at you getting your TV. Looking forward to photographs etc... I'm pleased that Kate made what sounds like awesome Tacos.....we have had something I have never experienced here.....Mary and I were sitting watching the Olympics when suddenly there was this noise and I felt that the floor under my chair moved...we looked at each other...Mary said, is that the wind ? No it's not windy I said glancing out the was over almost before it began.....about ten minutes later a neighbour called to ask if we had felt an EARTHQUAKE !! Yes an earthquake in Box !! We heard it later on the news it was only a 4.5 quake, but still I can say... I felt the earth move LOL.....once in NZ many years ago I was staying in Wellington and there was an earthquake 5.4 on the richter point and what did I do....slept throughout !! I woudnt believe it untill my friend told me and I saw it in the news the next day !!! you ever get quakes where you are Sonya I don't think I have ever heard you say there was......anyway have a fab time playing with the new telly. The day is coming when both you and George will have to toss a coin to see which programme you watch !!! Hope tonight goes by wonderfully xx

  2. How exciting! The day is finally here for you ! Can't wait to hear how you like it all. I've been out of commission with the dreaded flu bug. Not to worry, it's not catching over the internet.


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